“Money changers” do not stand as what is best for all.

Interesting in studying the way money moves in this world, on this earth, to realize that money as it moves within the structures of this world does not serve the common good but is used to manipulate and control the common good. The common “good” being the people that are here participating in the use of money, to exist; this being the use of money to determine how goods and services are moved around on this earth and accessed by the human.

If, as I read, and have stated, all the people of this earth could stand shoulder to shoulder and fit in an area the size of the city of Los Angeles, then it is obvious that there is enough land, enough surface area of land and sea to support the human; to meet the needs of the human and the animals that are here. So, why do we have millions of people starving and millions of people “ill of ease” here on this planet? Why are we creating so much waste when we all know there are practical methods ( with little research) to manufacture what is needed,practices that diminish waste and utilize energy sources that do not diminish earth resource more than is necessary? Why are we allowing ourselves to continue practices that are abusive, when we know that eventually these practices are going to catch up to us? Why do we not stand, when we have the capacity to stand collectively and work together to manifest practices that stop this abusive system? We know the power is in the collection of our selves standing and saying stop. We know that we are in a hypnotic state and that with some effort we can stop this, we can stand back and continually re-stand “through” this hypnosis manifest as habitual motion, so easy to see, utilizing breath as a stabilizing “centrifical force” – so to speak. In breath, one can find the calm to remain standing, the ‘ease” to not react as this hypnotic/habitual/separation-into-fear self.

How money moves in this world is similiar to how we exist in an hypnotic state that is separation from equality, this inequality that is the division of resource to not feed and sustain many of those people standing shoulder to shoulder in a city the size of Los Angeles. Imagine all the people of this earth standing shoulder to shoulder in a city the size of Los Angeles, where a few have clothed and armed a small group of these people and gathered them around themselves and then placed the abundance of resources available in one guarded area. This “armed area” of a few control the movement of resource, they even “water down/diminish this resource, “weaken its value”/dilute it and then hand some of this out to these people of this earth standing in an area the size of Los Angeles. Now, some of the people standing receive this resource, but it is never enough to allow the unclothed and unarmed standing people enough to realize that they are more numerous and that there is enough “space” around them to stop these few that sequester the resource, that write laws that sequester the resource. The unarmed standing people cannot see that they can collectively walk around this small mass of clothed and armed standing people, peacefully, and simply stop the determining of this small group of standing people.

Of course, this will create a moment of chaos, change and shifting from what has been causes some confusion, but this seeming confusion is simply a process of reorganization, of redirection.

As we allow money to be controlled by banks, we allow a force of a few, who have the capacity to arm themselves as they control the money, to determine the amount of money circulating within the venues as systems that money is moved through, money being the medium used to move resource, the means to feed all the people of this world that are the size, when standing shoulder to shoulder, of the city of Los Angeles.

These “banks” , those few who have clothed and armed as few more to protect the ability of the banks/the money changers ( as Jesus called them) , can decide how much “medium of exchange” / money can circulate within the body of standing people the size of the city of Los Angeles. Thus, by controlling this “flow” that is the medium of exchange, the controllers can determine who lives and who dies, who lives in diminishment, from lack of proper sustenance, and who receives enough support because the ones who have enough to live at a lesser rate of diminishment are the most ruthless, while the humble on the edges cannot and/or will not abuse life.

What if there are times when the people standing, the part of the group of people that are this earth, that can stand in a city the size of Los Angeles are perceived to be un “rulable” by the few who have clothed and armed a few to maintain control of resource? Would suddenly pulling the amount of money out of circulation, this medium of exchange of goods and services, in a debt creation system ( created by the few who control the “flow of money and who have clothed and armed a few for protection and who have created products that to not sustain the collective body of standing people the size of the city of Los Angeles ) allow these few, who have clothed and armed a few of us, to suddenly gain control of more resource by causing less money to circulate and forcing the loss of property/ability to purchase life sustaining goods and services because the source of resource distribution has simply been “cut off”? This “money” cut off after a “debt” system as been built by the very “few standing that have clothed and armed a few standing in this body of standing people of this earth that are the size of the city of Los Angeles” ?

Why are we allowing what we know to be abusive! We all know the golden rule; TO LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF. And we know that “money changers”,in essence, change existence, divert existence AWAY from the actual “being” of this rule to LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.

These “money changers” create products that do not last, they divert money into the production of goods and services that will not sustain the standing of bodies that is this earth that can stand in the city of Los Angeles! Should products and services develop that actually sustain this standing body, then this standing body will have the ability to realize that something is amiss!

But this “standing body” of humanity that can fit into s city the size of Los Angeles has the power collectively to stop the money changers in as organized a way as possible, to change to a life sustaining system where loving your neighbor as yourself is fact. Collectively, this majority of people can stand and vote, can stand and create a political party that promotes the use of money to distribute resource for the common good and not the game of power played by the “money changers”. This system of debt is a control mechanism for the few and must stop. It is absolute corruption by its very nature because it does not practice the love of a neighbor as oneself.

We, who are here, who have managed to lie and steal enough to survive to the point where we have internet access are the ones who have the capacity to organize a political party to stop the present system of money exchange. In many revolutions, the educated are the ones killed. This is because we have realized what is happening, if you are reading this you are probably this! This means that it is you, here, right now, that must turn the tide of the money changers and act immediately.

What a brilliant intellectual coop to elevate the “worker” and destroy the educated as happened in the establishment of a communist system. A method of division and conquer by the money changers. “ Let’s keep the ignorant and abolish the somewhat more aware, in order to establish a facade of government heirarchies that are just another “ body of a few that sequester the means to distribute resource through the medium of money as exchange that allow this few to cloth and arm a few and to only create goods and services that do not actually sustain self awareness as life, to protect the “money exchangers” that do not support the common good. The common good being the sustaining of life. The common good being the practice of loving your neighbor as yourself in practice.

There is enough resource on this earth to sustain this standing body of humans on this earth that can fit into an area the size of the city of Los Angeles, resource that can build products that last a LONG time- diminishing waste, and sustenance that can enable full unconditional expression of this human physical body, where this standing body exist at ease on this earth.

Look around at what we have become. See the amount of murder being done to families in this supposed “civilized western world”. Children are suddenly killing parents, parents are murdering children, top executives are losing control of their sexual appetites, people are unable to keep their homes as the money is pulled from this debt system ( purposefully created). A reaction as anger is only going to play into the hands of the “money changers”. Step by step organization by the collective is the least chaotic solution.

Join Desteni.
Support an Equal Money System.
All you need do is think of the children to come.
Would you want this system you have suffered to be passed onto the children to come.
Would you want “money changers” to determine the future of the children to come?
Or would you realize that there is no choice but to stand and support a system that practices oneness in equality, the loving of your neighbor as yourself, for the future of your children?
Cleanse the fear resonating within through the process of Self Forgiveness.
Look to the person who is standing at your shoulder, as you stand with the collective of humanity that can fit into a city the size of Los Angeles and realize that this earth can support all of us in dignity.
Time is fleeting and this present debt game is in movement to control, to divide and conquer the expression of life.


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