The CON of a profit based system.

A profit based survival, war game system is DESTRUCTIVE! It’s NATURE IS ABUSIVE. War/survival, grabbing for control, getting for greed, wanting to survive and believing that grabbing and taking and needing “more than” is so consuming that the human cannot see the life that is here that is diminished through this kind of be-HAVior , this be have ness that we, the human create and allow. This CON-ception of profit, this CON-ception of greed, this CON-ception of war, this CON-ception of survival, this CON-ception of a pyramid of what it is we desire.
Like war, the earth is left ravaged, barren, naked of life, mutated, unformed, diminished.

This is the only outcome of our con-ception, and has happened. This earth is a picture of starvation, of war, of discord. This earth has never been life, has never accepted life, has never accepted unconditional self expression. The ability of the human to see all possible sides is shut down, the ability to remain empathetic is shut down through CON-crete thinking as CON-ception. Instead of allowing empathy, and a practice that supports all of life, a practice that is the loving of your neighbor as yourself in fact, where there is not fear to love your neighbor as yourself because it is realized that the earth can support all that is here, that this earth can be existed upon in efficient, productive ways instead of con-trolled as profit making.

What if the nature of the human were as ugly as the treatment of the animals in the factory farms and the human did not know this or see this because they as their mind were lost in “con-crete” thinking, where only small parts were seen and the spatial/abstract/empathetic able self were shut down? If man is only able to see a CON-crete singular thing, where one swam in emotions that really were not varied ( i mean we have drugs for “depression”, meaning one has become ONE emotion. Why has a human become ONE emotion?) The human is stagnant in emotion, one is depression, another is anger, another is lustful, another is happy, another is benighted, another is cheerful all the time- yet they still die of cancer! Blissful character as a repetition is destructive. It is a singular sound, it is not a full pitch as life as accepting the being of life that is here as this earth that is abused through a profit seeking, unbalanced, warped, distorted, folding in on itself, no flowing system of abuse limiting and stagnating life, awareness of all that is here to unconditionally express itself in practical long lasting effective, self generated, directed, supportive of all that is here methods, abundant and clear, pure and pristine, self sustaining and loving of all that this earth is. If one is stuck in a valley, a fold, a warp then one cannot see the next valley. Emotions, thoughts and feelings are life warps that block awareness of the current that is life, where all is known and can be practically looked at. LOOK at your beliefs, opinions and ideas and see if they are a CON-sistence of blame, of shame, of finger pointing, of “what one must do to survive”, these thoughts, emotions and feelings are the expression of you in limitation. They judge, are of judgement instead, in-stead , “in walk” of what you have allowed to exist. These thoughts emotions and feeling you have allowed to be the AUTHOR of you in righteousness, are of your allowed CON-ception, embedded and believed to be CON-crete and in this stagnant and become the focus of self, obsessions as self, because in order for them to remain one must obsess as this, otherwise the shift into awareness sends one in a spin as this distortion, this stagnant fold tries to find balance as it shifts to the polar opposite seeking a sense of the whole but stuck in concrete, a concrete thought. All of this so singular and unseeing, unaware, of no empathy of the oneness that this earth is as life.

Our society has become a factory for profit. Our very “personalities” are developed to work in this factory, the patterns of behavior, the patterns of what is accepted as beautiful do not see the beauty of this earth because the human is sickened through this factory seeking profit existence before life.
Our words are the very allowance of the limited expression that the human exists as. So many con’s attached to words. Our profit/war/survival CON-ception is one big con, and this earth is exhibiting the CON-sequences of our CON-scious be-have-ior.
Stand up and participate, and direct oneself as the support of an EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM. Accept life, it is here, it is what we are. FORGIVE the CON-crete, the CON-sequences, the authored personality of thoughts, feeling and opinions that are the roles of self that support this destructive profit/war/survival game that abuses and stops the unconditional, the un-con, of self as life as all as one as equal as the loving of your neighbor as yourself.
An Equal Money System is the practical first step towards organizing this earth into its natural pure state of support as all as one as equal, where loving your neighbor as your self is the un-CONditional expression of all that is here. Allow breath, that is in all that is here to simply be.


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