The Harem Effect

I worked in many different schools. In one middle school, I had been working for about six months. One day, walking down the hall ways I suddenly stopped. In this moment I realized that many of the women had the same sensuality. They all “wore a little of this on their sleeve” as we say in my culture. I thought this was so curious. I went and asked someone I know about this, thinking that I was making it up in my mind. I was told that yes, men in positions of power tend to hire women they are sexually attracted to, it is called the Harem Effect.

In this middle school, many of the teachers were young, and similar in their body type and expression in the way they walked. Later, I was in the high school. Here it was not the teachers, the heads of departments hired the other teachers and not the principal. But I did notice that many of the administrative positions had women of a specific body type and hair style. My son was in this principal’s son’s grade, so I would see him at school events. In his senior year I noticed him with a young woman; she fit the body type and hair color of so many of those women in administration.

If there is a psychological term for this behavior, then it is known that men in positions of power tend to hire women based on their attraction to these women. And it is easy to see that this attraction is not based on anything but how the woman looks. Our sexuality is based on looks. Do we ever see what is beyond the “look”? In an obsession for one “look” and one “look” alone, are we mere robots? Men in positions of power must be thinking of sex all the time, to have so many women around them that look the same. It is no wonder the abuse of this world is not considered, powerful men are too busy thinking about sex. Just look at Mr. IMF Strauss-Kahn.
This is so one dimensional.
Discover self and stop the mind obsession for one image alone. Discover life.
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