War is a game of profit as is our present industry of Pharmaceutical Drugs, Health, Electricity


The Destonians have researched the practice of profit. Profit by it’s very nature is a system that provides more than for some and less than for others. A profit system must take something and control the distribution of it in such a way that the profiteer comes out with more. The nature of venture capitalism is to figure out how to “own” something, create something that can be “owned” and then take this thing and sell it to the public. This is “to conquer”, this is war.

The above video documents how the manipulation of products can create profit. Profit BEFORE life, profit BEFORE health, not only in the nature of the drugs with multiple side effects, hidden through ex-industry politicians and government officials and industry supported research, but also financial abuse where old compounds are relabeled, taken off shelves and sold as prescription drugs at three times the price. And meanwhile many Americans are paying 1800$ a month for health insurance.

http://vimeo.com/27550945 Equal Electricity for All
We also have electrical companies leaching as much profit as they can, indifferent to the needs of the human. Using resources of this earth that actually belong to life; to say that water belongs to some system is ludicrous! This video listed above talks about practices in Sweden, but in America similar things are going on, especially with the big electrical companies avoiding taxes.

We even are starting to place wood pulp in our food. A cheap filler, to sell food and receive profit. I bet the cost of the food does not change, or, as with the resale and naming of drugs, the price goes up and not down, even through the cost of production, because of the addition of a cheap filler, goes down.

Another means of making a profit is to attack what makes us healthy. Cholesterol is a healing substance in the body. Attack this, that which heals, and the body will weaken and voila! a source of income. Your health is not considered, can’t make a profit off of a healthy person.

Even products as they appear in nature are changed in order to develop a system of profit.

Our government even allows the rape of the earth and disregards the effects of this rape for the people and the plants and the animals. Profit is first and life in not considered.

The solution is to stop this system. This system created by the human and allowed by the human. We, each and every one of us is the cause of this system, and collectively we are the solution.
The solution is to distribute the resources of this earth in such a way that all have a dignified life, where resource is used a support and not for profit. In such a system many products would be eliminated, as unsupportive of life, and the over use of earth’s resources would stop. There would be world for the children.

Support and Equal Money System.
Remove the fear that disables self from facing the steps necessary to stand up and change this earth from a profit based system to a life support system. begin the desteni i process, learn to breath, learn to be the breath of life, and stop the constriction that is fear for survival in a profit based system.

Understand the principle of oneness in equality at desteni.


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