Critical Literacy

In today’s world, all information must be met with a critical eye, all forms of advertising, statistics, news presentation, media, journal, periodical and internet. Often the ads in the newspaper will tell you who pays the salaries of the writers, and naturally since the ads pay the bills, stories that do not support the advertiser’s products are not wanted. The money supporting the endeavor has the say in the information, or the money is taken away. Subject oriented journals are often supported by industry, the corporate profit machine. Even university professors are given money to teach to the needs of industry. Last year there was a story about Harvard University, where the medical students wanted to know how much money their professor received from a company, needless to say the word was that Harvard dropped down in it’s ranking for medical school. Then again, who pays for the ranking of American schools?

This means that information is governed by money.

In an equal money system what is best for all is what is best for this earth. Life is before profit. If information is directed as what is best for all, as what is best for this earth and not for the profit of a few, all life and all men might just become more aware and have more understanding of the world that surrounds them.

Where is the gift to control self, to be self responsible, to be life, to birth self into this physical world as awareness as life? How can each and every one of us be this if we allow a system that controls information for profit through presenting parts and not the whole? Information that be-lies limitation through omission of outcome, of outflow, of consequence?

It is the responsibility of every human to develop critical literacy. In questioning what has been allowed to exist here, without fear of having to speak up and question, and with common sense. The words of Jesus, that one must love their neighbor as themselves is the only choice we have. If we truly love our neighbors as ourselves, we would want for them all that we would want for ourselves. It is not hard to see that limited information, in a profit driven system is adverse to equality; loving your neighbor as yourself is equality.

In a system where information does not serve profit, but what is best for all, we will all develop awareness of this physical world. Objects, from cars, to houses, to tools, to systems that develop waste that has an outflow of a fertile and productive earth, can actually be created by the human. The only thing that stops this physical body that we are is the mind – as belief, opinion and idea, these energetic movements, if critically viewed, are as intangible as the god we believe will save us. Realize, become aware of what is tangible, and the heaven we seek in a mind dream will no longer be just a dream but a reality.

Join Desteni.
Cleanse the waters of your human physical body of thought that stops common sense through the Desteni I Process.
Stand and support an Equal Money System and develop your critical literacy skills. Tangible heaven on earth is waiting.


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