Man is an instrument

The human body is an instrument, an instrument of life. What comes through the human physical body is the expression of life; if it is anger it is really fear, a constriction. Think about what anger is, it shrinks the person expressing it and it shrinks the person experiencing it, it actually can “hurt” in its very diminishment, this can even be seen through the eyes of the persons on either end of the presence of this fear/anger expression. It is a sound that can be even stronger than the “sound” of music/tone produced by a musical instrument. If people would see this as something tangible, then perhaps the human would begin to understand the importance of changing this world into an expression of life instead of the expression of survival caused by a system that allow money to determine who lives and who dies, a system that directs the players, as the instruments of life that are here, the human, to constrict and diminish into expressions of beggars desperately trying to grab enough to support ourselves from the bottom layers of a constructed pyramid/hierarchy of more than and less than. We are being consumed by this huge “vortex” that is this monster that is this pyramid, that is this human created system imposed on this earth that is the sound of this instrument that is ourselves, the human here.
One can hear this in the murders within families here in the west, in the crime existent on the street of our cities, in the mountains of the fecund Congo, in the roars and moans of the animals in the meat factories, in the silent hunger of the child – silence as the inability to have the strength to protest or the ear to hear, anger so consuming nothing is left but a desire to end, a desire to stop, a desire to cease to exist. We are broken instruments, our bodies obese, our teeth rotting, our joints stiff, our veins filled with the toxic waste energy that is the compounding of our frustration and fear.
And we say, that is the way it is. Not realizing that it is this way because we are allowing this to be what flows through us as the instrument as life. By the time the essence of us, that which is the generator of life, leaves to human physical body it is dirty, and so this is what we have turned this earth into – a dirty place, polluted, filled with dirty water, the outflow of the very expression of what the human has accepted and allowed.
And yet we believe we cannot stop this. But we are the instruments of this, we – the human- are instrumental in the creation of this! We must solve this, we must learn to play the instrument ourselves, it is the only choice. Someone else playing the instrument for us WOULD NOT BE BENEFICIAL! The only way to really know what playing an instrument is is to do it YOURSELF. No one can do this for you, you must learn this, to be the instrument of LIFE.
I would imagine that there would be no greater joy.
The world , this earth, is showing the consequences of how we are playing the instrument of this physical world, and the only outcome is to learn to play because it is the greatest thing to BE, to simply BE.
There is no other choice.
This is why there is no other choice BUT oneness in equality, no other choice BUT an equal money system ( the most practical means of taking what is currently here and using it to apply equal distribution of resource so that all men can stand and be life, be an instrument of life!) to rebuild this world and all that is here into an instrument of life.
It is time.
Remove this “constricting vortex of fear” remove this pyramid of more than and less than. Every “brick” in this pyramid is of the same substance.
The human built this and can deconstruct this, so that there is a dignified life for all. Stop the polarity existence, become the constant as life, as all as one as equal. Breath and stand up through all beliefs, opinions and ideas to direct oneself as all as one as equal.
Equal Money


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