A letter I wrote as response; Democracy = each collective part voting

My questions are: Are we , in fact existing in a real democracy?
We have a representative government, where the people are not voting DIRECTLY. This creates a middle man that can be bought. With our present technology ( even many libraries have multiple computers) is it not possible to have democracy? ( I wanted to say direct democracy – but this places a qualifier, which suggests something amiss with the simplicity of the word democracy).
In this, democracy leads to corruption because by not having the people vote on all issues as a collective and instead ( in the walk of, as voice of, as determiner of) having another ( invisible hand) decide ( abdication of self awareness-self development-self authority) it is only natural in a such a system that survival demands self interest for the representative. Here, the collective one is supposed to be standing for, becomes the enemy.
The beauty of modern technology is that democracy can finally exist. Each and every person can vote, each and every person can learn, can understand and can become the voice of the people for the people. In this, we the human, might finally become the principle we place on all the walls of our schools , ” to love your neighbor as yourself”, by actually allowing ourselves to BE THIS IN PRACTICE.
What we actually exist as is ” love your money before you love your neighbor, before you love life” Money has become the determiner, the invisible hand has become the determiner.
The interplay of which you speak is the game of war, war being the grabbing of resource to survive. Each faction, union, politician, businessman, is merely grabbing resource ( labor, minerals- even water now!) and placing a monetary value on these resources in order to create that which need not be created, has only to be created in a system where money determines life. This is the corruption. A middle man, another to speak for each and every one of us will by the nature of a ” money determines who lives and who dies” system, will naturally seek their own survival, and build all degrees of a shade of grey in the form of emotional justifications, moral justifications, value justifications ( cultural, social), to vote in their self interest.
The only way out is to stop the war/grabbing of resource for survival game. The resources, like water, are here, like the air we breath, they are given freely by this earth, there is not need to turn them into a profit entity. In common sense there is only the distribution of them to support life.
If every person voted them “self” instead of the middle man, then every person would vote to distribute the resource of this earth in a way that supported each and every person. It is the layers of the hierarchy imposed on life that take away common sense, and we are all stuck in particulars as relationships that we cannot see around, we cannot see the whole ( and this is a product of an educational system that developed the “demo” to work at singular tasks, to see only one object at a time and not the whole- this makes reading more difficult! )
Pointing fingers and blaming , is just that, and nothing else- see this as a singular action that is of labeling and not correcting, not the actual act of reorganization. This process of reorganization has no time for blame of judgement because it is actual movement towards clarity.
Democracy is each person standing and voting for the distribution of resource, that which supports our physical bodies, that which truly supports life. Money cannot support life, but how we have organized the use of money, allowing middle men to determine the flow of money ( that which moves resource around) will by nature create corruption. And corruption creates a spiral of fear, a virus of blinding fear.
If allowed, people will vote to move resource in such a way to support all. We have the technology to do this, or to get a big enough mammal movement going to dissolve the platforms on which the dinosaurs have built themselves in the interest of survival, which the collective has allowed. This pyramid, a system that need not be placed on the horizon of this earth. This pyramid made of a collection of bricks that are all the same. This pyramid, by the nature of its shape does not flow, that actually blocks sight. This pyramid that can be deconstructed.
We as a collective are equal and one, actually greater in power, than the dinosaurs. And the dinosaurs, when the collective get too big, begin to fear the collective, pull out that which supports the collective, and then the ensuing chaos gives justification for war; the collective become a war in a survival game. The collective diminishes itself so the dinosaurs can start their game all over again.
Money has to stop being the determiner of survival, politicians have to stop being the voice of the individual. The “demo” must use technology to vote in the best practices of resource use, that which supports all life, which is the only choice.
Our system is a division tactic system, the undulation of this divisive action consumes and blinds.
It is time to support life.
It is time to stand and vote for an Equal Money System.
It is time to stop the finger pointing through self-forgiveness.
Gift your self life.


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