Heaven will be automatic as the human sounds what is best for all

This morning I stumbled upon an old recording of a lecture on raw milk. This farmer was talking about the soil and how important the soil is in maintaining a healthy environment. We know that our soils should have a billion bacteria in every teaspoon. Humanity only knows about 10 percent of bacteria that exist and only 5 percent of fungi. These life forms create about 60% of the organic matter that is carbon. A soil that is 5% organic matter is healthy – and most of our soils are no longer 5% organic matter, the original prairies had about 10% organic matter. Healthy soils hold more air and more water. So, healthy soils produce grasses that have energy levels as high as corn.
Another division and conquer game here. Destroy the soil and create a crop and convince people that one singular product is the answer. Misinform, by forcing focus onto one means, don’t mention the side effects, write laws –actually the laws being the walls that are the illusion that “push back” out of sight — that protect this singular thing presented. Which means that —more than likely— everything proposed by our governments/corporation/debt system is actually not real because it has not included all the information, all the consequences and outflows. If all this were placed in -the-form– ( tion) as part of the presentation what exists would not be here! It could not exist because ALL THE INFORMATION, all that is this earth, that is the form of what is here, if included, in and as how all that is here is here to support what is here in a practical way, would have been seen in its very nature as common sensical! So, everything protected by a law is really only pro-tech structures built — as pyramids ( I might add ) to place a few at a divisive end of MORE THAN.
This earth and how it functions provided a system, in conjunction with the sun, that produced high energy foods in the form of grasses for ruminant animals. I want to say that this world was ALREADY “AUTOMATED” to support life, but the human as the mind “out–lawed” through words all that was here, the human existed as a resonance of belief in being “more than” turning themselves from their awareness as equality, as awareness that they are equal and one to all that is.
The human, in believing themselves to be more than are actually destroying what is right under their feet. Heaven. A fully automated platform of tools to live a heavenly existence, to express ourselves as life unconditionally. All those millions of microscopic bacteria and fungi, doing what they do as their expression, making carbon etc. so that there is this soft ground to walk on and to graze on. A system that turns waste into perfume…..automatically, joyfully, as expression, and we , the human have stopped this and are turning this earth into one rotting pile of shit.
Are we stupid? Wake the FUCK UP!

Legislatures, doctors, nurses, teachers, actors, architects, botanists, microbiologists, gardeners, lawyers, mechanics, builders, etc. etc. stand up and vote for an Equal Money System. Heaven is here, it is under our feet. We must simply include all that is here and work with all that is here equal and one to us. Stop any thought that is the placement of control to stop the awareness of this actuality. Your thoughts are the limitation, the directors into belief of more than and less than, you are, have been bombarded with words and laws and songs ( with words) to only see one thing, and this one way, this one thing, is all that you see because you resonate the very sounds supported by the very systems that divide and conquer the plants of this earth for their singular benefit! The human is absolutely controlled through sound. Each and every single one of us has to take back our “sound” a “sound” that includes the whole, that recognizes ( re- COGs – so to speak- the resonance of ourselves –re -sound) all the substance that is this earth that – in a way- is the AUTOMATION OF HEAVEN!!
Forgive self for the accepted focus on this sound of this system of division and conquer, take back your sound, take back the sound of you as the unconditional self expression of you as life, self forgive the beliefs, ideas and opinions of this system of separation, this system of division and conquer ( CON-quering= CON- que = standing in line with a system that is not best for all)
Stand UP!
Support and Equal Money System
Support the Equal Life Party
Start the process of self-forgiveness, self-honesty and corrective application through writing and speaking the words of self-forgiveness.
It is time to realize that which is here beneath our feet. Heaven on Earth.


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3 Responses to Heaven will be automatic as the human sounds what is best for all

  1. http://www.tibetanbaicaotea.net/tava-tea Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time 🙂

  2. wow cool stuff here. You’re a talented writer as well

    • rebeccakarlendalmas says:

      Tal-end =the end of the space/valley-so to speak-meaning one is beginning to birth self into the physical space, becoming aware of the space, of the physical?
      There is no such thing as talent, as we are taught, one either decides to become one with the physical thing or not.

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