Statements of contradiction

So many times have I heard the words that human nature cannot be changed. That humans are greedy and revengeful and seek power and abuse etc. But in many ways this does not make any sense. If this is true then why do we have religion? Why do we have ascension ideas in spirituality and religion? On the one hand we believe the human cannot change and on the other we promote the idea of a capacity to change to some great height! So, we tell ourselves we cannot change and then we tell ourselves we can change! It can’t be both, if something can change than it cannot not change.

A human will change if given the proper food. A human will change if given the proper food for development of their expression. A human will change if given the proper environment, with the proper food and the proper educational direction. Otherwise why have education if such a statement as belief that human nature is “this or that”?
Most systems that promote changing oneself promote and/or give directions for self improvement in the way to live, to organize, to approach emotional issues, feelings. appearance. That all these programs – whether right or wrong- suggest that change is a given within the nature of the human, what are we actually telling ourselves? And yet we have an accepted and oft repeated statement that the nature of the human cannot change. The contradictions within the perpetual statements made by the human are the real problem. We are not looking at the words we speak! We are not even seeing our own perpetual lies!
On a micro scale if one goes to lunch with someone and has a conversation about humanity, and within this talks about the problems of the world, and relies ( re speaks the lie)on a collectively agreed upon statement that this is the way the world is and it is the nature of the human to be violent and greedy, and that same person goes back to work and gives another worker direction as to how something should be done or fixed or redefined, etc. then that person is actually making a change, is redirecting and correcting something, is basically changing something, is changing the action of the person in interaction! On the one hand we, the human, are constantly correcting and directing and interacting, and all of this is changing what is ( I am not looking at the individual values, I am looking at the fact that interaction causes change). So, in essence to say that the nature of the human cannot change makes no sense, because the human changes and corrects what is here as they are influenced and interact with this world in every moment.
If you are so locked into associating yourself with the statement that humans are “something” by nature then to see beyond this singular association will at first be difficult. The repetition of this statement and the ensuing emotions that follow have become such a habitual being of self that the stopping of this will take some work. Cleaning up layers of such “being as oneself” is like cleaning a stove that has had layers of rancid fat accumulate over the years. It is going to take some work, it is going to take some time to get those layers of hard baked on grime and grease off of that stove! It is going to take some effort and time to stop that “recording” of belief that is obviously a contradiction.
The real question here is, “ Where else, in all the things one says, one states, is there an obvious contradiction?” And, are you so laden with statements accepted and allowed that you are a habitual walking contradiction and you cannot even see it? Are your associations only of accepted habits as accepted statements? Or are you actually looking at what you are associating with as what you speak and do that has no actual association to what is actually happening around you in the way this physical world works?
One could make a list of all the statements learned through life that are repeated and believed and then look for the contradictions, actually begin to take apart accepted associations that are limited, that are realized to not even make any sense!
And how is it that we have become so locked within singular associations? How have we become walking contradictions in and as the words and phrases we speak? And how does the being of this as ourselves influence our relationships? Could it be that the problems of communication with those close to us are merely friction caused by accepted and allowed associations that contradict, and the reaction of frustration is actually just un-resolution of contradiction?
In all of this how can we possibly react in anger, when first we have to clean up all the accepted and allowed statements that have become habitual self expression. We have to realize all these singular associations and re-associate ourselves beyond our own contradictions.
If we apply this to self-forgiveness, self-honesty, self-responsibility, self-application and self -correction and we see contradiction as a system of division into polarities that separate one from associating with the whole, with what is actually physically here, we can begin to understand that this limitation into singular associations is a control. And given the expression of this world, filled with so much abuse and harm to people, plants, animals and earth, it becomes obvious that the non seeing of the contradictions ( as mere polarities as belief, opinion and idea) cause harm to ourselves and our world.
I was talking with some one and in my effort to have them understand how moving as a singular association is what we are, where our accepted belief becomes so big we cannot see anything else, and how we have actually been trained/allowed ourselves to accept this way of being, I asked them if they had had some fight about something with another person and then two months later ( or so) realized suddenly that what they had fought about was really stupid and bore no real meaning, was simply a big mess of misunderstanding? This person replied that yes, they knew this well. This is an example where we can each apply how we so easily become locked into one idea, belief, or opinion and react in a huge emotional storm about it and only later with some “broader – non singular associative view” see the folly of our limitation. Here the shame will come and the self pity etc. Which is, if one looked, just another singular association, just more of the same. And will this stop the “making big” of ideas as singular associations, this self labeling, self diminishing in response to seeing past contradictions that are compositions of belief, opinion and idea that are really idolizing a singularity, stopping of self as a directive of what is best for all? What if “standing back” and taking a breath in every moment an emotion or idea, or thought that came up, were seen as a singular association and taken as a kind of potential “red flag” that one was becoming a singular association and in being this singularity there was by the nature of seeing only one side of a coin, as what this is, by the nature of being one part and not moving in and with the whole as including what is actually physically here, was a relationship that was being made that was of a limitation that would later become regret as the limited association within a relationship was realized for what it was? And then one moves into another and another and another, and on it goes leaving in its wake confusion and contradiction and friction, disabling expression.
Do you see the mess?
How do we stop this?
We educate ourselves to see beyond what we have come to believe. We accept our own grief and forgive this, even the regret and the grief and the sense , as belief, of lost opportunity is being stuck in something, it is more of what caused the mess in the first place.
We start the desteni i process, a structured course to walk through how we have become stuck in beliefs, opinions and ideas that create confusion, that create a mess of contradictions, that are how we have been educated to be as making limited associations and relations that stagnate and limit our understanding of ourselves as life. Our limited understanding of ourselves is messing up this world, creating massive abuse and pain, which we experience as regret and shame when we realize our own movements as myopic after the fact. We can change, we can learn to be in every moment aware of the whole, and this awareness of the whole will allow full expression because one is not locked into singularities. Singularities as being limited relationships made, composed of collectively accepted beliefs, opinions, and ideas that are contradictions, that are polarities.
An Equal Money System will stop the consumption of self in a survival game and allow all to self realize self limited associations.
The desteni i process will clean up accepted habitual statements of contradiction.
Follow to begin to understand how the human can actually change to what is best for all and be the love of your neighbor as yourself.


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  1. Marlen says:

    Thank you for sharing this Rebecca

  2. Nu says:

    The info on this blog is handy.

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