A Local Fish Store is Attacked and the Victims are Lobsters

A Local Fish Shop Is Attacked and the Victims are Lobsters.

A local fish shop was attacked on Cape Cod the other night. Someone had gone and poured gasoline into a vent that went to the lobster tank, killing the lobsters in the tank.

Upon arriving at her fish market in the morning, the owner smelled gas and thought something had been left on. She entered the store and called the police. It was discovered that someone had, during the night, poured gasoline into a tank line. The fumes had collected in the building and killed the lobsters in the tank. The damage to the store owner was loss of profit from the sales of the lobster and the price of installing camera’s on the premises.

Was this a malicious prank? Was this a competitive maneuver by another fish merchant, hoping the loss would generate income through elimination? Was it a neighbor? A summer person angry they were not hired? Perhaps the gasoline was meant to be ignited, or hoped to be ignited, when the store owner turned on her gas pilot.

This is another malicious, nasty thing humans do to one another. Whether this act was carried out in revenge for perceived slight and judgement by another or an act of competition between businesses in the area is not known.

In a neighboring town there were a series of homes set on fire last year, is this more of the same?

Someone is possessed as their mind, bent on destruction of property, either in anger or the desire to survive. Either scenario has caused a rage to be expressed, a rage to be shared with the people of this community. The woman who’s store was attacked expressed disbelief that there was someone out there who would do such a thing.

What would lead someone to be so frustrated and angry? In looking at what might cause such behavior, is not to say that I condone this kind of behavior, but it is to look at this world and realize why this kind of behavior is here. Why are we destructive of life?

The jobless rate in America is higher than revealed, pensions are not meeting the cost of living increases, school systems are asking for more money above yearly percentage increases which raises local real estate taxes, even my car insurance went up despite data that says the average salary has not met cost of living increases. It gets to the point where people become scared and frustrated for their survival, and this fear increases their frustrations and reactions and perceptions of personal slights. And then, we feel that we are alone in this, we feel like a victim, and we feel powerless.

All of this is what we as a society have accepted and allowed, the systems are what we support, the systems are made up of people. But we have allowed ourselves to believe that the systems and money control us, and so they are controlling us. We are what we believe. Until we are willing to realize that any form of destruction that exists is a consequence of these systems that do not place the value of life first, we will remain an existence of destruction. These systems cannot run with out people, so it is us, the people who are not valuing life. We are too busy blaming and wondering how someone could be destructive. We are too busy surviving, and justifying our survival to stand the fuck back and look at how we have created this ourselves.

Until we stop and take the steps towards a system that values life before profit we will have frustrated people trying to survive being destructive. It is that simple.

In the end one can not really ask to be regarded as life if one is not standing up and supporting a system that regards all life, in the realization that all of this earth is life. Any system that is not functioning in such a way to support all life, is unacceptable.There are no justifications, there are no buts, ands, or ifs, in this. Shock as reaction to gas being poured in a vent whole reveals that we have absolutely no awareness, no consideration for how we as humans are existing.
This is what Desteni is saying. We have to wake up and see that all consequence, all the con/with sequences playing out in our environment are of our participation. If we only look at the immediate relation of what we are losing in the one action of destruction, we are not going to clean up this mess, only remain in pity and blame and anger and frustration. This is why emotion must be forgiven, it locks us into seeing by association, see a step in a sequence and not the CONsequence, not the whole scenario of our existence. Self forgiveness is to stop ourselves from being locked in the way we have been trained to be, to think, to feel, to exist. If we are caught up in a storm of reactive emotion, where the beliefs and ideas we have learned imprison us into a singular association, into one relation in a sequence, we are lost. This way of being IS a system and it is systemic. It is ruling us and determining our existence. How we exist within is mirrored in the systems of this world. Life is lost to a mind that functions as one singular aspect. We are like a donkey with blinders on, and our beliefs have become so precious to us, we cannot let them go, and we tell ourselves this in the stories we write. Just look at Golum. In many ways we all ARE Gollum. ( if this makes you angry, then it is true! )

Stopping the mind through forgiveness, stops these consuming forces and releases us from beliefs and ideas that trap us into not seeing life! We are so locked in emotional, feeling, thought bubbles we no longer are aware of life, we no longer realize the consequences of destruction are due to a lack of respect and awareness for this earth and ourselves as life.

The solution;
Stand and organize a system of equality, where all are given the means to be life first, read about an Equal Money System.
Apply the tools of self forgiveness, writing and self application. Start the Desteni I Process.
Join the Desteni Forum at desteni.co.za and walk the steps to stop the consequences of destruction and create heaven on earth.


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