The Grace of Nature, the grace of my self, here, in breath.

I been with people more, talking with them, interacting. Some I have encountered out in the world and some have been visitors to my house, it being summer on Cape Cod. The people I know from the milk coop are coming to the door as well. An old friend who is building a house here has been stopping by.
It’s been interesting and informational. The other day I discovered I had fleas on my second floor. My dog is either outside or in the basement with my son. My basement has ten foot high ceilings and small windows, in summer my boys like to be there because it is cool. So the dog stays there as well.. My dog is a long haired shepherd. So, some of the flea eggs that dropped in the Spring must have hatched and have no host to jump onto on the second floor.

One of my coop members is a “herbalist”. she shows up at my door just as I discover the fleas. I tell her. She promptly tells me to take diatomaceous earth and spread it on the floor and to rub this into the fur/ onto the dog. I think it must work like Borax; borax can be mixed with white sugar and spread around the exterior of a living structure, insects will disappear. Somehow the borax destroys the exoskeleton of the insect. I have done this and it works extremely well. No need for insecticides. This is how some of the old colonial homes are still around, borax. It costs pennies- this is one of those things we are not told, can’t make a profit off of this practice. I am thinking of the pesticide companies that call and send flyers in the mail in the Spring every year. Borax can be found in stores next to laundry soaps.
Diatomaceous earth is what remains when sea water recedes. One can drink this, it cleanses the body of toxins and is full of minerals that are in a form easy for the body to assimilate- having been “through” plants. This is a simple non-toxic solution for the dog and the human. I keep forgetting to put some of this in soups and stews. Something I want to do, like keeping a salt shaker next to the stove; keeping a salt shaker of diatomaceous earth for cooking.

This herbalist walked with me through my property and pointed out all these plants I have and their medicinal purposes. I have elder, day lilies ( which taste great and have pollen on them, pollen being full of enzymes and vitamins). Locust trees, where one can eat the flower clusters. Evergreens, where the spring buds can be used to make a gelatin that is anti-parasitic and tastes like eating the smell of christmas trees. Sorrel for salads. Evening primrose, which is considered a weed, but I left some to grow last year, it gets huge! In the fall the birds come in flocks to eat the seeds. In winter one can eat the roots. So, now I leave them.

We are taught that some plants are poisonous, but if one takes a closer look, many things are only poisonous in HUGE amounts. No one would ever go and eat the amounts necessary, of a certain plant, to have a detrimental reaction. This is never disclosed. Herbs are poisonous ( but in HUGE amounts) so therefor humans need doctors to deal with them. There is no mention of the ill effects of drugs and processed foods. Government finger pointing is a sign of the next thing being controlled or eliminated, as a new thing is put in it’s place, a manufactured “thing”. Venture capitalists need to make that profit. We are becoming machines pumped full of chemicals, man rendered substances that do not consider this earth. The human wanting control and power. We really are monsters. We do not consider the grace of what is here, we do not even learn from it, to allow us to become something “with this”. We are “of” what is here, by the ‘grace” of what is here. This must e remembered and included as one with us.
On another front, I started to talk about equality with this woman, this herbalist, when I noticed she was becoming “restless”. This happens a lot with me when I make attempts to talk about the principle of equality. The listener becomes visibly restless. This is when, at this moment, that I realized I was creating friction in the listener. That when I react to rejection/ impatience, or anger/ego, or uncertainty/fear in the listener, I am reacting to friction, to upset. As a “reaction” as friction happens, the presence of an ominous feelings arises in the person. It is as though the friction, not understood by the listener- because all they experience is their emotion, is them met with a wall of fear- or ominous presence. My family no longer talk with me and I think it is because of this. But then again , this is probably all me too! LOL
I just stopped and stayed here, on topic. On the discussion of the dog and the fleas. Finding a practical way of dealing with the fleas, here in the moment. Using what is here as nature to stop a blood sucking pest. Using what is here, in breath, to stop an emotional storm from turning into something that is not the being of my self practically present, here, applying self in a directive of what is practically manifested in the physical as what is best for all.

Wanting to “save the world” cannot be done as “want”. I must learn how to “be” what it is that is the salvation of the world, in practice, in being here, in being what is best for all as what I am as all as one as equal. Bringing it all back to here in the physical, as the physical.

Allow the grace of this world, support an equal money system, where venture capitalists no longer cover the grace of nature to obtain power and control. Power and control is be-havior that is abusive by its very nature and persona structure. Stop this, support an Equal Money System.

Cleanse self of the resonance of a cultured persona, this “cultured persona” that which supports the abusive practices presently here on this earth by being limited to beliefs, ideas, and opinions that do not include awareness of the whole, the whole omitted as singular sequences are all that is revealed, that which is manifest though incessant recitation of memories past as image and story in the mind and in the spoken words in and as entertainment socially, an impossible dream as energetic “high” judging the future- continuing limitation, to bring one self here, self being oneness in equality, where one is awareness of the grace of nature, the grace of life, the grace of breath, through writing and speaking self-forgiveness, where the limitation as persona is disclosed and self discovered with the Desteni I Process.


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  1. I love how Diatomaceous Earth is a completely natural product , non-toxic for humans and pets, that has no synthetic chemicals, odor or additives of any kind. Best of all, it is inexpensive and a very effective insects killer.

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