Put yourself in the shoes of an e-coli bacteria.

The bacteria of the world are trying to tell us something.

Bacteria, a life form on this earth that far exceeds any other life form, that benefits all of us, that now has mutated and causes death because of abusive human practices. Is the bacteria world trying to let us know that we are receiving the same harm we are causing in ignoring the benefits of the natural world, and the circular efficiency of nature, here supporting us unconditionally? We have placed “conditions” that disallow the unconditional expression of the natural world. Nature isn’t playing the profit game. Nature is saying, “your fucking with me, and this is what happens”. E-coli is the voice of nature telling us we are not behaving, be-having any respect for nature.

Our legislators can come and have justices make decisions that allow seeds to be patented, thereby patenting life, but this justice and this company, and this politician is not going to stop e-coli telling us in no uncertain terms that we are messing with life and that this is unacceptable.

E-coli was first documented in 1935 during an outbreak of diarrhea in children. Outbreaks of water bourne e-coli became prevalent in 1982, traceable to contaminated hamburgers. These dates correspond to the advent of antibiotics.

E-coli are very adaptable, metabolically able to change glucose into all the macromolecular components that make up a cell. This bacteria can grow with or without oxygen. E-coli has found ways to resist antibiotics and other antimicrobial drugs. These drugs have been used in animals, in agricultural practices and in humans. In 1998 80 million prescriptions were given for human use alone, this equals 12,500 tons in one year. Agricultural practices account for 60% of antibiotic use in the United States. The States adding 18,000 tons a year. Today, 70% of bacteria are resistant to at least one drug most commonly used for treatments, some are resistant to all approved antibiotics.

Sounds to me like something is trying to survive, and as life, this smallest of life forms has every right to live.

As well it should because we probably would not be here if it were not for bacteria. In warm blooded animals e-coli help with digestion and produce small quantities of vitamin B12 and vitamin K, they even protect the gut from other invading organisms.

80% of the cattle for beef are now controlled by four companies in the United States. They have created a system that appears to create a lot of food on a small piece of land at an affordable price – well, it appears affordable to the consumer, if the subsidies provided by the government, proposed by the lobbyists whose salaries are payed by the 4 major companies that own 80% of the beef industry , passed by the legislators ( our politicians ) and regulated, by ex-food industry employees, now holding office in the regulatory branches of our government and positions in Congress. The price the consumer sees when they buy meat in the store, does not tell the story of the true cost of this product. I have not even mentioned the medical costs associated with the disease caused by this present system.

Imagine chickens that are forced to grow to full size in seven weeks. They have a hard time walking because their bones and internal organs can’t keep up with the accelerated growth. Imagine cows that cannot walk, and are covered in their own feces as they enter a slaughter house. Manure filled with harmful e-coli because of an unnatural diet and lifesytle. Do you think the slaughter houses manage to keep this off the meat? This would take water and time and MONEY. All meaning less profit.

Remember the Mexicans who lost their livelihood after the NAFTA free trade agreement? Those illegal immigrants who came to the states to work? Well these big industries like these illegal immigrants because these immigrants are so desperate to survive, they do not complain about the conditions. Does anyone go and arrest these corporations? Does anyone hold them accountable for using illegal immigrants? Was this planned to have the Mexicans lose their ability to grow corn because a monoculture American company wanted to sell their cheap subsidized corn to Mexico, to get cheap illegal, non complaining, desperate workers.

This corn, grown in America, that uses antibiotics on the crops, this corn that is fed to the beef cattle, that is not a part of this animal’s diet, that then causes a mutant e-coli bacteria to develop in the intestines of the cattle, cattle that then stands in their own manure that gets caked on their bodies and carried to the slaughter houses, where illegal immigrants actually start having their finger nails separate from their fingers because the meat they are handling is so toxic.

This e-coli is showing up everywhere, in apple juice, on spinach, in runoff from these beef factories.

In nature, the bacteria in the soil can break down harmful waste and turn it into food for plants, these bacteria fix nitrogen into the soil, and produce CO2. They even pull nitrogen from the atmosphere and convert it to ammonia for use by plants and animals. E-coli in food is easy to trace, but e-coli in water is very difficult to trace. Animal waste composted can break down as the bacteria heat the composting matter and transform the waste into nutrients for plants, if this compost then sits for at least four months it is safe for garden use. But all of this takes time and human labor which means cost. But if antibiotics are spread on crops, why worry, why wait. I could not find anything that talked about this practice, but it might explain how e-coli appears in apple juice, on spinach etc. Perhaps every time there is a break out of e-coli, the latest anti-bacterial practice is no longer effective.

The system, this abusive to animal and plant system is not working.

Wake up.

It is time.
Time to stand and vote for a system that does not allow the abuse the nature of a “ profit before life” system allows.

Put cattle back into a pasture, where they graze on grass and they will shed 80% of their e-coli bacteria. And their manure/waste dropped in the fields is cleaned up and turned back into plant food, fixing nitrogen into the soil. A low cost, natural system that does not harm the earth, that does not need fossil fuel to transport corn to feed the cows because the grass is under their hooves, and does not need manure management. Is beef even a form of protein that is necessary for humans to exist? Could we live without this brutality?

Does this e-coli bacteria have to speak even louder through its action before we wake up?

The factories that imprison cattle and chickens and humans and that cause disease in so many many ways have to be stopped. It is not working and it is extremely abusive. The fucking food from these places is no longer safe to eat, and is no longer very nutritious!

There is enough land to produce food. There are enough microorganisms to develop the means to produce nutritious food. If we do not stop and LOOK and realize that we are living in a bubble of thought that has been trained to see only ONE way, to believe that there is only ONE way and that this cannot be stopped, then we will have more e-coli to deal with. It will take time and effort to end this survival via money/profit system that does not put life first, but it can be done. Products that last can be built, food that is nutritious and nutrient dense, so one eats less, can be made available. Seriously, wouldn’t at least standing and moving towards this be better than what we are allowing ?

Who would not want a system that allows all to have the basic needs to support life first???? Two currencies, one for the support of life, and another for things beyond what is needed to have a dignified life. In such a situation crime would diminish, stress would diminish, fear would diminish. People might just discover themselves as more than a paper pushing television watching, money worrying zombie. All those people working in these abusive systems that are disgusted with what they see, might just walk away, and the cattle would roam the fields surrounding the factories – the ones that can still walk ( I have seen images on the internet, and many of these factories are in rural areas, with big green fields around them- I thought, what the fuck! look at all that land there, why are these cattle and chickens in these enclosed structures- it simply does not make any sense!! )


If I were an e-coli bacteria, I would do the same exact thing, I would do whatever it takes to show the abusive human what is being accepted and allowed that is unacceptable.

But yourself in the shoes of a e-coli bacteria. What would you do?



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4 Responses to Put yourself in the shoes of an e-coli bacteria.

  1. “Sounds to me like something is trying to survive, and as life, this smallest of life forms has every right to live.” Nice. Thanks

  2. June says:

    The voice of the e-coli. Very cool.

  3. Nice Blog with Excellent information

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