Prisoners as liability as profit. WTF

I watched a .PBS documentary on privately owned prisons. Prisons started as and by a private corporation to take the inmates from public prisons the public supposedly does not have the facilities to incarcerate.
Last year the profits of the private prisons where in the millions. And evidently they are demanding that the state give them a 5% increase.
So, lets look at this; Privately run prisons are now incarcerating criminals and taking TAX payer money to run these prisons and they are making a profit, AND they are demanding an increase….
And then the state says they need to build more prisons. So, companies that are making profits from tax payer dollars maintaining prisoners the state cannot house are demanding more money, and they are making a profit. Yet the state cannot build these prisons?
This is a form of taxation, turned profit for a hierarchical corporation. And the corporation is touting it’s profits! Do we see the consequences or do we only see the singular benefit? Who is benefiting? Who is making a profit from tax money? And who is demanding more money? And why are we putting up with this?
And if the private corps are making a profit then obviously there is this tax payer money that could be used to build more prisons. Come on people, this is insane and unacceptable.
If an interest in profit moves as this without any common sense, and we allow this type of use with state money, that which comes from taxes, then isen’t it obvious that this cash-profit cow can be made to turn prisoners into investments? And thereby actually want prisoners and thereby actually want crime to exist? In essence this shows how crime has been made into a lucrative business!
In this, can’t a prisoner then become a liability? And is not then a prisoner actually part of the companies assets as debts? Meaning , with the proclaimed profits of these “correctional corps” each and every prisoner is an asset as a debt, the debt being what money the state pays to this corporation that is the money of the tax payer? So, again, crime becomes profit, in the form of prisoners/criminals.
Could one actually give this debt a subtle name and sell it as a bond? A bond where the money on the bond is sure to be paid because the state is making the payment? And a profit is being made from this through the “correctional corp.” ? Would it then be in the best interests of this profit making entity to want to actually correct their assets because in this case correcting their assets would mean losing their assets?
Again, essentially, this is turning crime into legal profit.
Does this whole scenario support life, support development? I cannot see how profiting from desperate criminal acts supports life in any way shape or form.
That 5% increase is carried back to the state to pay, and the state has to raise it’s service fees, it’s taxes etc. All of this is carried back onto the little person making a minimum wage. So, then in order for the populace to be able to by that next new gadget on the market it has to be offered at an affordable price. So, somewhere in the world, be it where the metal for the gadget, or the oil for the plastic is found, someone has to eventually carry the short end of the money stick. Meanwhile the “correctional corp” is making profit.
Is it no wonder there are criminals in all this, is it no wonder there are extremely abusive actions going on in the behavior of the human in all this?
If you are inundated by adds your whole life that tell you to want sex and money, and you end up in a job that does not allow you to buy these things as all that you know, and this believed-to-be-what-you-need-“self” is not satisfied then you would, in frustration turn to crime, and this is just what is needed to create liabilities as debt as profit, on the money of the state, which is the money of the tax payer. A vicious leader and follower system, a greedy have’s and have not’s system. An economically enslaving system that does not support the life expression of each and every one of us. A system that shines a bright light of “what we want and what we need” in our eyes, blinding us from the true abusive practices of this system. A system that turns crime into profit!
Is this a way to organize this world?
Is this existing in any form of dignity?
Is it at all possible that this world could be organized in such a way to support all life?
If the resources of this earth were distributed to support all of us equally, which there are considering how much food alone is wasted every day, to the point where everyone could have s small -what is necessary- living space for which they were responsible, would not this be a better existence? Where one could even learn some carpentry, and then even have moment to step back and notice a tree, for example. how many people have ever really looked at a tree? Or even understood all the tiny things involved in the environment of a tree?
Wouldn’t it be more dignified to stop and look at this world and begin to understand this world on all levels? Instead of worrying about paying those bills? Or having thoughts of fear that your co-worker looks better than you do? because you have based your idea of what looks good on one commercially touted image?
This physical world needs to be reorganized to support life. We the people need to clean up what is our mind as beliefs opinions and ideas as to how things should be according to the doctrines of profit and change this world into a world where no person becomes a liability for profit.
In essence we are all liabilities for profit. This is not life. This is not living. This is unacceptable.
Stand the fuck up and support a change, it will take all of us.
Support an equal money system. Create a dignified existence on this earth. I can’t see where any where else would have to do with the behaviors accepted and allowed on this earth. Prove yourself worthy of life.


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  1. Bud Bitt says:

    Very good topic here.

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