defiance/futility the outcome of reaction

I am talking on the phone with someone and their ex-husband is mentioned. Suddenly the course of the conversation stops and questions are asked about his behavior, along with the person making statements about the value of that person. Their voice rises up, the intensity of their language increases, the emotion is very directed and emphatic. This “outburst” has nothing to do with the topic discussed. It is an emotional storm.
I remember reading the Carlos Castaneda books years ago; what stayed with me was how the old man would suddenly clap his hands. He would appear to suddenly clap his hands right in front of the person’s face. I kept asking myself why he would do this.
A clap can be an abrupt action, surprising and halting.
I wished I was physically in front of this person with whom I was conversing, so I could clap my hands really loud in front of their face. I wanted to clap my hands and say STOP. ( Maybe I should do this with my self!)
I woke up this morning and I had to do something like this. I suddenly realized that I was angry, an emotional storm of defiance the day before. And in the moment of the morning I was in a feeling of futility. A natural outflow of defiance. Defying is participating as reaction to something. One cannot defy, it is arrogance, it is superiority, it is indignation, it is “push back”, it is reaction. It is separation as an act of rejection and redefinition, it does not include, and attempts to diminish. In a way this rejection is futility because the act of non acceptance dis-cludes a piece of life, and then an outcome cannot be achieved because some of life is missing as it has been separated, so naturally one arrives at futility. All that is necessary to BE is not present. No direction can then be taken. It is like trying to bake a cake without the flour- so to speak.
Therefor, the separation of self into a value according to our system, that becomes the label, or action of ourselves into particulars as emotion , thought or feeling, cannot be “BEING” because we are not directing through all that is here, we are not accepting it and directing it with a principle of what is best for all. We are de-siding ourselves, we are taking a side and not looking at “the big picture”.
So, clapping hands in someone’s face suddenly, is life saying STOP, bring it back to life , here, stop placing a label on it and blaming, if you go into labeling and blaming then you have separated yourself, and or lack insight into all that has been allowed to exist on this earth that has created that which we the humans have become. Separation and rejection. Unresponsive to the big picture, unwilling to see this world as it is as that of our own accepted and allowed creation.
The quagmire ( an awkward, complex, or hazardous situation, a mess, predicament, quandary, tangle, imbroglio, trouble, confusion, difficulty, sticky situation, bind ) that our system as ourselves, in placing blame, and then emoting self pity, in reacting and defying and ending up believing it is all futile is stopping our responsibility for the quagmire that is the present system. We can all keep doing, within our present structures, and stand up and vote for an equal money/ equal distribution of resource system and within all of this begin to reorganize best practices for this earth and the creatures and plants of this earth. Looking at the whole, accepting everything as part of self, directing collectively in and as a vote for a basic income plan – leading to an Equal Money System, an equal giving of what this earth has abundantly, will stop the separation and provide the physical needs of living and being on this earth equally for all, will become a starting point of stopping so many separations/divisions of self into idea, opinions and beliefs that lead to frustrations and quagmires, confusion and fear. Just look around and see what has happened to this earth, it is one HUGE quagmire, look at the oceans, look at the forests, look at the rivers and streams. LOOK. Stop the emotions, the dis-clusions of life, the clues to life are here, right in front of us, ready as the whole, as being, as what is best for all.
This is what the Desteni Group is about, cleaning up the quagmire accepted and allowed by us all.


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