What is desteni?

What is Desteni About?
What desteni is about is embedded in many of our laws, in many of our words in many philosophies around the world, in many of our movies. All of it is here, the “truths” of what desteni is trying to say is to wake the world up to what has been constructed by society as the order of how the human conducts themselves and thus conducts this world. As without so within. This is not a hard concept to grasp, everyone has the capacity to do this. Everyone has the capacity- those that can walk and move their arms, has the capacity to change their behaviors. Behaviors that are of being and having a consideration for the world around them, including the physical world and all that is of this physical world.
Some of us do this, but only in our very small circles. Yes, there are some who take care of the pets, the nature around them, their children etc. And there are others who take care of things to a greater or lesser degree. As though they are good and this is enough. I’ve done my share. Obviously, doing your share is not enough and has not been enough to ensure that abuse does not exist in other parts of this world.
One way to perhaps realize the confines we all exist as, rich or middle class or poor, is to look at how one is able to move one self within one’s environment. Whenever the statement comes up, that “this is the way it is” realize that this is a confinement, a limitation that is accepted and allowed. We all agree to these things , and yet we know a change is needed that something in the things that are “ this is the way it is” cannot remain as they are.
Curious isn’t it that one admits to the discrepancies and yet is locked into not moving beyond them, not being a “verb” and becoming a movement beyond what is known to be what is not for the common wealth of the people, what is not what is best for all. Interesting that our law, our state law here uses the word wealth. material wealth or an active movement of life wealth. Life being the wealth for the individual and the collective, that which is first as the gift of simply being.
If we look at life, as life as expression and simply being, all of these terms describe movement, describe action, in and as themselves they are describing a constant, and this constant, this stability is actually a verb, a being, an expressing. It takes the nature of a noun and couples it with movement in one breath, in one sound, in one word; being which is life.
So, why do we move as pictures in and as our minds, and hold onto memories, why are we taught to name things in connection with a picture? Why is it that some of our children never get to the point where they have a vocabulary to describe an abstraction, which very often is a movement, or a sequence of movements? And why is our ability to do this, as some in positions do, so limited that all in society are not educated equally? If we as a community, and a school as a system of education have not educated all equally, given all the ability to speak clearly then each and every one of us is limited, is stagnant, because we have not created a world where all are being, where all are a constant as a stable state of being, as “ being” meaning expression of themselves as life to the fullest capacity of themselves as creatures with two arms and two legs, etc. that is an instrument that can make sound, incredibly beautiful sounds, hands that can construct and move things, the ability for foresight and hindsight, the ability to see and understand what is actually here, in all practical common sense. I mean if we can execute walking as a very small human, an action that takes multiple planning mechanisms, spatial abilities, awareness what can we not do? And why are we allowing a world that does not organize this? If this is not what is here than everything we are needs to be looked at, everything that we have developed, everything that we have organized has to be looked at and changed until what supports all is found. Anything that does not support this has to be deconstructed, until it is done.
Any thought, any emotion, an idea, any organization, and structure, any shape, form, apparatus, tool, law, job, collection of words on a piece of paper, any practice, any philosophy, ANYTHING be it tangible or intangible has to be deconstructed and then reconstructed in a way that allow all that is here on this earth to be “being” which is LIFE, which is what is stable, which is what is active, moving, a verb steady and fluid and alive.
In essence anything that does not allow this is illegal, is an illegal consideration, because this being as life is not something that can be divided into fractional parts and then accepted as only parts, which in essence is what we are doing, and then justifying the fractional parts we choose to ONLY see as being “that is the way it is”. Fractional parts, repetitions, limitations, are an illusion because they are only a part, and a part needs the whole to really exist, so the whole is there right in front of us, the capacity for us to stand as a whole and organize this world into including the whole, means that we clean up the seeing and allowing of all the fractional parts that are endless divisions of ourselves that do not allow us the simply be, to live as being that constant and fluid expression of what is best for all as life, where life, where the whole is taken into consideration as one is being life, expressing life. So, it is illegal to not consider what is actually physically real here. It is illegal and thus abusive to not CONSIDER the whole.
It is illegal to not consider the indigenous people when extracting or using the land of the continent on which these people live in every action taken within that context. It is a limited consideration and thus an illegal consideration when a subsidy is created by a government that destroys the livelihood of another, that destroys the capacity of a Mexican farmer to work his land, to be with this earth. It is an illegitimate and illegal consideration to not include all that is here as life, as what is real as this physical world in every thing that is done by governments, and institutions. Any consideration that only provides a fraction of what is needed to exist in dignity is unacceptable, is illegal, cannot be allowed to exist and is criminal, and has to stop.
If the starting point of a set of laws states that a government is formed to be for the common wealth of the people, it is actually illegal to have any system, and corporation, and industry, anything, bank etc. exist as anything but that which considers and puts into common sensical practice that which is what is best for all. We humans actually have this in place.
Consideration means that what is actually physically real HAS TO BE CONSIDERED, or the action is illegal.
As I said it is the same with us, as it is without. We cannot hold onto our separated refractions of this principle, those emotions , those feelings, those thoughts, those desires, that do not consider the whole, because all of these are abusive. What is realized by desteni is that your emotions, your thoughts, your ideas and your beliefs, your feelings are your physical- that which is real, that which is whole- is the physical showing you where you are no longer in line, in consideration with the whole. where you are this mind map maker of the refractions, that this is meant to separate you into being a part where you accept yourself as a PARTicule of life, a movement that is not a movement of whole consideration! Your physical body wants to be the life that it is so much that is shows you where you are not considering the whole!
And we , the human have been stuck in this for so long that we have come to the end, we have used up this earth in ripping it apart into little “non-being” consideration of the whole fractional parts, separate from the whole.
Is it any wonder why so many humans cannot sing, or play musical instruments, or draw, or climb a mountain, or even climb a tree, or hop or skip, or any number of things? Being bodies with screens of images- as memories and mind pictures, is not, will never be, is ridiculous, is a fraction of what we really are – as mind, cannot be life, is not life, is un-accceptable and has to be cleaned up. Not only do we the human have tons of refracted oil in the form of plastic to clean up, but we all these “lights” as such statement as “that is the way it is” to clean up that is what we see as our belief systems in front of our eyes, the refractions of thought taught by systems through fractional memory teaching.
All of this is illegal because it does not consider the whole, and the “whole” is what is ultimately supporting life. You just cannot see it because you have allowed a refraction of yourself in and as emotions, thoughts and feelings, a memories, as ideas, as beliefs, as opinions to what is your consideration, instead of the whole as what is considered, and this is the crime of humanity.
Equal Money is the solution and you know this!


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