The end of conspiracies with EMS! FAQ

The end of conspiracies with EMS! FAQ
In fact, conspiracies are just another form of distraction and entertainment. Conspiracy theories entertain and divide one from oneself into justification and righteousness, as the self becomes finger pointing, in being blame. This is an action of name calling and that is all. Righteousness can be just as much a drug as sex, for example. One gets a “high” and feels like they are really alive and that they finally know and have figured everything out. Therefor this is really a possession of righteousness as ego into being blame. This is the singleness of purpose as limitation as the action of a conspiracy theory. Entertained?
Meanwhile, is the problem solved?
It is not to say that there is not some truth to some of these theories, one must be careful with how they are presented and what they are coupled with. If one listens, one can hear that something is a miss, that somehow something is not really clear in many of these theories. One is drawn to them, but somehow there is still something missing and unclear- as I said.
Let us look at the NWO conspiracy. Yes, it is the nature of power to want to control, and this desire to control , like all desires, eventually controls the person possessed by the desire. This that have power want more, and they will seek more and more power. So, in the nature of being possessed by the desire for power, why not go beyond the power of a nation and extend this to the world. These “power” seekers are so possessed that they cannot see anything, or do not care about anything but the thing by which they are possessed. Their goal is power, they don’t see the rodent on the road as they bulldoze their way forward, and they don’t care because that life on the road is in the way of their singular purpose in and as desire. They are a program of power, have become as program of power. They have become an expression of greed and not an expression of life as all as one as equal. They too, are not really alive. They are a demon of self interest, consumed, unaware of this physical world. Just as the person standing in a bread line is consumed by hunger. Blame is not going to straighten this out.
So, pointing a finger at this action does not stop this. Is pointing the finger at the bulldozer on the road going to stop the bulldozer from running over the rodent? No. The bulldozer does not even see you pointing the finger. Remember the famous picture of the student standing in front of the bulldozer in Tiananman Square?
The whole power structure as it exists in it’s singleness of purpose has to be deconstructed and reformed to include what is best for all. A possession of wanting power is not being here in this physical world, aware of this physical world as life, where all that is here is considered and supported as life.
There is no time to blame, there is no time to whine and complain about how messed up everything is, there is just reorganizing this world in such a way that all have their own power to be the life that they are. The life that each and everyone of us is, is the ultimate power in and as being the expression of life. And this has never existed. The human has only ever been a game of competition, a game that exists through the use of division and conquering/con-que-ring, everyone lining up in a bread line to survive because we have abdicated our self responsibility to systems and given these systems the ability to represent us. If you give someone possessed by power the ability to represent you, in a survival based system, where money determines who lives and who dies, then you are in trouble. This is actually giving power free reign! Going and complaining to a power possessed bully is only going to get you beat up! That is if they listen at all.
This is why conspiracies theories exist, because the bullies, as power possessed organic robots know that you have no power in simply standing and pointing the finger. It takes many many people coming together and giving the vote to each and every person, and then that body of one plus one votes stand and votes and places a system that support life. Our present system of profit does not support life, it supports power, through control of resource, through control of media, through control of education, through control of information and entertainment.
Realize that all these controls are necessary to maintain control, therefor, the collective has great power.
So, revolutions are blaming and demanding and pointing the finger at the big tanks. Conspiracy theories, are entertainment – entertainment is attention control. In some sick and perverted way, this is using an intangible device, as words as knowledge and information, in and as a drug, to stir up righteousness and a feeling of JUSTICE NOW!!!!!!! Are you feeling the possessive passion here? Then you are seriously fucked.
The actions I described above have existed for eons of time, and they have not created a world that is best for ALL LIFE here on this earth.
The only thing that actually cleans up your house, is for you to execute the necessary steps, one by one, to organize your home and get it in order. Running around your home, yelling at that shirt for being on the floor does not PICK THAT SHIRT UP AND PUT THAT SHIRT AWAY. Blaming your mother, or your spouse, or your dog for that shirt being on the floor does not place that shirt on a hanger, cleaned and ready for it’s functional use. Asking someone else to clean up your dirty laundry is not nice either, they are their own expression, and that has to be in a situation where it can be the expression it is as life. If you are laughing and thinking that yes, another person is supposed to clean up your laundry then know you are ego, and self interested limitation.
So, if collectively we all become self responsible and stop blaming and stop running to conspiracy theories for entertainment, and direct ourselves as what is best for all, and all stand up and vote for a system that actually supports life, we might just get this earth in a situation where all life is supported in dignity.
So, yes, conspiracy theories will not exist in an Equal Money System. or one could say, no, conspiracy theories will not exist in an Equal Money System.
With a first step in implementing a Basic Income Grant to ensure that food and shelter is guaranteed for all, we can begin to see that conspiracy theories are only entertainment and not actual solutions towards a dignified life for all. Conspiracy Theories are just that, a theory, and not something that in fact places food on the table.


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