Enzymes are important to metabolic function in the human physical body. Some enzymes join with trace minerals, and in so doing eliminate toxins in the human physical body, such as DDT. Without enzymes these toxins remain in the body.

Enzymes also work with proteins and fats and carbohydrates. PROtease works with proteins, LIPase works with fats, and AMYlase works with carbohydrates. Raw foods and fermented foods, and foods that are not heated above 117 degrees ( if wet ) will not lose their enzymes. This is the temperature that a human can eat a food with out getting burned, without the food being too hot to eat. These enzymes, when in the food being eaten, help digest the food and prepare this food to be further digested in the small intestine. Without this pre-digestion process, the human body’s organs are strained and over worked leading to disease. The overworked organs, such as the pancreas, become enlarged, and the brain actually shrinks because all the efforts of the body are to produce enzymes missing in the predigestion process.

So, enzymes digest food and remove toxins from the body. Why then, if this is known, do we have cancer, why do we have tumors that need to be removed? It is known that tumors are filled with pesticides, such as DDT. In this, tumors are the body collecting that which it cannot remove into one area. So, the human body is trying to protect itself, and is telling the human that something is not right in the environment that the human is creating.
But, we have allowed a system that makes, on average, 400,000$ dollars on each cancer patient. And we have a system of irradiation that kills all enzymes in our foods under the auspices of killing germs.

Our scientific communities now know how to shut down genes through the use of viruses, to shut down which genes are turned on and what genes are turned off. It is a study I believe to be called epigenetics which is the study of this environment that turns genes on and off. We know how our environment works in many ways but this is not used to support life. It is used to support profit.

This is why a profit system can no longer be allowed because it is monster seeking only profit, where the human wants to survive. In this we are creating a world of tumerous environments, where life is shut down.

Life support is here. Enzymes are here to allow the human body to function and generate life. The system created by the human is stopping this.

Stand up and vote for an Equal Money System. Stop this abuse of life. Realize that the human has only been taught to move as a polarity tool that is the mind, and not as awareness of the fact that the human is the body that is this earth, one and equal to all that is here, capable of practically living in such a way that this body of earth, animal, plant, enzyme etc. can orchestrate a system that uses what is here as this earth in such a way that is best for all. Our profit based system, cannot and does not do this.

Stand up and vote for an Equal Money System.


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2 Responses to Enzymes

  1. Marlen says:

    Yes, the system that we’ve created as humans has focused all attention to anything but making available as basic education about proper care of our human physical bodies in terms of habits, foods, HOW to eat foods which in itself isn’t considered at all with the products that we get.

    By caring of ourselves as our physical body, we ensure that we also start considering the practical points within this world that are being overlooked due to placing all attention to points that can only generate PROFIT – once profit is out of the place, we’ll veer towards looking at that which is best for all.

    Thanks Rebecca

  2. Casque Dre says:

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