Libel for Survival – the secret of death.

My friends always tell me that my eyes are really strong, that it can be hard to take in my eyes, the intensity of my eyes. I am aware of this sometimes, people become unnerved by me, by my eyes.
I have a memory that comes up of my self looking at my father, remembering how I was looking at him. I was trying to see where he was going in his interrogation. There were many interrogations as a child, verbal interrogations. And my father had a photographic memory, he was part of that 1% of the population to have this, as I have said before, he could pull up lots of information. Lots. A child did not have a chance against this.
So I would “look” into where he was going to thwart the outcome, his desired outcome, his believed definition and label of what had happened, why something had broken, or was misplaced, or was denied-perceived to be denied-socially or developmentally. Everything was always fixed in stone- so to speak- or “finished”, finalized. The doom of actions taken was all that was left. Money had to be spent, or, opportunity was lost.
It is not done until the “fat lady sings” as the saying goes. Life just keeps flowing on. A no becomes a yes, a yes becomes a no. But this “yes” and this “no” are just the flowing of life, this we have forgotten. We only see the yes and the no one at a time- because we are locked in time. Perhaps “yes” and “no” are the mind separating ourselves from life. “Yes” and “No” are polarities after all; a polarity chasing all of us, until we realize that this is a polarity, labels placed, so big, like the billboards of old on the highways, where the landscape of life is not seen because all we see are the pretty pictures on the bill board, the pictures of the words “yes” and “ no”.
There are lots of such things here, “stop” and “go”, “win” and “lose”. The list can go on.
This whole fucking world is my father, a persona of label. We are a society of libel, we print slanderous statements against life everywhere, we speak slanderous statements against life everywhere, we participate in slanderous statements against life everywhere.
Because we compete to survive, in a system that uses the very manifestation of ourselves in the words we use to communicate, which is basically how we move as ourselves in this world. The words we use directing us through this maze of survival, this maze of another polarity, that of “ more” and “less”.
In your mind, to think that you are more than another is to have a slanderous statement against life, as images of the words in your mind, your words a “print” in your mind. Words, as sound, reverberating through your physical body rendering your physical body a slanderous statement against life.
Is it no wonder there is so much disease?
I mean , really, fucking wake the fuck up!
What would it be to build a car that lasts a long time, and that does not have cheap plastic bumpers that crack easily and cost a lot to replace? Build cheap cars and have a systems of lights for every little unbalanced flow of exhaust, a sensor, that costs three hundred dollars to replace, and that goes out numerous times. This keeps the profits coming in. What a thing to focus on? Are we here to focus on such things, is this what we are here to express?
It does not make any sense.
Unless one looks through the lens of acceptance and allowance of a profit based system, unless one accepts and allows the chain of words that create this, the laws that are of control that maintain this.
We have allowed and accepted groups of words to define and “etch in stone” how it is that we are. And these words and symbols are con-notations built into us over time, where emotions and feelings are attached and given a meaning that we blindly follow, not realizing that we are slandering life. We are all libel here by the very directive of ourselves, for all the crimes against life because we have allowed and accepted a belief in fighting to survive through the notations as words and symbols, which we manifest as behavior. How you are is what you “be have” through the competing of goods and services as the words surrounding you in your life, to have become the very notation of yourself as life here, fitting perfectly into a system of greed, as the movement of yourself. In the acceptance of this survival game, this illusion, one must step on the head of another, because it is us that have built this pyramid, the human has built this pyramid.
Ironically, one could just go and climb a distant tree. Oh! But someone has etched in stone that this tree belongs to them! I forgot.
If I forgive the label I give another, as the labels my father gathered around him, as his mind, and walk through them as though they are me, and if each and every one of us realize this, we would clean up this world. If we could see that mere labels are what we are handing out, as competitive movement of ourselves in order to survive, are really ourselves as “libel”, as slanderers of life making statements as words in order to separate what is before us so we can climb an unnecessary pyramid, we might begin to develop a world where we are spread out on this physical earth and not only looking at this earth from on high, on top of a pyramid. A place of exhaustion, having spent our lives dreaming of a view, and only a view. A picture. A place where a vapid, impossible dream, of never having truly experienced this physical world, or the unconditional self expression of ourselves as life can exist.
Up here, up there, one might hear the symphony of nature. But others cannot, nor is this symphony of nature and earth complete. Many parts are missing. What is missing is the chorus of the human voice in song, participating in and with this earth.
Go and watch a group of small children playing, the sound of laughter, the sound of joy is coming from them. They are participating in life, with the earth, all smiles.
What happened to us, the adults here?
We are too busy being libel for our survival, we are too busy slandering, being slanderers.
Forgive your slandering behavior. Desteni I Process Walk with me through the libel of your mind.
Begin the walk through of all slander, within and without, realize it is all a label; a label, like a billboard placed before one, where the landscape can no longer be seen, remove the deception, see and be life.
Stop the greed that is the cancer that grows that abuses and destroys life, stop the greed that is the manifested cancerous growth as a pyramid blocking the horizon.
Let’s get this earth in order. Desteni
Let’s become a symphony of life. Symphony= same sound as “life” sound. I think here, we will find variations never before imagined. Equal Money System


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