The human physical body is a tropical environment.

Fats, a fact of life.

In researching about the foods we eat, the simplist was to explain how our bodies work with the fats is to consider the temperature of the human body.
It is a tropical environment. This means the fats in our body have to be able to sustain themselves in a tropical environment.
Animal fats and oils from tropical plants are able to sustain heat, having developed to work in such environments.
Oils from plants that grow in cooler environments have not developed to remain stable in a heated environment. The oils in most plants are not meant to work in a tropical environment.
So, why are we being told to pour and use vast amounts of oils into our bodies and “milks” from beans that were never meant for a tropical environment? That were never developed to work in a tropical environment?

Why did indigenous people pre- soak their beans and grains in mild acids before preparing them?

Why does industry use beef fat in its machinery, not having another solution that works as well when exposed to heat?

Why did indigenous people always include some animal proteins and fats in their diets?

All these new oils and “milks”, promoted as being healthy, are not healthy, and they were not developed by nature to work in a tropical environment.

But vegetable oils are cheap. And we presently have a system geared towards the mass production and sale of vegetable oil.

We are being told to eat foods that are not meant for our bodies. And the foods that are meant for our bodies, with all the nutrients needed to sustain our bodies, being washed and divided with processes that use chemicals, subsidized through taxes to make them cheaper, than which is truly made to function in our bodies, that which makes us strong and functional.

In every indigenous culture around the world grains and seeds were soaked to remove seed protective phytic acids and enzyme inhibitors. Animal protein and animal fats were taken together. Fruits and vegetables were eaten when at peak ripeness for complete nutrition. A very small amount of vegetable oils from northern climate planets were used, most vegetable oils were taken directly from the plant eaten, which means these oils were not taken in concentrated,refined amounts.

Even ruminants ate protein in the form of bugs and larvae on the grasses they munched.

Find the indigenous diets and have a look.

A lot of cultures also fermented foods, to get enzymes for the body, predigesting by breaking down some of the un-digestable elements. The Eskimo would ferment fish in holes they dug into the ice.

Many of these people on these traditional diets had strong bones and perfect teeth.

What happened?

When the Europeans first came to America they were astonished at the physical strength and stature of the native American Indians. These Indians wore little clothing in comparison to the Europeans.

Our bodies need saturated fats to process proteins and minerals and vitamins, these fats carry nutrients around in our bodies in the form of lipids. In the way milk is processed the calcium can no longer be utilized and ends up in our muscles, our phosphate/calcium ratios change, The body then starts sucking calcium from our bones and our teeth. In removing digestive enzymes through heating the milk at very high temperatures and destroying the fats through homogenization, milk is rendered un-usable in the body.

In the west we have all this “food stuff” but I am not sure I would call it food. It is not meant for the tropical environment of the human physical body. The body is not considered.

In a profit based system one must create things to be sold. Hence, massive amounts of soy products have been developed. A food source that was used to fix nitrogen into the soil, the soybean being a nitrogen fixing plant. In the east, soybeans were fermented and eaten. It was only later that tofu was developed. Tofu products were eaten with animal fats to utilize the proteins. Drinking soy milk, made with beans that have not had the phytic acids removed and enzyme inhibitors removed renders the protein unavailable in the human body, unless one consumes animal fats with this product the proteins cannot be absorbed by the human physical body. Basically drinking soy milk ( go and read about how it is processed ) is unhealthy, it is pouring vegetable fats into the body, fats that were not meant to work in a tropical environment.

Our food industry is destroying us, and we allow this because we have not used our common sense. We follow the doctor’s advice and the advice of government agencies bought by business with money, money that is then lent to us for interest, where the money becomes debt and the debt greater than the amount of money, enslaving us.

This is the nature of power. Power needing something to rule. Thus the nature of power is psychopathic. Power must withhold awareness to have power, hence wanting someone else to take care of us is the creation of abuse, through abdication. Now we have a system where the health of our bodies, as they presently function, is no longer understood and no longer maintained in a way that is best for the animals and plants of this earth, and also not for our human physical bodies. The psychopathic system turns everything into an object for profit, uninterested, unseeing in/of the death the division creates as outflow. This is the game of survival, the division of power into a pyramid, where life remains stagnant, separated from it own constant nature as equality.

Unless we ALL stand up within this system and support and vote for equality, where our power is with our selves, where we use our own common sense ( this which we have separated ourselves from by following a leader) we are creating a life of suffering for our children, a life where our children will never realize who and what they are as their expression as life. This is not only for the child as human, but the child as animal and plant as well.

Realize the physical, realize that the human physical body is a tropical environment, where vegetable oils cannot sustain the proper functions of this human physical body.

Stand and vote and support financially a system of equality. Support the Equal Money System.
Cleanse the waters of self through self forgiveness to rid one of beliefs and ideas that disempower the self from realizing that each and everyone of us can stand up and change this system of abuse.
Realize that what Desteni is saying is considering all life.


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  1. gracielavida says:

    thanks for research Rebeca!

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