Self worth, speaking, orchestration.

Self worth. Pushing my self through the friction to speak. Birthing pains. I am worried I will be told that I cannot speak, that I have used incorrect words, that I am not doing something as it should be done. My whole life, at home with language, being this. The “wrongs” in thinking were continuously pointed out, instead of accepted and directed, as in process. In watching Cathy’s video of Emmeline, and remembering the different violin teachers, the very movement of ourselves in word and in manner effect our world. We have to be aware of this world as one with us because of this. Every thing, every movement has to be from awareness, so that the echo of us, as absorbed by the children reverberates the whole. It is like we are all a member of one big orchestra. We as parts, aware of all, orchestrate the whole, this sounding as life, of life, as just being. This is beauty, and we don’t even know it.
This is life as all as one as equal, the orchestration of the physical into an expression of movement that is being in oneness and awareness of the whole, shaping and moving life. HERE. And we think the images in our minds, the emotions as flat linear movement are what is real. We are diminished as being stuck in an egg, a bubble, because we have not realized how to be life. The mind being an incubator, a cooker of our for-get – full – ness period in an egg. I suppose many will rot into dust- sulfer-ize, others will realize their egg/mind/incubator and want out, crack the walls of the mind, stop playing racket ball in a box.


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