E. Coli Confession: Part 1 (0r- A system of bullying)

E. Coli Confession: Part 1.

This article clearly shows how our present system of profit is really a system of bullying for profit.

Our government agencies have managed to bury themselves in paper work to avoid confrontation with BIG business. Anyone who steps out and speaks up is eliminated.

If you do no have a job you cannot put food on your table. And the bullies know this and are blatantly using it to go about their business in a way that maintains profit BEFORE life.

As the man suggests at the end of this 5 part article, the consumer has to stand up, and obviously the consumer standing up directly to the big business man is not going to work. Pointing the finger is not going to work.

This system of profit first does not work. A profit based system does not work.

The resources of this earth must be realized to belong to life, as they are here as this earth, as are we the humans, the plants and the animals. Everything that is here belongs to everyone. Everything that is here has to be used to support all that is here equally.

Equal Money is the means to use how we have organized ourselves and transition into a earth that provides for all EQUALLY.

Individuals cannot do this. It takes all of us standing up. No revolutions, just standing and voting for an equal money system. Supporting an equal money system. Standing WITH an equal money system.

This article make sit clear that what is best for all does not serve profit. What is best for all serves life.

Again, the question. How is the type of practice described in this article exist in other sectors of our society?



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