Stop the mind chatter and learn to play.

I forgive my self for allowing and accepting my self to move as the thoughts that are in my mind, which is my self believing the mind to be real, when all the chatter of the mind is meaningless, the mind is a resonator of detail, of detail through the eyes of a system that separates sound into categories, into an allowed imposed judgment system that does not realize what is actually here, does not realize all that is here, does not fully accept the quality, all the qualitites of this physcal world. If this world were a violin, then the human is not performing well, is not utilizing all the qualities of the character of the physical “matter” that is here and moving with and as it, becoming it, interacting with it as one with it, without judgement, simply accepting the nature of this physical world and sounding WITH this world. In this the human could be singing as the movement of self/man with this physical world, accepting the qualities of all the physicality of this world, focusing at ease in acceptance of this world, and moving as one with this physical world, creating life/music/sound/oneness and equality. Becoming one with the violin/world, knowing the quality of this physical object, accepting the quality and interacting with this physical “thing” as self, is like using the “quality” of the physical and placing the action, the interaction between two (or more )objects, and creating energy-quality. Equality is acceptance without judgment of the physical and interacting with the physical, and this interaction being a movement with the physical as “energy” quality= equality.
But if we label and judge and reject and oppose as re-action based on non-acceptance of the quality of this physical world the being of e-quality is stopped and no song, as life, is sung, can be what is here.
This is why starvation cannot exist, it is the disallowance of the physical world to have any opportunity to interact with the qualities of this physical world.
The human is destroying the physical instrument of this earth, and all the parts of the instrument.
If you can learn to sing, if you can learn to play an instrument, if you can learn to surf, if you can learn to walk, if you can learn to climb a mountain with ease, if you can learn to build with various materials, if you can mold clay into a figure, you can bring yourself out of the mind and be here. Stopping the hierarchy that is the system of division, that is a mimic of the chatter of the mind, a system of separation into parts of label and blame, a system of non-acceptance of the qualities of this physical world, and in-stead accept this world and the physical quality of this world then we can stand as the stead of equality, the human can be as the instrument of this physical world, interacting with the quality of this physical world, being equality.
We must stop the “energy” motion ( emotion) the product of the judging, labeling, blaming mind into want, desire, need, hope, wish super imposed stitch (glitch) onto this physical world, that which is all we are able to see, just as we have “stitched” media imagery and broadcasted an incessant need as desire and hope and wish all over this world in the form of radio waves- non generated by each of us individually- becoming a constant action of separation instead of an act of acceptance and self directed energy quality as accepting and interacting with the qualities of this physical world, becoming instruments in song of life.
We, the human, the creators of this must clean up this discordant, non acceptance of the qualities of this physical world instrument of life. We must stand and restructure the systems that are in place to allow the flow of equality, which is the only way to project the sound of life, as life, being one and equal as equality.
In this we do not need hope, or wish, or want, or desire, or need. And each and every one of us can realize this physical world, through accepting and allowing the qualities of this physical world. We must accept that as we are, all plants, animals, people, earth cannot perform as life with out care as what we are here presently. Equal Money is a way, to begin to clean up all the garbage we have created through separation as judgement and survival/war game existence of resistance to the qualities of this physical world. Stop breaking the strings of this physical world, stop greedily sequestering “strings” to horde, realize that more strings can be made – so to speak- because we, the human can make more! Learn to “play” as life, use the quality of this physical world to broadly cast life on this earth, in song, as equality.
It can be done.
Support Equal Money. Build a system that allows EQUALITY.
Stop the mind chatter that separates self from focus onto acceptance and interaction with this physical instrument that is earth and all that is here.
No god, no father, no mother, would have created anything else for their children. The child, the student, is meant to learn to stand and perform/play/walk/ be their own voice as life. Nothing else is acceptable.


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