What happens to languages in an Equal Money System? EMS FAQ

What happens to languages in an Equal Money System?
An Equal Money System is a first step in providing the basic needs for a dignified existence to all that is life here on this earth, where life is the value. In order to organize this world as supporting the value of being life, a common language as developing a collective understanding through verbal communication is necessary. Presently, it is not so much that we suddenly stop speaking our “mother tongues” , but that a common means of communication exists, so that all may understand and become self directive as what is best for all, as valuing life.

This is an effort that will take time. It is not going to happen suddenly, it took many generations to build our present abusive system, and thus will take time to deconstruct.
The physical can learn rapidly, and is capable of learning a language very quickly. There are technologies that enable rapid learning of a language. These can be employed to expedite the development of a common language.

The first step is creating existential stability for all, where life as all that is here is supported. In tandem with this process, software that accelerates language development, thereby building a common language to eliminate misunderstanding, is available and necessary.

Words are sound and the sounds we make have created this world. Words have directed us as what we are. In this all the words we speak have come to a point where we take them for granted and to not realize their effect. Therefor, the human has to become aware of the very words they speak, and the effect these words have on another; the deception and manipulation through word usage is rampant because it plays on the ignorance of the consequential outflows of accepted and allowed abusive practices. It is time to become the living word in and as equality.

Much of this word usage manipulates through the creation of specialized “lingo”, where one must learn the specialized vocabulary to participate within a specific discipline. This eliminates common sense and thereby takes the power away from the individual to develop any understanding as self, thereby creating the illusion of an incapacity to understand in common sense as self. One believed one must have the “special lingo” of a system to direct self, but this is just words/lables manipulated to deceive, the physical world is what is real and not the terms as specialized language. In all people spend many years learning a “lingo” to become a professional.

An example of this is the word “retard”, when I was younger this meant a person who was retarded in their ability to develop as what is considered the “norm” of society. This word is no longer used. Today in America we call such a person a “special needs” person. I also noticed in the schools, that the older teachers had a different set of terms used to describe things than the younger teachers, and many of these terms, different in sound, described the same action! This can create a lot of confusion and divides generations, denying lessons learned that could be passed on to the next generation from the previous generation. So it is necessary to develop a common language and have a broad vocabulary.

One could become life in this, an expression as life, where when one spoke, one would be understood! Think of all the problems created because of misunderstanding! Think of all the deception created by non-full-disclosure through the use of words! Just go and look at your cell phone contract – I mean what is that! Why are so many words necessary to have a cell phone! In common sense, that cell phone contract reflects how a wall of words can be used to manipulate and deceive, to confuse and to frustrate, to disempower and divide. Non of this is necessary, and is a fog placed on life for control just so a few can play “ follow the leader”, or because individually we seek responsibility from without. This has to stop!

To conclude, the multiple languages and dialects that divide large groups of people from understanding one another and the specialized -so called- professional speak, that is of separation, because it’s purpose is to diminish the power of the individual to self direct and be self responsible in the physical ability to be common sensical, has to stop. Yes, a common language is necessary to give each individual the ability to be understood no matter whose shoes they might wear. The development of this will take time, and is not as daunting as one might think. In all, the sounds of this world are a medium for self expression, lets reorganize them to support life as all as one as equal.


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