Craven Imagery

How can a pyramid really be a stable structure? And how can a school system that promotes an educational system that supports an industrial based system have the best interests of the individual, include the best interests of the individual in its system of development that supports a pyramid system?
It can’t. The two are incompatible, because in order to have a labor system that does repetitive tasks the individual does not partake of all the steps in the production process and thereby losses self development in learning to see a process from beginning to end. So, just as an industrial support based system cannot have everyone become a manager, an impossibility in such a system, one cannot blame inability to have a chance in seeing the whole on the individual alone. The nature of the system cannot carry this.
How does this effect the development of the human? If each person has a love, something they really enjoy doing, expressing, being, and this expression is forced into a pre-conceived role/ into an idea of a deified image the eventual outcome will be suppression, will be discord, will be trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. It will not work, it cannot work.
Trying to fit society into a pyramid will not work. In ways we have deified our hierarchies and they are not working because we are forcing them onto/into expression that do not fit. We as the human, as what we are, are not fitting into the systems we have accepted and allowed. We do not have a system that allows the expression of what is here. And this is what has created the extensive starvation and animal abuse that is the consequence of the deities we have accepted and allowed. We are all walking as the follows of craven imagery. Our minds and systems providing us with role play that does not fit the expression of life, and so there is discord and disorganization as things simply do not fit, and in not “fitting” one cannot move, one cannot express, one cannot be. In the use of an image to direct-, an idea, instead of the voice of self as what self loves as being as movement, as verb, as action, in the moment, as constancy in being/loving/doing , as breathing- one has abdicated self expression as life through a mediator of decision making and in this given one self to an image, an idea as “lens” of self. This is the mind, this is a system that we have allowed to decide how we form ourselves. And for this abdication we are paying for our lack of courage in directing ourselves as life. We are craven, and we have called the image craven ( well it is too-but it is just an image), we blame the image, we blame the system, but it is us that are the being craven “thing”. We have given our hearts to beliefs , opinions and ideas that define our roles, that use separation of parts into polarities to maintain a system that cannot survive unless everything becomes the image and likeness of it. But this denies expression, it has not included all expression, in denies movement, it is caged, it is confinement. It is a maker of patterns and not fluid, undulating, forgiving. It seeks to only repeat itself, as though it is stuck in a groove.
So, this morning I woke up, a residual feeling from the night before, where I was beginning to think all this was impossible, this learning to focus my self and direct my self. When I stopped and said no, I am life, it cannot be that I cannot learn to focus my self here in breath, the thought that I cannot is a beLIEf. I started breathing and forgave my fears as insecurities and looked to the images of my past that supported this possibility- a LIE all of them. This morning imagery came up of my self being a matriarchal figure, a feminine deity ( so to speak), a nurturer , a director, a mother, a companion to the compliment of such imagery , and I thought NO, this is my self being my mind, following an image as what our society/ mind system has placed, and the self as fear follows instead of being self expression, in expressing what I love, if I am doing what is best for all, it will by its nature as life, be what is best for all.
This system, so seemingly entrenched, must include all life and become the allowing of expression instead of the forcing of imagery as idea of life in/on this physical world. And we cannot blame the image! We have allowed a mediator to define us, to decide the image of ourselves as life, and in so doing enslaved the expression of the mediator into a role and burden of leader and ourselves as followers. And it does not fit. We are afraid to be what we are, and in so doing we enslave our children into a system that tries to fit a square peg into a round whole, a system that does not allow all participants to learn to see ( the whole) , do not learn to practice what is loved, cannot be a constant as this love as life. Our starting point is craven imagery as roles and personas and systems of confinement into specialization for a system and not the expression of life as what is special and unique about each and every one of us. Has anyone ever realized and had life “faith” that perhaps the being of ourselves as what we love would create a world of harmony? Since we are all one, would the sound of life as life by nature become support of all life?
Forcing all the particulars of an industrial based hierarchy onto our children as knowledge and information cannot and will not create life. It is impossible, insane,and absolute abuse. This is forcing the focus of limitation. Because of this, the so called “logic” of the system is full of holes, full of false “logic”, can be shreadded absolutely because it is of no support.
A hierarchy, by its very nature is full of holes ( surrounded by the whole that is the real support : ) ) Leaders will always fall. Stagnation rots, a pyramid is a stagnant structure, and will always rot. Real love, is a verb, it moves, it is alive, is flows, it is a constant. Each and every thing on this earth must be given this ability to be what it is that they are, to get this earth out of the rotting destructive state it is in. We the human must stand and place a system on this earth that allows life to express itself, by it’s self, its collection of “self’s” becoming life as self directed individuals as expression, where what is best for all is the real nature of each and every one of us.
Realize that we have become the craven image, and it is not the fault of the image, we have accepted and allow it, therefor it is us.
It is time to stop the forcing of our own accepted and allowed craven imagery onto our children, where we pass on our own lack of courage.
It is time to support an Equal Money System to deconstruct the pyramids of profit and allow the flow of life to be its natural forgiving expression.
Stand and walk with Desteni.


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