Interest lending is a con-game.

I understand that the present money system consists of borrowing with interest to have purchasing power, to develop a product to sell and make money. So, if the banks print up money and lend it out, with interest, then each transaction this money moves through devalues the money, Where with the original loan the money lent as a percentage increase that must be paid back, to each time this money changes hands, in order for a profit to be made this money must pay back greater amounts. So what happens when this money gets to the point where the sum of the interest is more than the original loan amount?
Then we see a global game, which earlier in the last century was a national game, where each country took out loans and then developed their resources for export expecting returns greater than the loans that enabled development, to pay back more than was used for development. What has happened to this money now, it is so devalued that it cannot possibly be paid back?
Then we realize that the price of goods are controlled by political means, where wars occur, changing expected import prices and export prices. The markets, and these are controlled markets, did not behave in such a manner that allowed countries to pay off debts. And then we realize that what money they have has changed hands so many times it no longer has the same value.
Intrinsically, this lending with interest does not work. Interest lending only decreases the value of money until it eventually takes more than was originally lent to have any value. Who is left with the money of no value, and where is the interest. It is in fact a con game, where the value is taken in interest, as the value switches sides from the original loan, the actual money, to – over many transactions- to the “grabbed” interest payment, the banker is the one with the money and the borrower is left with money that cannot make up the difference. Lending with interest is money laundering, is a polarity, where the value is moved from one side of an equation to another. And all the laws and papers and high paying jobs are jobs that uphold this movement of money between two poles. This then gives the interest bearing entity the power to pick and choose what is developed and how it is developed. Why allow something to develop that is not going to continue returns????? Why not have wars to get rid of some of the populace to begin the cycle all over again?
Incredible. This is why this present system will never work and will eventually collapse.
This is why there is no other option but equal money. This is why only the few billionaires in relation to the rest of the population will not want a change. But the rest of us will want a change. Especially if we come to understand how this system actually, practically works.
If all people had a basic income from the beginning of their life until the end of their life, because their value as life was first, and not the game of devaluing by transferring value from one side of a equation to another, imagine what would happen on this earth! Imagine if money remained stable as life support instead of movement through interest loans that merely moved money into a spiral that ended in collapse, where the only products saught to develop had to continue making dividends for survival?
This is why products and means that are self sustaining are not developed, they do not bring in the dividend, they do not continue the game of polarity, of moving value from one side to another. this shifting of value a means to control.
If money supported life first, we would all relax and explore our selves in ways unimagined. First, this life on this earth has to clean up this planet and learn methods of sustainability that is best for all for the future of our children, so that are children live the golden rule and realize themselves as all as one as equal.
At this point we have no idea what this means in application, but there are many possibilities and methods developed that remain unused because of their self sustainability. Besides it would probably be fun to figure this all out. Imagine returning to work knowing your value as life were before profit. I would think everyone would continue with most jobs, and others would change jobs knowing that this world were being put into an order that was best for all. And what chaos there might be could not be any more than what is chaos as abuse presently on this earth. I think most people would go home and make dinner, and then weep for what we have accepted and allowed on this plant to exist.

There is no other choice but an Equal Money System to develop earth sustainability.


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