Gas Industry Drilling/ Fracturing practices, eco-no-me.


Farmers are losing their land, fish’s gils are dissolving in rivers because of surficants. Faucet water ignites into a blazing flame. Clouds of noxious brown tinged fog cover the landscape. Water is no longer clear but brown, sometimes yellow, sometimes a thick sludge. A torch placed on the surface of a tub of water will form plastic, the kind of plastic used to make some kinds of containers. People are getting sick.

And when they complain,they are told to hire a lawyer. Of course they can’t afford a lawyer, and this is known. Even in states where local regulators have multiple complaints, the government will cut services, cut back on office personnel just before the gas companies bring in a whole new round of fracturing wells by the oil companies.

Off of Louisiana there was a sludge that washed up onto shore during Hurricane Katrina. The sludge was the by-product of fracturing for the last fifty to sixty years that had been dumped into the ocean.

But when complaints are made, the gas companies say there is no proof that the polymers used in fracturing are toxic. And there is no proof, no record, on pieces of paper with the Department of Environmental Protection, or the Federal Department of Agriculture. The regulations, such as the Clean Water Act are not followed, because there is no proof. The Proof has not been collected. The products used in the gas fracturing process are a “trade secret” and therefor not disclosed because they are competitive trade information. Basically the natural gas industry is not monitored. They can do whatever they want.

Because they have not been monitored or regulated, any offense brought against them is responded with a statement that there is no proof. At least there is no proof on paper on some desk in some government agency. Because there is no proof on paper, there is not proof. I repeat my self.

We as humans, in our greed, have actually gotten to the point where if there is not proof on paper there is no proof. We actually deny the physical to such an extent that we hide behind our own systems as regulation to get what we want, to rape the earth to get the profit that we want. And we tell the people suffering to get a lawyer. and if two many complaints come in, our government withdraws funding to basically shut down regulatory offices. This is blatant corruption.

There are supposedly 32 states that have fracturing going on, with 933,000 operating gas wells. The gas representative suggests a different number of complaints than another body questioning gas industry practices. Here one must look at the details, I am sure the criteria for what a “complaint” is, with an industry that can stand and say there is no proof ( on paper) because they have waivers and non disclosure protections hiding behind “trade secrets” protections, is in itself questionable. The non-disclosure, as a starting point is already suspect.

The practices of fracturing must be really harmful and toxic for this to have been set up this way,it must have been known that in order to fracture methods must not be disclosed. The very starting point was aware of the horrors of this methodology. It was known that the farmer’s land they leased would be destroyed, and they did not tell them.

The extent of abuse here is vast. And our government is aiding this industry through blocking of regulation. A 100 million dollar lobby from the gas industry is in Washington, and our politicians have not the strength to stand up for the earth or the animals and plants of this earth. Nor do we.

What is actually being used here is ” don’t look”, “don’t see”, hiding in non-seeing. Like a ostrich with its head buried in the sand. Then again we trust our “protective” agencies and follow them; this is another form of “not seeing”. And this is what has been used.

In asking, in looking, the gaps appear, and in the gaps the questions arise, the questions no one wants asked. The questions that come up and sense something beyond what is presented. Common sense is rearing its head and it is our responsibility to stop the fear and ask the question, and then to follow through. I remember being told to follow through when doing school work or team work. Obviously, sticking your head in the sand is as destructive as lying. It is just another form of lying, another form of HIDING.

And all it takes is standing up, even if your knees shake, even if your voice quivers. To stand and shake is going to be a lot better than the disease from toxins and the destruction of our rivers and forests and grasslands of this earth that support us unconditionally.

And now they want to start this practice in Europe and North Africa.

Watch this documentary. And realize that this system of profit does not work. We as humans allowing a profit based system where money comes first do not deserve this earth, nor do any of us deserve heaven. We deserve the annihilation we are creating in the disrespect we show the earth. We do not deserve life because we have no respect for it. If we choose to unquestionably follow the systems that maintain how we presently exist because we are afraid to question and follow through with our common sense we are doomed, in hiding and following we are doomed to hell. In hiding we create hell. In choosing not to see we create hell, in lying we create hell, in not being self response- able we create hell. Every single one of us has to realize their self-responsibility for heaven to exist- we are not stable until each and every one of us responds! Reliance on another is not going to do this, reliance on another is the creation of hell. Stand up! LOOK! Respond in common sense. Common sense would want for your neighbor as yourself.

The only way forward is to realize that life is first. But we are so separate from life, that what is real has to be written on a piece of paper, or we have to actually suffer consequences before we realize what this system is creating. Do we want to find out the hard way, or do we want to stand up and say stop? At this point, with massive amounts of fish dying ( and I wonder if their gills had dissolved) our food sources are affected.

There are practices that are not so abusive. There are homes that can be built that retain heat. There are cars that can be built using less toxic methods of propulsion, and that can last for years. There are ways of producing nutrient dense foods. There are ways to recycle waste into soil enhancing products.

But none of these practices produce monetary profit. And this is just it, monetary profit is abusive. Best-for-the-earth, best-for-the-life-here-on-his-earth practices are practices that treat everything as life. What the act of loving your neighbor as yourself means is the consideration of all life before profit. Profit is blind, and money is used to support this maniac.

And we humans have the physical ability to stand and use money to support life.

Waking up in the morning in a cloud of noxious air, coughing and hacking your way through life is going to be a lot worse than facing your fear right now and standing up against this present system that does not consider life. Do these practices of a profit system have to arrive on your doorstep before you stand? At this point it is going to be too late.

Desteni is about realizing what we are allowing here, collectively, on this earth. The message is that we must stop what we are doing and reorganize in support of life instead of greed. The actions and expressions as life is what is precious. Being here in this physical form is what is precious. Just being here, on this earth is precious. And there is enough here to allow everyone to live in dignity. The game of survival is killing us. And it need not be played.

This is such a simple message, and so clear, and so much research has been collected and done at this point it would not take too much reading of all the desteni blogs to understand what is being said. The means to organize this world to support life can be done here, by all of us. And it is going to be so much less painful than the outcomes of abusive practices, such as fracturing, that do not consider life.

Breath and read, breath and read again, and again and again, until you see. What is being said here is common sense. Desteni speaks for everyone of us.

Nothing is stable until all are stable. Stability is equality. Equality is life. Your in breath and your out breath equalize you. Everything on this earth breaths, even the rocks. We just cannot see it.

Support life, Support an Equal Money System.
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