How will we change the law into one that is best for all? Equal Money FAQ

How will we change the law into one that is best for all? Equal Money FAQ.
Laws are meant to be directives, to support what is best for all.
Yet if an individual needs a law to direct, then that individual’s sense of direction has been lost. So the presence of laws, as words on a piece of paper stating how something should be done, indicate that something is lacking in the education of the people, something has been blocked off. The presence of laws reflect disempowerment.
What I have noticed recently with laws I have looked at is that they go both ways. Meaning that they are an illusion in many ways. In order for the law makers to divide a person from self directing in common sense, they suggest that something other than self knows what is best, thereby denying self as life, as that which support the self as being life. This life, when allowed to be, will only move in a way that is best for all, because life will choose life no matter what.
Yet the lawmaker needs laws to be the very life the law maker is wanting to cloister within a structure of more than and less than, so the laws cannot ultimately deny the movement of life in common sense because life cannot be cloistered. Only the physical is allowed, because this physical world moves as forgiveness as expression as life. “Laws” must be forgiving.
Perhaps this is why so many words are used as the expression of the laws, because no matter how many words are used, life cannot be denied! The words on a page are stagnant and cannot catch up to the action that is life. It is an impossibility.
So, laws, the act of laws, impose boundaries and thereby stop movement. And the illusion is that movement as life cannot be stopped, all that happens is build-up behind the wall as the wall is believed to be real. And the wall eventually can no longer hold back the life bound in illusion and the wall bursts. We can see this happening all around us in the world today.
So, there is no choice but to have a “law” that is what is best for all, a system that directs and teaches, educates what is the expression of each and every one of us, which is life, known as self within each and every one of us, that which is common sense, this that is never separate from anything that is here.
We have been given this “law”, this directive. It is plastered on the walls of our schools here in America. It is the principle of “loving your neighbor as yourself”.
Practically how would we employ this, maintain this, keep sight of this?
We provide a dignified life for all, and every single thing on this planet, even the microbes in the soil. This in common sense is what is best for all. This is taking everything that is here and using all the skills we humans have developed and employing them to support what is best for all. This is respecting this physical world, this physical world that has learned the lesson of forgiving, where the human has not. We stop separating life from profit and make life the profit. We stop what we are doing and we support life. Period. This means that we must include the physical, because the physical is the instrument that allows the expression of life.
The laws that exist at present, all the words as laws that only frustrate, that can only frustrate because they are of division, and division frustrates, can be simplified through the use of absolute purpose as direction of what is best for all.


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  1. awesome post! Thank you for sharing that with us.

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