Our soil is a living breathing organism

Wheat seeds, seven days after sprouting, from plants grown in an microorganism rich environment, a bio-dynamic environment, contained 42 percent protein compared with 23 percent protein for wheat seeds grown chemically. Wheat harvested in the summer from a microorganism rich environment contained 12 to 18 percent protein compared to the 10 to 11 percent protein in chemically produced wheat harvested at the same time. The wheat harvested from microorganism rich soils could with stand high levels of heat exposure whereas the chemically grown wheat seeds could not. Experiments were carried out in Holland from 1926 until 1938, with crops grown using a microorganism rich soil, and a chemically treated field. What was found was that children would eat the vegetables grown in the soil that was alive with miscroorganisms , whereas the vegetables from the chemically treated fields were often rejected.
The soil that covers the earth is a living organism, a fertile ground. The soil treated with chemicals loses all biological activity and essentially dies, turning to dust, unable to retain water.
The microorganisms of the soil convert the wastes of living things into mineral substances which are then ground up by earthworms. If soil lacks trace elements it can no longer hold water.
In one handful of “living soil” abundant with earthworms there are more microorganisms than there are humans on the planet. In effect, our use of chemicals has killed more life that Hitler could have imagined. Yet we believe this is not murder because it is not being done to man. The mutilation we have created for ourselves as a species is extensive, and it is the children who suffer, the babies being born who suffer the consequences of our allowance of the use of chemicals.
After WW ll the factories built in America to build the toys of war, paid for by American tax dollars, were converted into chemical fertilizer companies. This is where the infamous DDT first appeared, and was believed to perform agricultural wonders, only to eventually cause more chemical treatments to attack the increased presence of pests. Most pests do not attack healthy plants and livestock, the immune systems of healthy plants and animals able to fight against disease. At this time it was found that human breast milk had high amounts of the DDT toxin.
Non of this information is new, and is easily found in books and on the internet. Most important, is that this has been realized by many since the turn of the last century! The amount of death and injury cause by the use of chemicals since WW ll has far exceeded the number of people who were killed by gas in the concentration camps in Germany. And yet, we allow this, we accept this, we scream at the atrocity of WW ll while this same action continues to exist.
Our soils are as much a living breathing organism as ourselves. In destroying this living breathing organism we destroy ourselves.
It costs American taxpayers billions a year to cart away garbage, and it costs farmers billions a year to spray their crops with soil killing fertilizers. In the 1950’s , in California, near the San Fransisco Bay a garbage plant was opened to process 100 tons a day of garbage. Conveyor belts would separate metal and glass and wood and take the rest to be chopped up and sprayed with bacteria, a tablespoon of microbes for every ton of waste. In two to four days these microbes would multiply 300 million times, heating up the piles of waste as the bacteria digested and decomposed the garbage, producing enzymes to speed up the digestive process and create chemical changes. In about one week these piles would shrink and cool. The elements of the waste were changed into plant food. This is what happens in healthy, living soil. Three weeks after this waste left a home it was converted to humus, and could be used to resurface the earth as fertile ground.
Vegetables grown in this humus were found to weigh more that vegetables grown with chemicals and contained more protein. It was hoped that this method of waste management would anchor the top soil of America and stop the destruction of the American soil, even turning desert conditions into productive farm lands. This method also proved to be economically efficient.
What happened was that the chemical fertilizer industry felt threatened. Within two years this economically stable method was stopped.
By now this is an old story, it is the same story in every system directed through our present use of money. Profit first, life second. Even today, water that has been cleaned and treated by microorganisms is required by law to be chlorinated, where it has to then be passed through a filter to remove the chlorine. We exist in a psychopathic system, and we are all afraid of this psychopath. Unless we stand and stop what we have allowed, unless we stand together and stop what we have allowed the amount of suffering will increase. There is no choice but to stop this present system, to turn the soil of this earth back into fertile “life” ground, into living breathing ground, where all can stand as all as one as equal.
Allow the microorganisms of this earth to convert waste into fertile ground. Stand and support an Equal Money System.
Cleanse the water of your human physical body of psychopathic resonance through the Desteni I Process. There really is no other choice.

Tompkins, Peter and Bird, Christopher. Secrets of the Soil. New York : Harper & Row, 1989.


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