The wall that is the law.

The “wall” that is the “law” must be for-given/un-formed/ returned/ allowed to move/ returned to its natural state of fluidity/allowed to be the nature of itself, as the con-stant – the standing with, the standing as all as one as equal, the being as all as one as equal and not as the “stead” of, the instead of, belief, opinions and ideas that build a knot/not – a dis-allowing of the natural equality expression that is the nature of life; these con-ceptions, these “seeing”, these per-ceptions , this ce/see-ing that the human has accepted and allowed that limits and stagnates. All these singular points built through association, must be forgiven, must be walked through and forgiven, without emotion. These walls as laws that have been conceived and are perceived as how we are, are only of perspective from the top of a wall/law, are associations to ideas, opinions and beliefs from a starting point of survival in a profit based system, constructed and upheld by the walls/laws of belief , opinion and idea. These belief, opinions and ideas must be resounded, de-con-structed as the division into polarity and returned, re-turn-ed to eternity, that which is con-standing as life, as oneness in equality, as all as one as equal.
All the associations of polar opposites, these “apposites” these “apts in the circumstances, or relations to something, these applications towards something, this something being profit for a few, these divisions being all that one sees as one stand within the association, the association to/company of profit and not being of oneness in equality, the being realizing that this earth is all as one as equal, this earth is a manifested expression of life covered in walls of association within divided opposites of opinion , belief and idea, that support a system of division, binding one to the limited perception- the limited seeing- within the singular associations built.
And here I see, I believe that walking through all these constructed/divided into associations are too big, are too vast, to walk through, to learn to re-voice as oneness in equality instead of support for, as the very nature of what they are, abuse as what is the manifestation of being an association within a system of desire for more than and less than, a system of profiting that builds beliefs of desire and need and want instead of being oneness in equality, instead of being an unconditional expression of life as all as one as equal, here, free from a perceived “free” “dome” that is only a “dome” of profit, a “dome” based on greed and a survival game, an illusory bubble separate from life, from equality.
Any and all emotion, as reaction, as belief of self being less than, or more than, being self pity, or being self grandeur will be as it is, a stagnant moment, an unlived moment as self becoming an association to belief, opinion and idea, as what the human has been lead to believe themselves to be the measure of in a system of measure for profit, for survival, that has been given so much meaning, but really is only meanness/abuse. Therefor, all emotions that come up, following the beliefs, opinions and ideas of the mind, a mind built of “mean=ness”/meaning from a starting point of profit, a starting point of a belief that this earth is here to be raped and abused in any manner necessary to avail support of survival, to make available a “mean”s to survive instead of a means to live in a way that considers, that sees, the whole, that sees the constant, that bes the con-stance of including all that is here as all as one as equal, as what is best for all, as loving your neighbor as yourself, here, in equality.
E-motions of futility, of impossibility must not be allowed, must be forgiven, because there is no choice, these be-causes the very nature of self as re-maining oneself to the very nature of this profit based “dome” of existence that is abuse that is the bubble separate from life as all as one as equal, from equality, And the BITCH of this, the “fucked-up-ness” of this must not even be con-sidered, be seen because this is just another re-maining, con-ception, “con-seeing”, con-sequence in the being of self as an association to separation from life as all as one as equal, from equality.
These drugs, these habits, as the emotions and feeling and thoughts must be forgiven, the deconstruction of this wall, the walking through of this allowance as being a perception of limited association must stop, must not be allowed. Breath, forgive. Will the being of self as life, will the re-association of self to life, to equality as all as one as equal. Resound the self as life, as equality, as all as one as equal. There is not choice but this, any and all thoughts that stop this that disallow this that separate self form this must be forgiven, the outflow of emotion and feeling, must be stopped, the consequence of desire and want and need cannot be the consequence allowed.
We , the human, will know when we have stopped this brutal game, we will know when this no longer exists in fact. It will be visible as no starvation, no animal abuse, no plant abuse, no abuse of this earth, no rape of this earth. The availability of life will be here when all that is here is a dignified expression of life within the physical expression of what is here.
Recently, I have faced a committee that has told me that they cannot promote anything that is for profit.
We live in a profit based society. EVERTHING is for profit. Anything sold has some profit for the person selling, or the person cannot exist, because they need money to put food on the table. A teacher, for example, has a self-interest in earning a income, this is self interested, self-profit. But this teacher is offering a service that is for the common good. Text book companies, sell text books that are (ostensibly) for the common good. So, for libraries and schools to say that they cannot promote something that is profit based is insane. Is some idea that has been promoted that has no fucking awareness of how our society functions, has no basis in any idea of what is actually here as how we except ourselves to exist! This is the absolute deception, de-seeing of what is going on in this world.
How the hell ( yes this is hell we exist as ) has this been accepted as a statement that can be made by a group of people who are joined together to promote the common good?In a profit based system?? All that is being voiced is the continuation of ignorance. Is this what the very text book companies, that have managed to allow their profit to exist as something that is allowed, yet any one seeking promotion of an educational tool is considered “for profit”. There are no qualifiers here in the voicing of this ig-nor-ant statement. These text books that are sold to the schools are not teaching the ability to see the whole of this system and its consequences, our schools are teaching us to make statements that are ludicrous! With this statement in non-awareness, could one trust what is being taught by a system that makes such a statement? There are associations here in and as belief of what is good and what is bad. Made singularly: the idea of profit holds a bad connotation. Probably, an idea that believes that anything that comes from outside the system is BAD. And sometimes I am sure this could be true. But one cannot know unless one uses one’s common sense and LOOKS! In the end, if something is for the common good than a public governing body, that is formed for the common good of the people, can change their laws and do what is necessary for the common good. This law cannot be changed, because it would dis-allow the text book companies to come in and make a profit, So, the system is screwed by the very laws it needs to support itself. Even a fortress surrounded by walls needs sustenance, needs this earth, so there can never be a law that shuts out life, a wall is always able to be navigated, because the substance that maintains it is the source of navigation. In this, it is life.
So, it cannot be impossible to navigate this system and re-form this system, it cannot be futile to change what is here back into what is the expression that is the source that is equality. It is simply taking down the walls, removing the ignorance, the ignoring of the whole, and starting again from a point of equality. All these limited constructed associations made must be walked through, dis-pearsed as the bubble that is the limit of the mind, these pockets of “vision” that stop common sense, that which is best for all, that which is equality.
What is necessary is to understand the limitation of these kinds of statements as they appear and walk through them, speaking clearly without ego, with out the need or desire for success, without fear, simply realizing an unacceptable non-awareness of how this society exists and what the consequences of this are.
Stand up and LOOK.
Forgive the limitation of the mind.
Support a system that will allow the cleaning up of the abusive existence the human has created on this unconditionally giving earth, support an Equal Money System.
Clean up all the compounded emotion from limited thoughts, as the mind, that which eventually diminishes one to a point of non-awareness death. Walk the Desteni I Process.
All together, equal and one, unconditional expressions of life.


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