Entertainment as Global Economic Monster

Bernard Poolman,

Were looking at Entertainment as Global economic monster. Entertainment has contributed considerably to the current credit crisis and will contribute considerable more to the crisis’s yet to come. Simplistically, because your global economy is based on a labor value per person which is even utilized as a commodity in terms of generating loans for countries. Yet your laborer, those that actually contribute to the economy in building it up, in terms of infrastructure and in terms of base support; food, roads, anything that is of actual value, that remains valuable. Those parts are not considered when it comes to the money part of our reality, the money part is all given to the entertainment industry and then the entertainment industry is not actually contributing anything they are just continuously repeating the show, which is then priced more and more, just like in a casino in a way, because you can have a look at your movies and you can see that they all are just repeating themselves to have kind of like run out of ideas of how to entertain people, so now there ‘s more special effects and what is actually happening is that it is removing the value that the laborer has contributed to the global system and placing that into entertainment, the same has happened , for instance to the music industry. The musician, that is the laborer in the music industry, is no longer a valuable commodity. Only those that do entertainment at a global scale, which is controlled by the money power behind it , makes money in the industry. The rest is seen as irrelevant. The music industry is not an industry of actual expression and labor of musicians, it is simply just an entertainment industry where the musician is irrelevant. You ‘ll find that with all the entertainments industries. And if you start doing the mathematical “one plus one equals two” equations, you’ll notice that the entertainment is actually a monster that is a dark hole through which the economic wealth of the people are disappearing because nothing that actually is invested into the entertainment industry as such is contributing to the greater wealth of a nation. It is all justified, obviously as such, because it has been sold to you, your very soul – which is your money- has been sold out to things like entertainment. We will see in the future how this will have a massive effect on the collapse of the global economic systems. And our learned, clever mathematicians and economists in the world will not find solutions. We do present; the- solution is actually one-plus-one-equals-two and is an equal money solution where there is no undue value placed on any thing but only on life equally for all and all other parts are purely a participation in self expression that has equal value and that does not influence or contribute or abuse the lives of each other on the planet and is simply a way of life. It has’t got an actual value that determines how people will live on this world, in terms of base survival and base contribution in the world. In an equal money system, you as a person as a being will have a value and because you exist, you contribute and then from there your contribution would be in terms of your comfortability with sharing who you are , which is then who you are is then valuable in terms of what you do and we’ll have a total new way of living with an equal money system. Currently though, watch out for the entertainment monster, it has destroyed several industries already, the music industry is but one to note. You can also check out the games industry, where greed has destroyed the game industry, the internet has been destroyed. All of those is possible income generating commodities. Greed , the desire to be famous, and the related mental disorders of the human has destroyed our economic system. Isn’t it wonderful watching it disappear, slowly, and you’ll see a little mountain that will come up like pyramids all over and on the top of the pyramid there will sit a very greedy rich scrouge McDuck that believe it was their right to have it all because they worked for it, not true, they stole it from the people. We will destroy all these pyramids. And there will be no scrouge McDucks in the world. Equal Money. Equal Life Foundation. Inevitable.


One must think of the human physical body as an instrument. Just like a violin, where the generation of the sound is done by the person pulling the bow and pressing the strings. We, the humans are resonating what we create. Our entertainment is what we think, how we think, what we allow, how we are manipulated. This means that our entertainment and media industry is what we allow, in the world and within ourselves. The very crystalline substances in the water of our human physical bodies hold the resonance of what we generate, of what we allow to be the movement of ourselves here on this earth.
This recursive emotional sameness starts with childhood fairy tales and stories, where the morality is set as to what is good and what is bad, this division into separation, where self direction is not taught, where “follow through” is not taught, where even in elementary school the labels begin. One needs talent, and not hard work, or even this is seen as a label -hard work- when the physical act of learning to see, or learning to guide the fingers on a violin as a process is not learned. It is all believed to be some kind of magic. Actually, being someone that has learned to play an instrument, I realize that it is that I DID IT! I picked up the violin and just did it, struggled – probably where I did not need to, and I just DID IT, looked in many different ways until I began to figure it out; this is where one realizes it is a kind if “bringing awareness to all of oneself” action. As simple as that, it has nothing to do with talent. One might have to work on intonation more, another on coordination. But we place labels, like, she is not coordinated enough etc. This just shows where awareness needs extension- so to speak. Let me also say, the more I do the more I realize this act of extending awareness can continue, and this is incredible!
Yet, this is not what the human generates, this is not what the human resonates. Instead we are like the playing of a broken record; our pop culture is the same love song again and again and again. Our media tells the same story again and again and again.
We are poor souls believing we are incapable and allowing any act of significance to be lived in only as the mind through media generation, where we stew in emotions generated by the entertainment industry as we spin in the morality of good and bad, singular and repetitive. It is as though we stopped, when we stopped believing we could expand ourselves as awareness, it is as though we stopped when the authorities in elementary school labeled us as talented or not talented. We were never shown how to expand as awareness, we were never shown how to expand, this was shut down with a focus on a “right and a wrong”. This “parasocial” foundation that lead to a recurrence of judging instead of being expanding awareness, birthing life into this world instead of greed. Character development, personality development to fit into a role.
Our movies are like drugs, they might as well be this, they are the CONception of identification. This means that identification is a process which commands the subject to be displaced by an “other”, it is a procedure which refuses and recuperates the separation between self and “the other”. If we watch a movie, or a sport game, or a media story we have a suspense “spell” of expectation according to our morality, where the outcome then matches our moral sentiment, when this happens, we actually then have “emotional ( expected) fulfillment” and a chemical reaction takes place in our bodies. So the human is a perpetual recording seeking sameness. Much like a rat in a cage, pushing a button to get the “drug” that causes pleasure. This way of being has nothing to do with actually expanding as awareness. Oh, but I forgot, your elementary teacher said you have no talent. Your parents were morality teaching machines, your “grooves are set”. You have been prepared for the life of a rat in a cage. And you do not even know it!
Entertainment is a morality gratifier, it keeps the labeling and finger pointing robot going, instead of self generating awareness life builder explorer man BEING.
This is really no different than being addicted to heroin. the drug lords do not care about the condition of their buyers, they have their own addictions to power and the spoils of money. And since the morality show differs by degree only, there is no need for real expression, there is only the need for a few stories and performers to replay the same song again and again and again. A few stars to sing the songs is all that is needed, where the flow of the money is maintained and controlled in the hands of the few.
I walked through an abandoned building in New York City one time. It was night, the room was black. It took me a minute to register that the presence of something was all over the floor. It was bodies of people, everywhere, an occasional stirring happened, and a small moan here and there. They were all heroin addicts. Nothing was left, only bodies lying on the floor of an abandoned building. This is not life.
Sitting in front of a television every night, or reading that periodical or novel, getting a fix, is not really much different.
What happens as the “fix” needs to be stronger and stronger? As the desire for that sexual fix becomes greater, or that “drug lords” desire for more? All these emotional programs that have nothing to with awareness expansion, with self honesty, with a self directive principle? And begging to an imaginary god is not going to do it.
The abandoned building in New York is a microcosm of the outcome of this profit based system. A unkempt building, strewn with drug infested bodies that rob and steal to get their fix of pleasure. No animals, no plants, just darkness and drugs. A few blocks uptown, is a high rise, where the owner of this abandoned building reprimands his drug distributor, high on his own drug of power. In the next room he holds out a bowl of coke and asks a young girl, ripe for the picking, is she wants a sugar daddy, while his jeans are being made in sweatshops in China.
Is this the instrument of life ? Is this how we have allowed our physical to resonate?
It is time to stop this.
It is time to become aware of what the human has accepted and allowed and stop.
It is time to become aware of this earth as life.

Equal Money


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