particulars divide us into non all inclusive parts

I was talking with someone yesterday and explaining, through a discussion about design, how a period of design follows certain “particulars” of horizontal, and vertical layout. For example, when looking at the early modern period of design, a door might have five or six rectangular panels of glass vertically stacked, whereas a colonial door might have rows of smaller rectangular panes of glass, five to a row of horizontally placed rows.
Music is much the same. Classical music organizes repetitive patterns as a division of space, in different length and accent than does romantic music. One , in comparison is more percussive, one sustains the sound more.
In these examples the particulars of measure are an expression through measured space – so to speak. One cannot be more than the other, they are different, that is all, they are a different measure of space, creating an expression.
Our morality is the same, it is a measure of role playing where qualities are collectively agreed upon and divided into roles. Our beliefs as our morals- the division of what is right and wrong within a culture, if not creating dignity here on earth- is not creating the use of this space/time existence into something that is a pretty/acceptable picture. Does not accept what expression is here, instead forces what is here into limited qualities agreed upon as particulars as beliefs.
These “particulars” as beliefs are then the very recitation of what we become to the point where if we walk into a house and that house is not styled in a manner we believe to be “right” based on the way curves and horizontal and vertical lines are played with in the presentation of mere objects we have reactions in judgement of that person according to some quality/value system we have been taught to “resonate” as, in ideas and pictures within our minds. And all any of this really is, is an interplay of space. And everyone is capable of understanding this. If a human being can learn to walk, or move their arm, or speak, or listen, they have already realized that they are moving in this space time world. It is very simple. If one believes and holds onto all their morals as what is right and wrong, and uses this to “hold themselves up” so to speak, and has been doing this for a long time, then this will create friction, and upset the scaffolding as the resonance that one has continued for a long time- and not want to let this go. But re-member that this space/time world is sound forming into matter, mutable and changeable, and it is this changeableness that is “the magic” of it all so to speak. But we, the human, are so locked into our beliefs that we can no longer see this, as a resonance of belief has consumed us to the point that this is all we can see.
Some see the “horizontals and verticals” of an early modern style as “correct” and use words to qualify this belief, but in essence it is merely a division of space, no more, no less. Then , this is used as a definition of the person, where they only associate themselves with this, as support of what they believe themselves to be, where any other association might disrupt their whole structure of more than and less than ( think idea of sophistication). But in essence this is placing a picture of what is without as a signifier of what is within! Locking one into a limited pattern, defining oneself through object and not accepting and allowing the changeable ability of life as expression as sound here! One has become a particular set of values, as self definition, limited and stagnant, resonating this again and again and again, becoming a donkey following a carrot, and life is passed as the nature of itself as a medium of expression based on memory of idea and opinion and belief that do not consider everything. Pretty soon the donkey is exhausted, running after this carrot, this particular, as belief and idea and opinion, and dies, runs out of steam- so to speak- in upholding this non-self directed expression, but an expression based on outside imposed values in a system that has placed limited, non inclusive values of what is actually here. The human is lead by objectively guided values systems that do not include what is actually here as what we are, as what this earth gives, unconditional non judgmental support. The human is a “mental judge” and not a substance/sound/flowing self directed, self honest entity, we are entities following the h-one-sty of a limited abusive asystem of value judgement as more than and less than, recordings of belief , opinion and idea, personas of this is what we become, forced into expression destructive of the resource of this earth.
The very abusive system that is this pro-fit, a “fitting” that we have accepted and allowed, that does not consider everything that is here and what would be best for all to become a dignified expression as life. We are “fitting: ourselves with a systems that is not allowing unconditional expression of the substance that is here as life as sound. We are blocking what sustains us, dividing it into particulars that do not include self direction as life, where we then fear change.
Everything here on this earth must be reorganized into what is best for all. Every emotion, every feeling is based on some thought, some idea of what particular “patterns” are right and wrong, the signifiers that have been forced-and accepted- that build our personas and allowed-to-be-directors, that are not considering all life, considering a dignified life, are what we , the human have become. And these things have become so “resonant” and big within us that we cannot even step outside the rhythm of this, because the wrenching from this appears to destroy us, but we the human, as life, as sound are more mutable that we know, we can forgive what we have allowed ourselves to become, forgive what we have allowed ourselves to resonate as, forgive our own accepted and allowed particular definitions and organize ourselves through the very medium that we have accepted and allowed ourselves to manifest as, words/sound/meaning projected onto pictures, and re-construct this world as what is best for all.
This is not going to be easy, but it is going to free us from the DOME of “freedom to a particular abusive, competition/profit based” system, that does not support all the life that is here on this planet. Self-forgive what one has accepted and allowed as particulars of belief, opinion and idea of how horizontals and verticals should be patterned in this world, and become self-directed, self expression as life, including all that is here.
Support and equal money system.
Begin the desteni i process and resound self as life as all as one as equal.
Time to clean up the expression of suffering in and as starvation that we have allowed to exist on this earth.
Stop the abusive farming practices we have allowed and accepted to exist on this earth in our profit based system survival/war/competition game existence. Support a system of support for ALL.Equal Money
Support self as life, support all as one as equal as life


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