Why the need for an Equal Money System

Why the need for an Equal Money System?
In common sense this world is a mess. Is does not take much to look at this, to see this and realize that there is something incomplete about how we live, about how we are.
Why would the human really want to be possessed with pictures of naked women? Look at it! What is that? What is the point of this? Is it really something to BE? Just to shoot something out of the end of a stick? Just to shoot a gun? What is that? Stand back and look at it! The pictures in the mind are singular, the concentration of self into the stick of the dick is singular! What the fuck! Now see yourself as obsessed by one “feeling” and the outcome of that “feeling” is one picture and one little action ( seeming to be SO BIG). Of course you need more and more and more. Cartoons are of repetitive actions. I guess as children in watching cartoons the media is preparing the human into singularities.

It is the same with all the other emotional fixes. The good ones and the “bad”. All of them obsessions, sessions oblivious of the whole; sessions ( so many s’, so many snakes, so much of the tree of knowledge – the sound of a hiss is the sound of yourself as the obsession, as the snake, where like a balloon releasing it’s air, deflating all life, we are through our obsessions withering the source of ourselves away into nothing, and we are leaving the waste of the balloon behind.)

What if all this sexual desire were a smoke screen, a hiding of self?

Do you go to work and question what is going on with what you are busy doing? Do you realize that some of the things you are doing are of fear of loss of your job, even though you know they do not serve life as what is best for all?

When someone comes and suggests this do you react in anger? Have you ever looked at this anger and realized that it is because you know that what you are doing is not the best practice? Do you want to continue existing as this feeling of guilt, or this feeling of “that is just the way it is”? What is on the other side of that “this is just the way it is” ? Have you looked?

You have a responsibility to look, each and every one of us does. It is the only way forward and it has to be done.

Look on the other side of that sexual obsession, look on the other side of that fear of losing your job, look on the other side of that guilt.

It is the ONLY way forward and it has to be done. There is no choice. Any “labels” are “stops” and each “stop” is another thing that has to be traversed to the other side until this world is a place that is best for all. We have something to guide us, we have the tool of the principle of loving your neighbor as yourself, it has been here all along. Pick up this tool and walk. Pick up the tool as the principle of loving your neighbor as yourself and walk to the other side of all those fears and obsessions.

A BIG and an Equal Money System is a starting point to support, and all it takes is a small action from many. This is what does it, many small actions done collectively until it is done.

We can get to the other side of this mess, but first we have to clean it up.

Because so many of us are locked into the grid of profit, the cage of profit, the need for the money from the job, we fear standing up. But we do not have to stand up to our boss, we do not need to stand up to our politicians, we need to stand up collectively and vote for another system. If we go home at night and go onto the internet and begin to support an Equal Money System we can collectively reorganize this world. we can become involved stet by step by step.

If every person in the United States with a computer donated ten dollars a week this that has begun will take another step forward! If there are practices in your work place that you KNOW are not what they should be and you are afraid to stand up because you might lose your job, then realize that by supporting a system to make a change, the practices of this world can and will change. If we serve profit before life and we do nothing to change this then this system will continue.The more support the faster the clean up.

It is overwhelming to make sudden big changes. So start with small ones, start with ones that help build a system that supports life incrementally. Donate to the Equal Life, Equal Money System, support a Basic Income Grant as a starting point. We have to realize that we create this world, and therefore we have to organize it in such a way that is best for all. Become involved.

Life first and foremost is the principle of loving your neighbor as yourself, equal distribution of resource in best practice is the practical application of the tool that is the directive that is the principle of loving your neighbor as yourself.
Don’t let the recordings of the mind stop your self from looking to the other side.


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