Rape and the Secret of Money

Rape and the Secret of Money
Bernard Poolman
In places like the Congo, there are brutalized villagers who fear they got nothing else to lose and they cry out for help because they are being raped and destroyed extensively, old women, young children. It is actually incredible because these things could have been prevented if there was an equality system in the world, but because these regions are economically brutalized by the white supremacists , that means the people where has got money, that is you are a white supremest when you have money because money makes you supreme and therefor protects you. So, if you have money you are an elitist and a white supremest because you have supreme protection. These people do not have the protection, you are actually raping them and therefor creating the conditions within which they are being rapped. Women over sixty, children; women are being raped and children are being kidnapped, you cannot imagine the trauma and pain they are going through. This is absolute economic imprisonment. Equal Money system will stop this. Do your research, realize the problem in the world is extensive. As long as one person suffers in this world you cannot regard the system as acceptable. The system must be what is best for all and everyone must be equally protected against human beings. So, therefor if we give every human being enough, then you have enough to keep yourself busy with you don’t have to go and rape someone else just because you feel disenfranchised. And those that has all the power, all the money, they will just turn a blind eye because they have money and say it was by the grace of god that they have money. Such a god is a fucking evil creature. Anyone that thank god for their lives and their money and the grace they have, are as evil as their god.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is a Playing field of GREED, where nations compete for natural resource. As the human competes, other bodies come in and reap profit from the competing factions; arms testing, vaccination ( this could be another form of problem elimination= people in the way of resource ), a political platform for lawyers to sit around and discuss what is happening, aid agencies to go in and receive funding from the very corps that want the resource, Supposed “help” from the business world that doesn’t really want a solution that does not allow the continued flow of natural resource. What is happening in the Congo is one HUGE web of greed and competition. Layers of opportunity for profit. Every nation/ corporation wants the rights to this resource and since there are too many competitors, no one can agree. The IMF, always seems to be present offering debt relief, where nations vote against this, probably because these opposing nations will not receive any of the interest from the supposed “debt relief” loans.
This is not debt relief in practice, actually, because it is contractual indebtedness, where this nation takes money to solve it’s problems from an outside source, and then must sell its products/resources to pay back the debt. The initial problems being unequal distribution of resource, where suffering and greed demand recognition. This lender can set rates that are almost impossible to meet, ensuring that they maintain control, this lender can hide behind groups called charities, and monitor nations to maintain control, never allowing real relief for the people, the plants, the earth, keeping the people fearful, impotent, ignorant through religion, through education, all of this meaning through the development of superstitious practice. Project ideas and beliefs onto people, hide in structures of seeming “good doing”, turn it all into a political story to entertain.
People! The mediator, the real mediator is oneness in equality, is equality. The Congo is a bunch of competing factors grabbing resource for profit. The Congo is a battlefield of survival competition. The governments pose as benefactors, but the governments, the governing bodies that have words on pieces of paper that say they are created for the COMMON GOOD, use private interest seeking lending institutions, these lending institutions that give charity money to peace keeping institutions who are naturally going to act in the “interest” driven outcome for the lenders! And everyone wants a piece of all this. “Shares” are everywhere, in the medical fields,
in the military fields. But these “fields” are creations of support for the interest. None of them are for the common good. They are all for the common good of “interest”, monetary interest.
Equality pulls in this division of more than and less than, it is the mediator, it is the practice in fact of consideration of all that is here on this earth. We the human must stop and use what is here to support what is here equally, to stop rampant abuse. We must forgive these bubbles of belief and idea and opinion, manifest as our current system of finance, education, health, military, agricultural, because our practices are of superstition as our minds, our minds projecting the capacity of the mind, the mind a reflector of an image, a singular image, that cannot see the whole, this creates emotion of fear. Profit has an interest in fear, because fear allows interest.
We the collective of people are the mediators, we must stand and vote for an EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM. Equal money is a practical application that physically mediates the whole , that stops the self interest as the nature of profit, and mediates for ALL that is here on this earth.

There is no excuse for what is happening in the Congo, there is not excuse for the treatment of these women in the Congo.

Is it any wonder that the people of the Congo are angry and fight to have some profit to live?

Why do the resources continue to flow out of the Congo?

Obviously, the organization of moving these resources out of the Congo continues, the amount of tin leaving the Congo has increased since 2005 – interestingly parallel to the increase in rape – is this practice of rape using the belief of the village people to pay the armed locals, knowing the towns will financially force these women to go and work in the tin mines – so the computers users can have tin- and yet the United Nations cannot organize the fighting factions? What the fuck!

Below are links to articles about the practices and entities involved in the battlefield for resource that is the CONGO region in Africa. A country rich in resource, yet so poor in having a dignified life. Why is a country of so much resource so poor? Why is this earth, so rich, so capable of life, choosing to be the image of war? Why is the human choosing this expression?
WAKE UP. We, the human are not worthy of anything, no heaven, no nothing, we must learn to be life, here, we must realize ourselves as life, that this is it. The is no stability until all are stable. There is no dignity until all live in dignity.








We, the human can build huge systems to distribute electricity.
We, can move water and oil around in large amounts.
We can clean water, using this earth.
We can grow food, even more than we need in one region, yet we do not share this, or, on another front, grow food that is nutritious. And yet, we know how to grow nutritious food.
We can build machines that build cars.
Yet we cannot stop what is happening in the Congo? Greed is stopping what is happening in the Congo. The only way to stop greed is to realize our equality as life.
This does not mean that one will have to give up what one likes. What one really enjoys, what will happen is that people will discover what they really enjoy, and release compulsive obsessive desires that are habits to placate the fear of survival in a profit greed system.
Wake up!
Equal Money
Forgive the “recordings” of habit, that are the mind, that are the limitations, that are the stagnant obsessive compulsive behavior of self contracted, forced into by self acceptance as beliefs, opinions and ideas through culture, society, education, experience, as ego/persona; through speaking and writing the words of self-forgiveness. It was placed through sound and image, and can be forgiven, as self-forgiveness through speaking and writing the words to release the compounded effects of the very expression through the words we speak, and the thoughts “sounded” as the images we hold and see in our daily lives through television and media. Clean up the expression of self as greed/competition and apply self as a directive principle of oneness in equality, through self forgiveness, find your self honesty.
Join Desteni, stop that ominous feeling that Desteni is a cult, that is your mind. Desteni is to stop the practice of “cult”ure that does not support all life equally.


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  1. Jamie Holts says:

    pretty good insights. I’ll be sure to stop by and read more from you. thanks.

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