“Judge not least you be judged” is not the end of the line. Keep going.

My son worked in a local convenient store this spring to earn some spending money. He would come home and complain about how the customers would come in and buy cigarettes and lottery tickets. He described these people as looking worn out and dressed in drab, loose clothing, untailored , dirty. So, I told my son to look at them as himself, as what is here on this earth, to look past the immediate judgements and fears; the judgements being the placing of the other on a social scale in relation to self, a reaction of fearing becoming the same and propping one self up as more than. Fear being the starting point, as loss of self definition, in immediate relation, where learned structures of this hierarchy we have become, in separation of what is actually here, hold us in a state of judging to maintain our survival. This fear so seemingly overwhelming and consuming; to this- and we all know this- we say STOP and breath, add the complete movement of how we exist to this state of fear. It is here one realizes one is an expression of relation to beliefs, diminished in time, divided from the totality of how our present system IS this outflow of ourselves. The reaction of my son is as much an outflow as the buyer-of-the-lottery-ticket’s, both are the action of this system, the consequence of this system.

My son eventually left this job. He said the customers were pleasant. He had started to talk with them after our conversation and found he enjoyed interacting with them, despite their manners. And I noticed people in the town coming up to me and speaking of my son, saying they enjoyed talking with him. On one front, my son looked beyond his conditioned response and found a life inside the disheveled.
When I asked my son why he quit this job, he said that it was not the customers, it was the cashiers that bothered him. He said that they would verbally trash every person that came into the store. The minute the lottery ticket person left the store, the “shreading” of character would start.
They were doing what my son had done. The cashiers were stuck in their own immediate relation, fearing the being of what they confronted and attacking through criticism.

The lottery ticket buyers of hope and no hope, those aware that they are stuck in a monetary system, an education system, a system so constricting there is no way out, as far as they can see, a system that limits sight, a system that takes the power of ourselves as life away and forces non-awareness.

It does not matter which side of the counter one is on. to be the desperate one buying the lottery ticket, to appease a sense of futility, or to be the cashier, appeasing a sense of fear of becoming a buyer of lottery tickets, both are a state of existence that is unacceptable. To remain in what i am doing here, which is pointing this out, and express how this should not be, is also not a place to remain. The line has to be followed all the way to the end. The situation has to be resolved and changed through continuing to see, in every action/expression that is on this earth as a structure, a form of existence, that we all accept and allow. In other words, our will, as life, must direct itself as awareness of the totality of this system and what it manifests. No consideration for this from any one individual, is lazyness and self interest, understand that we are the cause, we allow the disheveled to exist as hope and hopelessness.
Yes there are some people in this world that do not have the time or means to do this, they are too busy being rapped or starving, or selling themselves at the age of 13 to men for sex. These men buying the sex not much different from the lottery ticket buyer, these men buying sex looking for a release from one pole as feeling or belief to another. The girls for sale looking for release from lack to life support.
Those of us reading this, are the ones that have the means to begin the reorganization of this world of non awareness of how the organization of this physical world is creating the massive amounts of abuse that exist. How this physical world is limiting the expression of this physical world into a person of being only “hope”, and in this “state” a trained robot, a life shut down, stagnant in “vision” of the source of self as being life, life being awareness of all. Where, in awareness of all there is no choice but to consider that all there is is what is best for all, all there is is the golden rule of loving your neighbor as yourself. Has anyone considered that this is why this had been refracted into parts? If one want to be a god, wants everything to be under the control on them – as god- this is what one would have to do to life, corral it into divisions, separate it from itself, string it out and place blinders so that the consequences of power are not seen.

In this realize that all ego, is this placement of self as a god wanting power. This in itself is separation. As there is hope and hopelessness, there is leader and follower. These are refractions of the whole, unaware of their existence as a pole, unseeing of the consequence, locked in a limited expression of themselves as life.

Aren’t you curious as to what you are as life, as to what you as a full expression of yourself as life, aware of what is best for all as best for self is?

Join Desteni.
Start the discovery of what is best for all, stop the division of the human as life into futility and hopelessness. Forgive the words that placed the blinders through forgiveness. Desteni I Process

Realize that there is enough resource on this earth to support a dignified life for all, begin the organization of this life of dignity for the children. Support an Equal Money System


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