Conditions of family as behavior abdicate self.

Energy is like a cloak, is a superstition. Something we believe is real, a thought, an emotion, a feeling. Instead of remaining here, in “being” we put ideas, beliefs, opinions on a pedestal that is our human physical body. We live something that is not real. I feel this way about my mother and what she wants upheld. She calls and tells me my sister did a good deed in something my sister said. But this has gone on for so long and to have all these good and happy thoughts about my sister because of something she said is insane, it is then needed to be talked about to continue this good feeling, this hope. The hope is that my sister will change and become part of the family again, participate in the family.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting my self to be angry with beliefs, ideas, opinions being imposed upon my self as resonance, not realizing that ideas, and beliefs and collective family statements of good behavior being noted that is of a starting point of support, in hope and desire of a behavioral change in a family member, a change to a behavior that supports the family unit , as a starting point instead of what is best for all.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting my self to react to the emotional/feeling/belief/idea presentation behind the verbal activity that supports the ideas and opinions through conditioned words of a family collective/unit of wished for, believed to be, hoped for, family behavior, where what is upheld as an “ideal” with the yearly family gatherings.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting my self to feel intimidated with guilt, intimate, into me I see quilt, or reacting in anger and frustration within myself because I feel the pull and fear it has power, yet I realize I cannot go back, and I realize that I cannot allow this to be my environment – not even in reaction to the slightest degree as creating a world as what is best for all where all realize oneness in equality , ending the behavioral maintenance required to support a family unit, this structure which limits unconditional self expression as life as all as one as equal often continued because of money.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting my self be compassion for a belief of hope for altered behavior in a family member via my mother and the polarity thereof, a reaction in anger that I am asked to uphold a small action as an indication of hope and participate in discussions building a picture of desired outcome, building feelings of being good, where when the person is present one alters behavior to support the desired outcome of family harmony, the whole process building layer after layer after layer until self is buried and forgotten under years of enslavement to a role based on an idea, the cloak of energy/superstition allowed.

In an Equal Money System none of this would exist, this role playing and this behavioral maintenance, and this time spent on “hope” based on an idea. My parents were very independent people who need more and more help, who take more and more Pharmaceutical drugs, my mother becoming more emotional, more scared, as is my father who said to me he is afraid of death. What god would want to instill fear? Why? In common sense, in being “sense” , an active living expression of being life, why have fear? Why have an end as an unknown as death? This is abdication of responsibility, where one is unable to respond, to be self responsible. In common sense there is something seriously wrong with this.

Our present system of religion decides for us through “faith” , a non answer, that we must trust in something we have never seen.

Our health systems promote drugs that say they do wonderful things but in the large numbers of retirees in the area I live, show no signs of improved health, only fear about health, where new drugs are given and problems with health are caused by the confusion among professional doctors as what drug works with what other drugs. The system having become so inundated with various drugs, the combinations of chemicals and the chain reactions when mixed unable to be decoded. The doctors then dropping patients because they have used their knowledge and no longer know what drugs to proscribe, and knowing there is long patient waiting list.

Our food has no nutrient density, our soils dead of microorganisms, even in pasteurizing milk we kill the microorganisms, so in essence drinking pasteurized milk is drinking the carcasses of dead microorganisms, is drinking the carcasses of dead things! Where is the common sense in this? And since the advent of chemicals fertilizers, that kill our soil, articles and scientists have stood up and said the substance of soil as humus is better than the chemicals. We are not even aware that our tax dollars built the factories for WW2 to build bombs, these factories later used to develop fertilizers, that were already known to be detrimental, that we the American people bought and used and forced on farmers with the politicians we put in office. SO, we did this to ourselves.

Back to an equal money system.
In an Equal Money System where the principle of what is best for all is used to organize the use of money as support of life instead of profit , many of the abusive practices we allow would no longer exist;
Frightened and elderly people would receive corrective and preventative health care ( it is known that nutrient dense food is not only preventative of illness but CORRECTIVE as well ) and not fear financial limitations- which in itself would alleviate stress, a major cause of disease.

Our soils would once again be living organisms capable of producing sustainable food, nutrient dense food , microorganisms that also are capable of cleansing our water that we have allowed to become polluted.

We would no longer drink dead carcasses.

In an Equal Money System it is realized that we are equal to this earth, that this earth is our home. A family would be a smaller group within that home where the support is towards unconditional self expression, and not a conditioned expression based on need and want and money and fear and “god”. All the illusions we have allowed that bear no standing in what we are physically capable of manifesting with our selves here.

We can stand, we can vote, we can dig, we can speak, we can walk this change, each and every one of us. It is only the mind that leads us to believe otherwise.

Join Desteni, stand for an equal money system and stop the mind through self forgiveness, cleanse you water of the resonance of time, the resonance of belief, opinion and idea, that only lead to a death of no self responsibility.


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