divergent thinking, empathy, memory verses experience

In a TED talk it is suggested that the ability of the human to use a natural “divergent thinking ability” is lost as a child matures and moves through our present education system. A system developed in an age of industrialization. Industry wanting repetitive task workers, and not divergent- seeing of the whole- workers. Workers stuck in only seeing particulars, only seeing on thing at a time – be it a belief, opinion, idea, emotion, thought, or feeling – so to speak.
There is also the belief that mankind is born with empathy, loses this empathy and then spends the rest of his life seeking this empathetic quality. And it is believed that the seeking of this empathy is a beautiful thing. But this is being stuck in a singularity, as a belief. And we have another point of view that says this empathy/divergent thinking ability is lost as we are trained within our present educational/industrial-age-developed system.
The two seems at odds, like a forked tongue, they are saying two different things but they are of the same thing. One accepts division and the others points to the division process.
There is another TED talk where a study was done on memory verses experience. The memory of an experience of visiting a doctor for a prostrate procedure was recorded, where the men were asked to define their experience. What was noted was that the emotional experience at the end of all the con-sequences, or events involved in the procedure, became the judgement as a definition of the overall event. This means that the last memory (singular) experience determined the whole experience. If the person had a good experience at the end of all the events he decided that the prostrate procedure was not “bad”, if the end experience – in all the individual events within the doctor’s visit- was one of pain then the person viewed the experience from that singular memory of pain at the end of the event ( an event being all the things that happened within a certain context).
So the end event was the memory determining the whole. The end event became to “color” of the whole, cloaking and defining the event. A singularity, as emotion, as memory versing ( literally becoming the “verse”) the experience.
Would this not indicate how our emotions , our feelings, and our thoughts are singularities determining the “verse” of a whole sequence of events? And wouldn’t the development of the non-use of empathy and “divergent thinking” develop such singular labeling, or “versing” as how the human moves and labels this world?
If humans are developed into seeing only parts and not wholes, and we get “stuck” in singular events that we turn into labels and pictures = memory, and we carry this singularity as the definition as the memory, as all that we see, where we disallow the consequences, the sequences, the complete sequences of an event, don’t we lose ourselves as a “divergent thinking/ empathetic “ being ?
If we retained the ‘seeing of the whole” that maintains “divergent thinking” and empathy and not ONLY developed the mind as the seer of particulars ( ONLY) would this world be different? Would we be carrying around memories as labels, where we are stuck, where we then carry around an idea of an experience “defined” as a singularity like a ball and chain? A projection onto something that does not even look at the whole, but makes one definition of a moment HUGE as a singularity?
Could all our beliefs, opinions and ideas be of the same thing? Limiters of “divergent thinking” and empathy. Does empathy really need to be found again? Or is empathy always here and the human has been separated from it through a system that maintains particulars as all that is seen, as the ONLY things that is how we move and direct ourselves?
What if that part of self that creates memories , memories being particulars as imprints as limited because ONLY the part is seen, is what we are directing ourselves as, and this is the abuse we allow because we have allowed ourselves to “shut down” through ignoring ( ignorance) the self that by nature at birth can see the whole, can be capable of “divergent thinking” and empathy?
Is it possible that we have become walking memories where we no longer even see the actual consequences of experiences? this being the loss of the inclusion of seeing the whole because the parts as memory have become all that we see, the only thing we as humans see?
Is this what desteni is saying the mind has been utilized for, this tool the human has accepted and allowed to be the ONLY “eye glass” to the world?
Don’t we as the human need to stop and take these memory imprinting “eye glasses” off and include the seeing of the whole of consequences to reorganize this world that is probably so abusive because we are all walking around with ONLY seeing the particulars of an event that we use to define the event? So, then non of our definitions are real, they are only memories.
It is time to stop this, to include all the movements of this world instead of being a walking definer/blamer/wisher/judger as a labeling mind stuck in particulars having lost our natural ability to be empathetic and “divergent in thinking” , that which is the nature of life as what we are that we have collectively and individually allowed to to be cloaked ( eye-glassed) into ONLY what we exist as here on earth.
Equal Money to clean off the eye glasses of singularity.
It is time to stop the abuse as a mind system that walks in judgement and blame ONLY instead of constructing a world that moves as what is best for all.

Ken Robinson: Changing education paradigms | Video on TED.com

Jeremy Rifkin on “the empathic civilization” | Video on TED.com

Daniel Kahneman: The riddle of experience vs. memory | Video on TED.com
“Why Did Consciousness Evolve, and How Can We Modify It?”


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