What Businesses/Industry will no longer exist in an Equal Money System?

What businesses/industries will no longer need to exist in and equal money system?
An Equal Money System is to acknowledge all that is of this physical world, by its very presence here on earth, as needing food, shelter, clothing, water, and education, as needing support, to be. Being, as life, is first. The profit is life. Period.

So, any “goods” or service that does not support life must be eliminated or redirected to serve this profit as life.

How do we, the human/man, direct all that is here to support what is, that which is life?
How do we take the present systems and transform them to support life first, to make the change from money moving in a game of survival that naturally creates self interest only , to money meeting the existential needs of all that is of this earth?
If profit as money is removed, and life as profit is supported unconditionally, then many goods services will no longer be necessary.

The insurance industry, because what is here is life, it is this being as life here that is. This simply needs to be supported because it IS. There is no need to worry about your house burning down, your car breaking, your children not having enough to bury you, your children not having enough to live on in the event of sudden death. All these situations no longer need be defined and feared as being a loss because necessities of physical existence are a GIVEN, because all that is here IS LIFE. Life is first, life is the profit.

In a profit game of survival, any means possible would be used to weaken competitors. Being worry weakens, eats up the focus of self, stops life from actually being lived. Is this what we want for our children?

Why do the continents with the most resource have the greatest poverty? It would be just like a survival only nature to keep the strongest point weak. Everyone here, collectively is involved in participatory consent unless they actively take a stand that supports a change until it is done! PERIOD. This game is UNACCEPTABLE. It does not serve the common wealth that is this earth, that belongs to EVERYONE and everything!

The vehicle used to support this is the war industry. So much research, so much effort into building “toys” for war games. Instead of fighting/competing to grab resource, how about using what is here to simply support life?

The industry/business/vehicle to sequester resource as money as self-interest-only -profit is the banking industry. Use interest loans to keep the money in the hands of the bankers, and the debt the burden of the masses.

Placate the masses by having them believe that there is something greater somewhere else ( this that no one has ever seen , only imaged/imagined) with religion and spirituality. Another business, amassing self-interest wealth, that has done NOTHING to stop half the world from starvation, we have the means to stop this, and we have not. There are no excuses. Period. There is ONLY getting the job done, getting the mess cleaned up.

Create borders, separate into different languages, nationalities to weaken, divide and confuse. Border maintenance is expensive, all those fences, all those guards. What a waste of expression, and what a waste of resource. And meanwhile people starve! Unacceptable. There are no ‘why’s” here, there in only “how” do we change this. The solution is to distribute the resources of this earth to provide an existence of absolute support for all that is of this earth. PERIOD.

The behaviors we the humans, have participated in, consented to, allowed to exist, accepted must stop. There is only one behavior acceptable, and this has been given to us, this is to love your neighbor and to treat your neighbor as you would want to be treated, to love your neighbor as yourself. You are life, you are precious, let this that you are BE. Do you even know what this really means?

Now that we have some background, what other businesses and industries would no longer be necessary in this world standing up and supporting life, as life being the profit first?

Pornography; If we are no longer worry and blame in survival, and become support of life, and are supported as life, being self responsible for our behavior, would we need to escape into the drug of sex? Might we not realize that all those images of naked women were not really satisfying? That this “image nation” was a drug that needed a constant fix, and in this actually a dependency. A dependency something that cannot satisfy because it is not self directed being as life?

Alcohol/narcotics; another dependency drug, that places one in “deep end” of futility and diminishment, of obsession and abuse. The amount of money used to support this could probably feed the world. The amount of water used to create beer alone is abusive and unnecessary, especially when there are people in the world who do not have access to clean drinking water.

The making of obsolescent products; anything that is a tool that aids in the support of physical existence as it is presently, that is not made to last must be stopped. Even the metals in this earth are precious, and if used should be used in such a way that as little is used as possible, what ever is made from what is of this earth has to be made to last a long long time. This is respecting the earth, this is respecting life first.

The toy industry: Many of our toys and playthings are objects to promote role play, according to the systems of a survival based game of profit in self interest only. If your child plays with toy soldiers, they he imagines being a soldier, a toy for the profit-only-behavior of this present system.

This is not life, this is not self discovery as expression as life. This is programming for a profit system of slavery and subservience. This is not a child standing up, realizing themselves physically here in and with this physical world, this is the child creating an imagined life, like an imaginary friend, like the god we all pray to, an imaginary friend that has done NOTHING to stop the starvation and animal abuse that is on this earth. PERIOD. When this imaginary scenario plays out and the child turned adult does not understand why they are restless, and in this turn to porn and drugs, you wonder how this could have happened? Wake up!

Agricultural practices; The chemicals developed in the wars, then transferred into profit-only-for-the-few, paid for by the taxes placed on the masses for the profit of the few, are destroying our soil, and are not working with our soil and all that is the composition of our soils. The Soils of this earth probably poisoned and in need of resuscitation before it is too late, as the agricultural practices have literally taken the life out of the soils, taken the breath out of the soils, killed the ability of the soil to hold and retain water.

Pharmaceutical Practices/Industry; This is an extension of the development for war, into agricultural practices, leading to the approach of how the health of the human is promoted within this present system. The earth is no longer as ease, and the human, as the earth, is in a state of dis-ease. No matter how many words on a page say we are living longer, I have seen many tombstones from the 1700’s where people lived into their eighties and nineties. And I see many people here in my community dying in their forties and fifties and sixties and seventies. So what I experience in fact does not mesh with the statement about how we are living longer. There are many tombstones for children here too, but there are many many children dying today of starvation, and it is the dis-ease of greed that is doing this. This is just as much a dis-ease as polio, or whooping cough. Tangible or intangible the outcome is the same, many many children are dying. Petty shades of grey do not change the actual physical fact that children are dying. It is not to point a finger at why, it is to stand up and walk the how of the change to support life. Obviously, all the pharmaceutical drugs on the market are not creating a healthy human, are not PREVENTING disease. If one needs to take a drug for the rest of their life then they are not cured. The system is not about a cure, the system is about profit for the few. Equal Money will stop these practices, because what is best for all is the only choice.

Meat Industry/husbandry; We know that cattle crazing in fields, on the ground of this earth, fix nitrates into the soil, their waste feeds the soil. So why have we taken that which is symbiotic , with this earth, and forced it into feed lots and factory buildings, thereby making more work for ourselves? Work that is repetitive and thus frustrating for the human? This is expensive, uses up resource; does not work with the nature of the earth.

Entertainment; ( sometimes I want to call entertainment religion and spirituality, because entertainment is as a spirit guide for the younger generations, who will later turn to religion and spirituality. Entertainment is also advertising for how we should feel, how we should think, how we, the human should look and direct ourselves. ) Without the entertainment industry broadcasting the same emotions and feelings and ideas and decisions for us as to what we want, need, and or believe to be the best etc., ( this could be the education system too) the absence of the sounds and images that is the function of the advertising industry to paste all over this world, maybe the human would start hearing the sound of themselves as life? This might expedite an understanding of how we the human have lived as a game of profit and survival and missed what was here, right in front of us all along. that this is it, this earth is life, this earth is heaven, this earth is about birthing life into this physical world. This that is here, this life is the gift.

I was in the communist countries when I was around ten years of age, and I remember the quiet, there were no advertising signs, the quiet was huge! I also recently spent some hours with someone working with a public radio on. The songs were the same “drone” the same emotional tenure, like a syrup of emotion in the background dripping all over the place. Does anyone realize how the broadcasted sounds of this world are so singular? Is there something beyond this???? Is this what we want to be? An incessant whine of emotion?

Don’t we realize how we are never allowed to be ourselves, to hear life?

So, what Industries will no longer exist in and Equal Money System;
Insurance; health, homeowners, life, automobile etc.
Military; good and services; armaments, uniforms, badges, huge building complexes.
Entertainment; or really the arts and sports as mass indoctrination, instead these will become expression..
Toys/computer gaming; many toys will no longer be necessary, but this is not to eliminate all play objects . How is pushing a button that makes an image shoot a gun actual living?
Advertising; all the paper, billboards- lighting for such, propaganda development, high rises to house the offices of such practices, inks to color the ads…..
Banks /mortgages/loans/debt/interest
Churches/religions/spirituality – no more imaginary friends or escape from the physical world.
Fashion/Beauty; high heel shoes, make up, magazines, the modeling industry
Border controls/passports
Alcohol/narcotics/psychedelic drugs
Pharmaceutical drugs/vaccines
Fracturing/abusive drilling and mining practices
“Puppy mills”, capture of wild exotic birds and other animals, zoos
Sex trades/prostitution/pornography/the traffic of children for sex , sex paraphernalia
Fishing – it has all become polluted and is increasingly toxic.
Agricultural practices that poison the earth.
The marriage industry/ weddings.
Holidays, every day is a gift
The candy industry. Not a necessity
Excessive government bureaucracies.
Cleaning up what does not support life will take time and effort. But this has to be done.
What is needed to support life as a change is made from a profit system where money determines who lives and who dies, to a system of “loving your neighbor as yourself” is a process. A process takes time and effort. This change can be made, can be walked, must be walked, to ensure a dignified life for the children of this earth. It is time to stand up, wake up and organize this world into a place that is best for all. There is no other choice.


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