Flea infestation reveals how we are in this world.

Flea infestation reveals how we are in this world.
My dog has had progressively aggressive fleas this summer. I have bathed the dog, I have brushed the dog, I have cut hair back ( a pedigree with luxurient thick long air – why did GOD create such a dog to suffer in summer heat? ), I have combed and brushed until all that was left as I searched through hair on every body crevice , in every skin fold, around every hair folicole ( I exaggerate – for effect-but it feels like I have done this! ) until all that I could see was pink skin under hair. Two days later, fleas crawling all over, many , many fleas, and they are huge. They can’t hatch out of eggs and grow that fast! Can they?
I don’t even want to mention that I have vacuumed extensively, placed down diotomaeceous earth for days but they return. BIG fleas, and many of them. Where do they come from? Evidently, many people are having the same problem.
It is a flea infestation.
It is the reaction of people, of visitors when they find out. They immediately don’t want the dog near them. And curiously enough, they begin to think fleas are jumping on them. Which is curious, because I don’t have any fleas jumping on me, they are all jumping on the dog. ( But, to day I notice, since the dog is outside, and I FINALLY, bought some poison to give the dog some relief, because she was crying one night- and I have grown up with many pets ; we never had a problem like this as far I know. I was in a house one time where the man took in stray cats, there were so many cats that when one walked on the floor fleas would jump and bite your ankles.) Anyway, I am feeding the dog various things to find a solution that is not toxic. Sometimes it takes research and effort, and sometimes the non-toxic alternatives work, they just take some time. The alternatives are not convenient and instantaneous, but I have found they work.
Back to the reactions of people.
They act like they are going to get a disease.
They act like they want to run away.
They act like the dog is disgusting.
Do any of them consider why the fleas are here and why they are a problem?
Do any of them stop to consider their reactions?
Do any of them express any sympathy for the dog?
It is all reaction that only considers saving themselves from disease.
First of all, if your body is weak, you will become sick, we have an immune system that guards against disease, and most disease if always here. The streptococcus bacilli are always here, on the head of every needle ( I believe), so the human can always get this. Running away is not the solution. Standing and facing the problem is the solution.
Why is there an epidemic of fleas? If disease in the body is telling us something, wouldn’t an outbreak of fleas in the world, well my world, be telling of something? If the fleas are cleaned from my house, and from my dog and two days later she is once again covered in fleas they are coming from the “natural world”. Which means all the animals in the wild are probably covered in fleas as well.
The human has become a reactionary being, of no self responsibility, of no insight, of walking belief that only looks to fear without any consideration of this physical world.
These are the bubbles we exist as. It is as simple as that.
I you are afraid of a flea then you are in trouble.
You are a walking fear bot of reaction, you are a zombie to a system that has turned you into a machine that cannot realize self direction, that cannot see this physical world and stand and LOOK at what is here and follow a possible string of causations to find a solution. To LOOK at this world and SEE what has actually created what is here. To stand beyond the emotion; emotion based on a belief, a singular belief where ONE thing is seen. In this case “ fleas carry disease”.
I have news for you, it ain’t the fleas carrying the disease. It is the human carrying the disease, the disease of allowing and accepting the abdication of self responsibility, of self insight into cause and effect, of self honesty about accepted limitations, of self direction as common sense through the veil of fear.
What the human has been lead, allowed itself to be lead by, to believe generates fear instead of generating productive cessation of detrimental causes and effects, and placing into practice supporting systems that benefit all that is here on this earth. Working with this earth, this earth that is here unconditionally supporting us.
This earth that has an outbreak of fleas to show us what we are allowing and accepting, and the silly non-productive reactions we exist as.
If you are going to get sick you are going to get sick, flea or no flea.
I mean, LOOK! there are terrible diseases in this world but not everybody gets them. And I think all our walking “text-book” professionals, because there are so many opinions out there, and so many ideas that have not solved the problems – because money comes first and the non-patented things of this earth can;t make money as profit – is indicative that all our educated walking “text-books” professionals are oblivious of generating solutions!
This has been going on for a long time. I think the president of the United States in 1901, when science was “the next big thing” said that in one hundred years all disease would be cured. Well, this has not happened.
If every cell in the human body is renewed every seven years, why the hell does the human age?
In this I don’t think it is the flea that one should be concerned with.
I began to take an anti-depressant a while ago. I took it for three days and then stopped. I felt like there was this cap on my head, screwing itself onto me. I asked the doctor and he said, “ Oh, that is normal, it will go away in a few days.
This is a contradiction to my experience. I have never felt like there was a cap on my head ( well I am being relative here) , so how can a cap being screwed onto my head be NORMAL????
Which begs the question? If chemicals can make one feel like a cap is being screwed onto this human head of mine, wouldn’t it be possible that there is another “cap screwed onto our human heads? One cannot SEE a “chemical cap”. What if there was cap on our heads that assimilated over the course of growing up, so slowly, over a period of seven years, that it was not noticed? What if this “cap” was that which turned the human into a reactionary “ run away from fleas” without any consideration of being responsible for this physical world and shrieking like a mouse and hiding in a singular emotion of fear????? Where one compounded as this, as the very 79% of the water, that is this body, retained the resonance of these emotional reactions, and then this “body” of resonance needed constant resource to maintain its “cap” of belief, and even though the body worked furiously to produce new cells every seven years, this resonance, this “imprint” ended up sucking the very essence of self?
Could there be a ‘cap” on the human here? A “cap”, much like in the movie the Matrix, yet unseen, like the “chemically induced cap” of an anti depressant drug?
The fleas are just a manifestation of the earth telling us to wake up. The fleas are a “blood sucker” REFLECTING what we have become. We have allowed a system that sucks the life from us. By abdicating self responsibility we have allowed something outside of ourselves as life, to direct us, and this director enjoyed this “power ride” and wanted more and more and more and more.
So, the fleas are a manifestation of the cap we have allowed to be placed upon us.
There are so many “blood suckers” in this world today. The human exists as one as well. We are creating what we are, and it is increasing.
Time to stop, time to stop and forgive this, and to give what we have received from this earth, and to remove the cap of limitation, of singular self interest reaction based on fear. Remove the fear, generate the insight of cause and effect the human is more than capable of being.
Let those new cells be an expression of life, unconditioned by a cap of belief, opinion and idea that limit one into emotions ( energy motions), feelings, and thoughts that are of a one sided DImension in and as a polarity, that cannot see the con-sequences, cannot see the patterns, cannot sense the constructs placed in childhood by culture and society, assimilated over time, in time.
Watch yourself; Do you tell the same stories again and again and again? Do you tell stories that “uphold” a belief you have of yourself? Are these stories really just a need for constant validation? And what does this really do?
Is our “profit” system the same action? Unseeing of this physical world in only seeking profit, not caring about consequence, about cause and effect. Are you locked into this? fearful of change?, fearful of losing that pension? Where you KNOW you are being abusive through participation?
Well the answer is to stand and change the system. To join with a group and stand, until the group is big enough to vote for a change. It will take time, it will take many, but once the many are assembled the next step of equal distribution of resource can begin, where all are fed and housed. We have the tools here on this earth, we can do this.
Once this is in place, the human can then look at which practices are benevolent and which are “toxic” to this earth.
To think of doing this all at once is overwhelming. It has to be done one step at a time. But it can be done. We can stop the “blood sucking” and begin to be heaven on earth.
Stand up and vote for an Equal Money System. Support the building of a foundation, by deconstructing the present system through a democratic vote, a foundation in and as a starting point of EQUAL LIFE. Life supporting life.
This can be done, but you must stand and generate this change yourself in and with a group.
It is the only solution.
Think about it, take off the reactionary cap, self forgive as self response a starting point of re-membering the resonance of self, as expression as life, and begin to live.


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One Response to Flea infestation reveals how we are in this world.

  1. Keith Savage (aka Korak) says:

    Dear Rebecca,
    I wrote down this recipe from a website from Thailand, it’s mainly for mange, but at the bottom is a flea formula too. Good luck! You can contact me at my email if you wish.


    Korak’s Mange-Be-Gone Formula

    To completely eliminate mange from a dog, bathe the dog twice a week with this formula, until the symptoms cease. It took about three weeks to cure my terribly afflicted pet.

    This formula came from “Ted” in Thailand via the internet. His page suffers from unnecessary verbiage, possibly because he is not a native English speaker. It took quite an effort to extract the precise directions, which I used so successfully. Plus, I had to convert his metric measurements into English standards.

    The three ingredients are:
    1. 3 bottles of hydrogen peroxide (each bottle is 16 ounces in the US, equivalent to 473 milliliters, though Ted uses bottles containing 500 milliliters. Purists can add an extra 27 milliliters per bottle from a fourth, if they want to take the trouble!)
    2. borax laundry detergent (WARNING: Do NOT use boric acid (roach poison)!!! It is too strong and toxic!), 3 tablespoons per bottle of hydrogen peroxide, or 9 tablespoons per gallon of completed formula.
    3. water, about a half gallon.

    Ted says commercial hydrogen peroxide comes in 3% strength, which is too strong. It must be diluted to 1%.
    Thus, the first step is adding the peroxide to the water.

    I start with an empty gallon container. I add three 16 ounce bottles of hydrogen peroxide, then I add enough water to
    -almost- fill it up. Ted says the peroxide must be diluted BEFORE adding the borax! Then I add the nine tablespoons of borax powder, add the rest of the water, and shake the jug vigorously until the powder dissolves.

    Now, with a full gallon jug, you can bathe your pet. (I do not recommend using this on cats, not because I think it would hurt them, but because I have no experience with using it that way.)

    I made sure to stand my dog in a small basin so the formula could be collected and scooped back up with a cup and poured over the dog again. The animal must be thoroughly soaked to the skin with the liquid formula! (Mange mites burrow through the skin and lay eggs, so the formula must reach and soak the skin, as well as the fur.) Do NOT rise the dog afterwards! You must leave the formula on the dog.

    I also went to the trouble of pouring the spent formula from the basin all over the ground inside the dog’s pen, thus killing the mange mites in the ground. This treatment MUST be applied to an animal who is ISOLATED in a small pen!!!! Mange gets into the ground where dogs lay, and will persist in that area FOR YEARS, affecting all who lay there! (People too!) Therefore, if your animal is allowed to roam during the treatment, he will pick up mange from other spots and negate the treatment’s effect. Any spot where you suspect mange to be should be treated as well. If you want your dog to be able to roam your yard at will, all mangy places must be eliminated! It could be a difficult job, but it’s necessary.

    Flea Formula: Ted says that 1/8 teaspoon per liter, added to the dog’s drinking water, will cause all fleas that bite the animal to die, without harming the dog. I have NOT verified this, though I intend to, in the near future.

    The formula converted to standard equals 1 teaspoon per 2 gallons of water. (8 liters = 2.11 gallons)

    Sincerely, I hope this home-based treatment helps! Best wishes, from Korak

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