Smothering, suffocating idolatry

In a way focus on the physical is for giving. This being one with this physical world. If the human were for giving, caught up to being forgiving with this physical world, would there be misunderstandings? Would there be starvation? If we for gave of our selves in every moment to this physical world, would we miss the things being said? Just look at reading words on a page, if one were one with the words, the letters etc. would something be missed? So, if one misses a word, or missess a letter then one is not actually really looking, one is not really present. So, then, missing a word or a letter is not really being present, is not self being for giving of self to what is actually right in front of one self.
Are we this way with this world? Are the messes, that are children dying of starvation, that are people who do not have clean drinking water, are the people – even in the developed countries- who do not have the money to heat their houses because of rising fuel costs ( costs which are not included in the cost of living increases), that are the humans with health problems, actually messes that are caused because we are not “reading the physical world “ ? If we cannot see the physical world how are we able to interpret how it actually functions?
Reading properly, actually involves the for giving of oneself completely, or the words are mis-interpreted, the information is not taken in clearly, or the manipulations of the words are not seen if the reader has not completely for given their attention , all of their attention to the words.
It really is the same no matter what one is doing, as the being of oneself here on this planet.
If one is not forgiving one is imposing. It could be said that “love” is simply forgiving as what one is in every moment. In focusing on what is here, absolute focus, one catches up to what is actually here, becoming one with what is actually here. In this for giving is all that there is, it is what is best for all.
So, any desire, any wish, any need any want, any idea, is an act of separation. If we were for giving in every moment would natural empathy, that which was before the development of the concrete way of being as taught to us in our schools, return? Would we then regain divergent thinking skills lost as a planning mechanistic mind imposed itself on the physical contingencies of this world? Have we allowed this planning, map making, mind an imposition on our forgiving nature as what we are as life?
I have read that the human is superior because the human uses symbols to “elevate” itself. Does this make any sense? Does this sense the physical or does this just sense the symbol. Is this the process of idolization that is a craven action? Is this how the human has allowed the mess up of this earth? Is the being of the human as a blob sitting in front of a television the replication of what the human has done with itself as life on this physical world, in the denial of this physical world? Does the development of all the media jargon and incessant “shouting” all over the place maintain the idols as symbols and images as chasing desires as blueprints as a planning mechanism mind movement that has not included the physical to the point where the physical is no longer seen because the planning mechanism mind is too busy reading plans and no longer reading/ for giving/ focusing on what is actually here as this earth/world?
If we are all walking around as ideas and images – these that need constant maintenance and support- as ego as an imaged persona we project to survive in a system that has divided what is here to a few and have the rest struggle to get what is needed, and also do all the work so that most just swim around in their symbol/imagery world?
This is so obvious if one takes the time to look, that it really is ridiculous if one does not see this, if one does not STOP and LOOK!
How can a robotics employee think that they deserve more than another? What supported their ability to train themselves to be a robotics worker in the first place. What the fuck is they as what is here, they are flesh, they are a physical entity that cannot exist without the physical. But this robot builder has a blueprint of beliefs and ideas separate from the physical world, that which enables them to be – not to mention all the generations of people who suffered to get to the point where finally one of the members could go to a university and get an education! This person who thinks they deserve more, when there are people who do not have the opportunity to even learn the name of a single alphabetical letter because they are born into a country that has the IMF, Microsoft, weapons testing, starvation and thus extreme crime ( crime is desparate survival) creating chaos for profit.
This robotics person does not really know how to read. Reading should be easy, focus on the physical as for giving, as being here is. The moment something is placed in front of the “is” then the reading becomes difficult.
I bet it is the ego as the person being a blueprint reader that speaks as the complaint of believing themselves to be superior. And I say “themselves” because they have divided their “self” into “selves” as what is idolized and believed to be more than. All an act of separation from being here. Work would be hard if one was divided into many ideas and self judgements of superiority. In this self definition all cannot be focused here, for given unconditionally to what is actually physically here as this earth. This imagery, this idolatry is the chasing of an impossible, unfulfillabel dream because it is inactive idolization and not focus/forgiving/being action. Idolatry as mind, as blue print reading IS stagnation and limitation.
All ideas, opinions, beliefs, as idolized persona/ego support must be for given back to a self, as life, the selves of belief and opinion and idea must be made to return to self to enable focus onto this physical world, to realize self as one with this physical world, to mimic the forgiving action that is this physical world so that life, the expression of life can begin, instead of the kneeling to imagery.
Am Equal Money System is to allow all of us to get the fuck up off of our knees masterbaiting to idols and catch ourselves up to becoming one with this physical forgiving world before the mess we have allowed smothers the breath from us.This can begin to be implemented with BIG ( Basic Income Plan )
It is like we are suffocating in idolatry.
How is your breathing?
Maybe it is time to start the Desteni I Process– before it is too late! Time to catch up to the physical.


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1 Response to Smothering, suffocating idolatry

  1. manuela says:

    very cool discussion! The inaccuracy we live is not because of our physical imperfection – in actuality it is because of our mind. The mind overlooks and ignores – the physical on the other hand is always present – even when no one is looking!

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