Jealousy is ego fearing loss.

I have reacted in jealousy when people sing. And this is ridiculous. I have had some men react to my violin playing. One time a man came to my house when I was practicing and he wanted me to stop. He said, “ that’s enough, stop showing off!”. I was shocked, it was momentary, a playful gesture, mimicking; a violin imitating the voice. When I was in college I started going to other music schools in New York and listening to violin players. My question was how is it done? I focused on how it was being done. It had become something that was obviously doable. It was simply something that could be done and therefor I could do it because it could be done. With this approach I could not be jealous, and there was no reason to be jealous, jealousy was a belief that something made someone else more than my self. I was going to be less than and lose out because there was something greater than my self. And none of this is real.
There is no sense in this kind of judgement. Sense of BEING is shut down. EGO as survivalist is what exists in jealousy.Climb the ladder, eliminate and end up with nothing. Ascension. Money builds a house of cards, and this house of cards, existent on this earth, this house of cards that consumes resource can only move in one direction. A littered mess of waste that has to be cleaned up. I think it would be better to deconstruct this house of cards, now, instead of walking the ruins of our own destruction. Besides it will leave a few with this mess to clean up. I have to retract this, because the earth – that which has provided for us unconditionally, will really be the one left to clean this up.
But an ego, would be jealous and want the thing believed to be more than, destroyed. Ego is brutal in it’s effort as fear to eliminate and criticize what it fears it does not have. Even now the injustice of this makes me angry as I write. Interesting, it is like a rage this anger. Jealousy is like shutting another down, eliminating. The act of being jealous is wanting destruction for the person and /or thing jealous of. It is like a battle cry of the ego. And my reaction of anger to this jealousy is my self taking an ego personally. And an ego is nothing to take personally because an ego is a belief that something is more than or less than and in this an ego cannot see the being of the thing, the process of being/becoming one with the thing jealous of; that in essence we are all one. If one is jealous, one cannot even enjoy the expression because there is too much measure as the mind as more than or less than.
Incredible. And this is what is made “real” as how the human exists!
If we lived in a world where jealousy did not exist and when the thing that causes jealousy in how the human is today was not the expression of the human, but instead the human reacts when encountering something the individual could not do with awe at the being of the expression and then wanted to experience the being, or application of the way something was being expressed and took the steps towards learning the expression, or means of expression, then this world would be a completely different place! Instead of walking around wanting to destroy in fear, life as expression would be seen and enjoyed simply for what it is! Even the discovery of how something is done, the process of discovery, could be enjoyed!
Our present system of profit is an ego system that is an illusion because there is no real profit. Ego is a collection of ideas, opinions, and beliefs gathered, collected, learned, imposed by the ego of a system, supported, accepted, allowed, built, by the human, that limit and stagnate life into fear for survival instead of expression as life.
The brutality of this is unacceptable. It has to stop. Know that being jealous is fear of survival as ego. Breath and gift yourself life, forgive the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are ego, this that disallows life, that disallows becoming one with what is here.
Stand and support an Equal Money System, to stop jealousy, to stop the fear of loss, to stop the mind as measure of more than and less than, to put an end to a profit based system that creates a game of survival, a game that only builds a brutal and destructive ego. Forgive yourself of your ego, the collection of beliefs that are singular associations that cannot allow self to be one and equal to life.


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