It is time to commune with life but we commune with war.

How strange that I am having this feeling that all of the Desteni stuff does not matter, when it does, it is life and has to be implemented so that life can begin. Here in my world the pull towards just turning to living, especially since the emotion and feelings and thoughts of others are not real, are “storms in a tea cup” and not something to get caught up in. These storms a kind of vortex, where something is being sucked in, pulled towards – so to speak. Completely non directed, completely non-giving of oneself as life, as expression – unconditional expression. One is being “sucked” for energy and the other is giving of oneself as interaction as life, as being, where a smile is at ease, and bubbly, where a smile bursts forth in reaction to this substance, here as life. If there could be a term called objective empathy, this would be the best description.
But I realize, just as in playing in a quartet that the ability to hold one’s own as expression, even where one is “extending” oneself in being aware of the sound one is making and how that moves with the other sounds, and how that blends and “is” has so many potential “depths” yet unknown I realize how unaware I remain. I also realize how much of this awareness probably could have been developed at a much younger age, in terms of being on this earth for a number of years.
The joy of moving as this, of having the chance to discover this and the sound interacting with other sounds, where the play of this is simply fun, just as every moment of this should be so for all of us – at a much younger age that the soon to be 50 years of my self.
This is something that should be developed much earlier, because the capacity for this is there at a earlier age. Children have the ability to think divergently, and somehow this is blocked and shut down. This ability to be so empathetic is not used. We are taking a natural “joy” out of our lives, out of this life here and shutting it down through enslavement to limited beliefs, to limited awareness. Even those who have power are in this, even those who have all the “comforts” money can buy are in this, they have never really “played” with this physical world, they have no idea what this is; if they knew I think they would weep for thousands of years at how blind they were, at what had been stopped.
And I don’t even know how far this could go, how far this interaction, as play – so to speak- with this substance that is here that is life, as interaction, an action with out taking but of giving, as interaction, where one is self expression yet interplay expression with what is here.
But we are like a bunch of vortex’s running around sucking in whatever we can get. Creating storms and sucking in.
In many ways, the principle of oneness in equality is a directive that organizes. As one realizes oneself as medium of expression as life interacting with what is self yet of different expression as all that is here, be it a table or another person it could be so much FUN!
And what are we doing here on this earth? We are running around sucking resources from one continent to take to another, in reckless non directed ways and it is causing massive amounts of harm to life!
There are fucking children whose faces are rotting off because they do not have enough to support their physical bodies! And many of these continents, where this is happening have tons of resources. What is this? Why are we allowing this? For sex? For power. The cloistering of resources, the building of a fortress will never ever never never never never be satisfying, ever, never, never, never. It will not work. It cannot work. It will never satisfy. Period. It will just be a momentary “high” that will fade. Finally the body will be sucked dry and won’t be able to go and rape and pillage another continent for power and sex. Then the children, taught the same course of action will take over. This story is written about again and again and again and again. We even have operas telling this story. The elderly get suspect and trust nothing as they diminish, the off spring fight for position and ruthlessly take possession of the “booty”. And so it goes, on and on and on.
And time is spent in “holy communion”. What about LIFE communion? We do not, are not, have not communed with life. We cannot, will not commune with life as we presently exist, and we are not educated enough to even fathom what this means. Until we can walk through life with a big fucking smile, as joy of interaction, as joy of communion with life, until ALL of what is here on this earth is doing this IN FACT we, the human have not created heaven on earth, until we do this we are not worthy of life, until we get to this point we have no idea of what it means to live in fact. This goes for the starving and the extremely wealthy, none is actually living, because none is actually communing as life, with life.
Young children know this, they are this. They are closer than any adult here to this. Let us create a world where we walk as forgivers, as forgivers of expression. Let us learn to commune with and as life, here, in breath . Stop seeking communion with a dimension separate from self, this mention of life is here, available in every moment within your breath.
Anyone who questions the desteni portal, should realize that to pray on your knees to another dimension is missing the obvious fact that the di-mension sought is here, believed to be separate because the mind is leading one in separation. This earth is the substance of heaven realized, and the human is running around blind to what is right in front of it.
Support an Equal Money System. Support the stopping of all WAR.
Bring your SELF here, commune with life, as life. Begin the Desteni I Process, your smile is waiting.


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