From Depression to Expression

I was talking with a photographer. He discusses a project that he is doing on depression. Here there are ideas as to what this is, and so he seeks a specific image. But actually depression is all around us as the depression of expression.
In standing up, if I enter my mind I depress a self-honest response, I become ego and lose my ability to speak, and therefor become reaction. It really is white and black, dark and lite – order of words and spelling intentional. Simple
As depression, there is no expansion, so there is no self-discovery. One simply has to get to the point where one is sick of feeling depressed and stop.
An Equal Money System will stop the depression of a profit based survival system, will stop the depression of life as starvation, as abuse, as struggle and give what is here, that which is given by this earth unconditionally ( where it is man who places con–ditions) and ensure that the means to exist, the basic needs to exist are supporting life, so that this accepted and allowed depression becomes expression as life, in equality where the human can realize expansion of self in and as an expression of life.
Support the expression of life. Support an Equal Money System.
Start the Desteni I Process, become a practitioner of self expression, and then learn to guide others towards self-expression as life.


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