The movie ” Buck” and correcting behavior

I watched a movie last night entitled ” Buck”. It is about a man who corrects the behavior of horses, behavior allowed by the owners of the horses- the humans.

In the review of the movie it is said that Buck overcame tremendous odds, because he had a childhood of abusive behavior; his father drank and whipped he and his brother. At one point in the movie, Buck, is working with his daughter. She is a teenager who is following in his footsteps. He is watching her ride a horse one day and he basically says that had he not become so scared and introverted he could have been as open and communicative as his daughter when he was her age and learned what he learned from that point. The childhood behavior he encountered affected him and he had to correct his behavior. And this starting point was unnecessary.

Buck corrects the behavior allowed in the horse by people. He does not judge the behavior, he simply corrects it. There is no need to judge, there is only the directive action of correction. There is no need to blame, there is only the directive action of correction.

He also states that what one does is become one with the horse. The person, with all of their body becomes one with all of the body of the horse, and the rope. In this it all moves as one.

The human on this plant has accepted and allowed behaviors that must be directed and corrected, where the behavior of the human is one with this earth. There is no blame needed, no finger pointing, there is no judgement as to why this has happened, it simply needs to be realized and corrected. There is no need for this behavior in terms of development of the human to learn to be unconditional self expression.

The behavior of the human in “riding” this earth, this behavior of grabbing and taking in survival, without sharing and caring for the behavior of all that is here is unacceptable and unnecessary. Our behavior, manifest in a system that by nature does not allow for correction because some simply don’t get the chance to put food in their stomach, and others are forced to work at repetitive cobs for hours on end to create the objects that feed behavior that cannot allow the human to become one with this earth.

Yesterday, I was fixing something in a car, taking out a fuse. I became frustrated and some anger came up. I thought, what! I am projecting a judgement and becoming angry towards a object. This object is just being what it is, a fuse. It will come out, it is just securely in place. I had projected something here that was of a behavior that was unnecessary.

What the human is ( be) and has (haves) and allows on this earth must be corrected. An Equal Money System and the destini i process ( available even to those who cannot afford this) is the organization of this earth that enables the human to stand up and direct themselves to stop blame, to stop judgment and correct their behavior because it places a system that stops the fear of survival, where blame and judgement and anger and frustration become the action of the human. If one is blaming and judging, one has separated oneself from being here, one has separated one self from being in the physical, one with this earth.

At one point in the movie there was a horse who’s behavior had become so dangerous and aggressive that the horse was attacking and bitting people. The owner had allowed this to develop. Finally, it was decided that the horse had to be put down.

Is this going to be what is decided by this earth for the human? If our behavior cannot be corrected is the earth going to put us down? Are we the human going to stand and correct this present monetary debt system of abuse? Are we going to create an earth that allows our children to be open and self directed where they learn to become one with what is here as an expression of themselves?

Or are we going to allow war; become aggressive and destructive and attack? In war, we are putting ourselves down and dragging our children along with us. War is not a corrective action. It is simply more of the same behavior of blame and judgement, separation from this earth.

The solution is equality. The solution is equal distribution of resource to support life through Equal Money/ Equal Life.
The solution to stop the behavior of blame and judgement is self-forgiveness and self corrective application towards loving your neighbor as yourself.



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