Are you going to print cash in an Equal Money System?

Are you going to print cash? ( in an Equal Money System)
With the present technology available, digital money wastes less resource and is easily transferred, either through a bank/credit card or a microchip. Technological systems that are built to last can regulate currency transactions, eliminating the need for wood from trees, glue from the hooves of animals, perpetual metal extraction from the earth etc. thereby ending abusive practices to plant and animal, not to mention the need to use transportation to distribute printed “cash”. Digital money can also be eliminated once used for a transaction stopping any profiteering, meaning that once the money is used in a transaction for a goods or service that supports the basic needs necessary for life support the money no longer exists and cannot be controlled by one individual. Printed money creates something that can be held onto for gain, digital money makes it easier to manage money to be directed to serve life and not profit.


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