Ignition of fear, re-volume-tion as breath

Ignition of Fear

It is interesting how a series of Homages/images can be flashed on a screen with commentary to be “something” important, something of import, something meaningful, but of no real significance in practical application. If one were to look at oneself in the process of completing some task, and become so focused on the task, then switch to some fear that “raised its little head” – and its head IS little ( the mind blows it out of proportion – or one becomes di-mensional, one becomes the side of a dii ( plural = dice, singular dii ???) , and looked at the difference between the focus and the stirrings of fear, it is possible to see where the fear is a “thing”, or a small separation from what is actually physically present. This is a little exercise to see the mind in it’s function, its limited function. The mind I mean as your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Your feelings and emotions being the energy from your thoughts compounded. Can these things create a directed practical focus? This kind of focus where one can work for hours and not even notice the time, or even become tired? Many of us have experienced this kind of focus. It is calm, and satisfying.
What if this could be disturbed? What if the values of culture import a learned responsibility that should this response-ability not be maintained, immediate relationships surrounding one, begin to complain, become demanding ( de-man-nig)? This would be like a program, where thoughts had led to emotions and feelings, as energy and then this energy needed refueling, and the person came to be refueled, and the reaction is both annoyance and guilt. The annoyance being the turning of oneself to “deal” with the needed response, and the guilt, the cultural conditioning raising it con-verse-ation, as con-ditioned self supposedly being a “proper” guide. These things being what we are supposed to be, and not what makes sense, what is common sense. Where one realizes that the demands of “refueling” as emotion, feeling and thought, have no practical value in experiencing what is actually here.
Many, if not all of us, have had to deal with “emotional issues” as we interact with family and friends and co-workers. Sometimes, it appears that there are rewards as we have placated an individual, sometimes there seems to be no resolution and the task becomes exhausting. Any attempts to make the “emotional” one see some common sense are seemingly futile. FOr me it has almost appeared as though the “drama” was being held, the attention of the “emotional one” was the point, and that point wanted to remain. Honestly, it really is a drag!
On another note, I remember preforming this Liszt piece, about Dorian Gray/Grey which was the most repetitive piece I have ever encountered. It just went on and on and on and on with the same musical phrase, a phrase that never, ever, never, ever resolved. It was torture. I wanted to go out and celebrate after the last performance, I was so happy to no longer suffer the torture of this piece.
But in the story of Dorian Grey, this man who sells his “soul” to the devil, so that he may remain young, this is what this character did. He wanted to stay the same, to revel in his youth, to have the material successes we give value to in our present systems. All of this demanning us of understanding a world beyond a dii, Dorian Grey valued one thing, and the giving of himself to that one thing, destroyed him. He shriveled up into dust in the end. All those things he “had” disappeared and were meaningless, he choose the same “picture show of value” again and again an again until it all turned to dust. Did he ever consider that there might be something else?
I can’t even imagine, or want to imagine how many had to attend to Dorian grey “ voquing” his youthful body around in the “social network” of his time. Maybe Liszt knew what he was doing, and I am the fool…
But what is there beyond this culturally forced focus of the human to a collection of values that creates an emotional, thought ( idea-opinion-belief) and feeling “picture show” that dis-tracts us from movement as common sense, as movement as that gentle focus where “tiredness” does not exist? Where that heavy, slow “feeling” does not exist? Where lightness and ease exist?
And how does one show the “common sense” value that is a constant where tiredness does not expire the self into heaviness? How does one reach into the dii- mention ( s=t), deconstruct this and begin the movement of the self as will as life, as “sound sensing sound”, instead of as the vogeur of limited values?
How does one say to another, here is a tool to stop the separation that is heavy and that dis-covers to allow the constant ?
The same happens within as happens without.
The systems we have here on this earth, that we believe to be of support, are not. The practices of the present systems on this earth are not supporting common sense, not supporting the focus of the human as what lies beneath, or is a constant that maintains the picture show of value we accept in guilt and frustration. What if we looked at fear as facing change, as a simple “turning towards” reorganization of the human, within and without? Where the actual feeling of fear, was an indicator of changing and actually walking into common sense? Walking through the veil of “picture show value” towards focus, common sense, the constant?
Here fear would actually become a guide, instead of a limitation. Here, the “picture show” would become the opportunity to find common sense!
If one believes that the health industry , this industry that does not heal, because it focuses on elimination of symptoms instead of con-verse cause, will never allow its end because it is too entrenched with desired profit, one is stuck in a belief. Here, the will of the collective, just as the will of self within – this will as life that must direct ALL of itself towards that which is constant, so without! The will of man must direct itself, collectively, to stand and walk the change to allow the constant that is the lightness of being in a state ( so to speak) of common sense!
The will of man must join as one breath common sensing beingness as the expression of man here on this earth! Fear is the guide of what must be “breathed” through, walked through.
So, yes, these systems; health, education, economical, agricultural must be changed into common sense breathing entities to stop a vogue of emotion, feeling and thought, as belief, opinion and idea of limited value destructive in its dii-mention, separate from that which is constant.
Time to stand, time to breath.
We have never lived.
The elite have never lived.
Just as the starving have never lived.
Time to stop the mind.
What is constant is here, the veil of fear is our guide.
It is very simple.


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