The unnecessary is added to placate.

I am reading this article on vaccine practices and I notice another practice. One where emotion and justification are placed directly into a con-text. This is like placing a piece of melodramatic music onto a moving image, only in this case it is an instance of placing pity and understanding for people involved, and in this meant to diminish the negative implications, or defend attack and questioning of some participants, when in the end we are all responsible for actions.

This method one uses on oneself, to justify and to diminish the knowing that the outflow is detrimental. An “aside” addition that placates responsibility, creates fog = fear, obligation, greed.

“The National Network for Immunization Information (NNII) has an article on their website explaining the rationale for using human fetal cells, and the history of how they’ve been used in vaccine production. The article states that these fetuses were not aborted for the purpose of vaccine research or vaccine production, nor did the cell biologists who created the cultures perform the abortions themselves.”

“ nor did the cell biologists who created the cultures perform the abortions themselves”
What does this statement have to do with the practices discussed?????? Nothing, this is just an emotional smoke screen stopping focus and adding pity patter! Adding sympathy, adding a little dopamine “feel good” zap to the brain. I can hear the violins playing, I feel good…. I am good.

In moving with what is presented we have no idea where we are, there is no awareness of the rhythm or sequence of what we allow ourselves to exist as, and we have allowed ourselves to stare like zombies, inactive and unaware of what we are here in this physical world. We do not even understand what happens on a chemical level within our human physical bodies.

I remember a science fiction story I read years ago. This space ship is traveling to another planet when it experiences technical difficulties and lands for maintenance on a unknown planet. The crew realizes that there are hostile and hungry giant spiders on this planet and while they fix the ship they must defend themselves against these giant spiders.

This story is narrated by one of the crew members. He tells the story of the defensive activity and the ship repair, and the eventual relaunch to safety. But as the story ends, this narration by the crew member is seen for what it really is; this crew member is physically buried in a cocoon of giant spider web, as are all the crew members, and giant spiders are scurrying around redrugging each cocoon. The spiders won, and all the crew members are lost in their minds continuously dreaming in venom.

This use of saying the people working with the tissues in question had nothing to do with the access to this tissue is irrelevant. But in a sequence of presentation it stops the focus on the issue and drugs the unaware watcher with a venom that limits perception through igniting emotionally sympathy and comfort. A rest from facing the truth of what we accept and allow.

For my self here, I often react to these tools of diversion and make them bigger than need be. But it is this point where the truth of what is allowed and the implications of this truth create such friction that only the strong can maintain the realization, where those who have no ability to face their fear cling to the diversion of a “feel good” topic, to calm the discord of revelation in relation to accepted limited beliefs, ideas and opinions.

Here, one can only remain directed in the principle of what is best for all, and direct as this. The friction of deconstruction is inevitable and must be walked through. Underneath is breath, or, through it all is breath – otherwise the physical self within this state of being what has been accepted and allowed and the methods of maintenance of the zombie state could not exist. This means this can be walked through, friction can be walked through, deconstruction of ourselves as the mind can be walked through. It is as simple as that.

Walk through the friction of deconstruction in the making of life on earth a place of heaven, where all are equal, where all are an unconditional expression of what is best for all.
Begin this process through the desteni i process.
Support the organization of this world into heaven on earth through support of an Equal Money System. How we exist as the mind is allowing a bunch of giant spiders to wrap us in a cocoon of silk where we are drugged and only live in a dream, never actually experiencing this physical world. The placement of words is one method of inducing dream states of being, where the physical is not realized.


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