When growth is considered in the media, it only considers economic growth and not life.

Growth really means profit making capacity.

What is we placed a qualifier before the word/idea “growth”, what if we looked at growth with qualifiers that supported life instead of ONLY economic growth? What if Americans considered more qualities in terms of growth? Would America and the world be as unstable as it presently is?

I think of things the human is capable of doing, of scientific advancement, where we have answers to problems but these answers are not utilized.

For example, we know that an acidic environment in the human body is a precursor indicating disease. What is being done about this? We radiate our foods, which destroys enzymes, and enzymes are needed to digest food and eliminate toxins. And our environment if filled with toxins. Why is this industry, we accept and allow – because we are not standing up and using common sense- practicing that which is destructive to our health? All I can say in this blog, is that the average cost of a cancer patient is 400,000$; this is profitable- but is it considering the full development of man, does it consider what man might be capable of should he be healthy? NO. Obviously, this practice is about economic growth, the economy is the only qualifier, life is not considered.

Yesterday, and oysterman, a person who grows oysters in the bay, told me that in some places the oceanmen are having a lot of problems with their oyster producing beds. Now, the oyster if like a canary in a coal mine. The canary being vulnerable to lack of oxygen and presence of gas, so the canary lying down in the cage in the coal mine indicates that it is time for the human worker to leave, or put on a mask. Well, an oyster having problems in their oceanic home are indicators of an environment that does not have enough oxygen, thus a more acidic environment. So, this would mean that our oceans are becoming acidic. Just as the human body, when acidic is susceptible to disease – cancers, toxin damage etc. so too is the ocean. This earth is a “body” supporting the human, as it is becoming unhealthy, lacking oxygen, just like the human it is becoming unable to produce a living environment. What we are allowing is mirrored all around us.

Is this growth? This is the cause of having one qualifier before growth, this is what happens when all life, all qualifiers are not used and considered. This is what we have allowed, each and every one of us.

Economic growth is volatile by its singleness of purpose. The purpose of economic growth is profit. If what makes you healthy – and this is known- can be controlled and dished out in separately developed products, can be used to create situations where the human is required to seek outside help ( because the human has not been taught to understand, and also been lead to believe they cannot understand) then the human can serve as a medium for the single purpose of economic growth. In this the human is a slave, a blind slave, a zombie. We are the stories we tell. The human is the zombie that is portrayed in all the movies we make, slaves to an inconsideration of the whole, economic growth. Profit.

This is why a profit based system does not, and cannot, sustain life. It cannot and will not consider life and the depth perceptive ability of man. Man as a mind polarity tool is just that, a tool for profit, a tool for economic growth. Let us add qualifiers to the word growth, they are here. Our system of profit blacks them, does not consider them. This is why the human is the zombie pushing papers, watching television, growing fat, or starving, losing their homes, becoming disease ridden, aging rapidly, committing suicide, raping, killing, the list can go on and on. Our obsessions and entertainments are as unqualified as life as is the quality we attribute as a means of growth. Economic growth does not consider life. As long as the human remains as this, life will not be lived as many qualities ( sounds like equality does it not?)

desteni.co.za Add a multidimensional quality to life. Stand up. Support an Equal Money System. Become the e-quality of life. Allow growth to consider ALL that is here.


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