Mexico, the people, the state, the banks, the militia, the present system.

Economic changes 30 years ago concentrated ownership.
Carlos Slim, one of the richest, or possibly the richest man in the world, who owns the telecommunications industry in Mexico, is one owner of industry in a country of ten to twenty big corporations that dominate the Mexican economy. The wealthy are very very wealthy, and the gap between them and the population is very large.

Unions in Mexico were part of a state run institutional system since the Mexican revolution in 1910 – 1940. The state had a nationalistic model, developing the internal market ( as opposed to the current development of a global resource sequestered and divided market ), by nationalizing the countries resources, such as oil, railroads and telephones, owned by the government, which allowed for a couple of decades of rising incomes and rising standards of living. This was called the Mexican miracle back in the 1950’s and 60’s. The unions, owned by the state carried out the states economic policy. This system was for the nationalist capitalistic class economically and benefited the wealthy ( now we see a switch to a global nationalistic class- same system broader scale ). And we believed unions were for workers?

In 1980, Carlos Salinas was voted in and decided to sell off the state’s nationalized industries, the railroad industry, the telecommunications industry – where Carlos Slim get his wealth . So the state privatized industry, closed some and geographically reorganized industry. This was a new economic model, played out on the world stage through Margret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, called the Washington Consensus, to develop what was labeled as free, open, or private markets, done by selling off the earlier nationally organized by the state industry, attacking the labor/ union entities and the social budget. This happened world wide.

This changed the Mexican economy. Corn was now brought in from the United States, Monsanto genetically modified corn probably, the same corn that pollinates non-GM Monsanto crops, where American farmers are then sued in an effort to destroy them, and the Mexican’s were not able to compete with this North American – mono-cultured – environment destroying – GM – bad for your health corn; at the same time the state of Mexico ( the politicians who direct the military ) dropped state corn subsides – all part of “free trade” – and the development of monoculture. So this agricultural change destroyed many of the small farmers ( Sounds like what the US is trying to do with small farmers in the States today! ) So, the Mexicans that farmed migrated to the cities where they did not find work and ended up crossing into the United States to find work, or to the newly reorganized industry jobs in factories.

We would actually have MORE in an equal money system!

As planned, in the 1990’s the old state run unions broke down and more independent unions organized by the workers developed. The government has attacked these private unions. The new president used the military to go after the drug cartels and the private unions. The union attacks were to continue the privatization model started in the 1980’s. A small private union connected to an independent electric company, a company that the government wanted to combine with another electric company, stopped the government/private owned industry merger. So the president went in and took control of the company, using the military for the privately owned company. 44,000 workers were now out of a job and the company was declared non-existent. The military ( the state ) was used to keep the old workers out and the newly merged privately owned electrical company brought their existent workers in. So a private company was forced to join with another private company through government militia.

The media, meanwhile creates a story where all the problems with the electrical industry are due to the unions, the private union. This is the Mexican media industry owned by the richest man in the world Carlos Slim who bought the resource industry when it went up for sale by the state as developed by the privatization and reorganization of industry for open, free markets in the 1980’s.

Another large industry supported by the government, Grupo Mexico, attacked the head of the minor’s union eventually using police force to go in and take over the mine. Now, what is claimed is that the Grupo Mexican company has reestablished a functioning mine.

The IMF has been involved in this from the beginning, the IMF being a BANK.

In another article about the IMF in supporting a loan given to Mexico:
““The authorities have taken robust and timely measures to respond to the deteriorating global situation, including steps to maintain orderly functioning of domestic markets, and to facilitate the refinancing of corporate external debt; fiscal stimulus to support demand, while simultaneously announcing measures to ensure medium term fiscal sustainability; and monetary policy easing. Looking forward, policies will continue to be underpinned by the rules based macroeconomic framework, accompanied by continued close monitoring of financial and corporate sector developments, and the authorities intend to continue to react as needed to any future shocks that may arise,” said Lipsky, who chaired the Board session.”

Grupo Mexican backed by the state and the police ( government directed name for corporate military ) has indeed taken “robust and timely measures…… to maintain orderly functioning of domestic markets…..announcing measures to ensure medium term fiscal sustainability… And the authorities intend to continue to react as needed to any future shocks that may arise.”

Again, the switch from a once pro union labeled system run by the state, with two decades of standard of living increases, where, during this period, the politicians and governments and banks were planning and organizing privatization and “open”markets. Now, this privatization is in place, and the militia of the country is safe guarding the resources. Presently, the IMF has created a new dividend producing section based on concessions. All dividends for the few, where the implementation of this plan, for the last thirty years, which is probably just a continued restructuring through division and force for control for dividends for the few, does not consider the best and most efficient use of resource of the earth or the people as life as all as one as equal, it only considers dividends.

Meanwhile, Mexicans are now, in an effort to survive, placing themselves in dangerous situations, trying to cross the boarder into America to survive. They allowed this, we allowed this. We are all to blame for this, an American cannot point his finger at a Mexican.

This system is really absurd. And it has to stop. How can one man own the resources of Mexico and allow the development of a militia to be what forces the use of this resource that is not what is best for all? A militia, directed by the politicians, voted in by the people, indoctrinated by a media privately owned by an “owner of resources” where cost of this game play is then transferred to bank loans that the people repay to support dividends for a bank, is not a democracy. It is a destructive mess that does not allow life.

This begs the question. How do we stop this, we the people of this earth? How do we reclaim this earth and direct it in such a way that is best for all? What is here cannot go on, it is abusive and destructive and does not consider life, does not consider the future for our children, for the animals, for the trees, for the soil, for the water, for life.

Sheeple being funneled. Military states in the guise of democracy. The emperors new cloths hiding the persona of the lizard underneath, the persona of a psychopath who’s only interest is personal satisfaction, and not what is best for all. Strauss-Kahn, a leader one and the same in behavior to all that develop and participate in this system, no longer has control over his own desires, just as Mr. Slim grabs the resource of Mexico for his own profit, so Mr. Kahn believes he can grab at the women cleaning his room!

Our present system has not developed this earth to its full capacity, has not existed as a democracy. We have no idea what we can do, what we as humans can do on this earth, we have never had the courage to stand and be a unique part working as a whole of what is best for all. We have never allowed the expression of ourselves, we have only followed a wolf in shepherd’s clothing, a speaking wolf, a wolf who entices us with pretty sounding words laced with hope. The presence of a leader, a shepherd, is the existence of division, of separation, of not listening to common sense inherent in each one of us as life. It is from this place of common sense, as self speaking in awareness of all that is here on this earth, where self is self honest, where self considers the whole of this planet and speaks self responsibly in and as this awareness of all. All outside relations made that take this self response-ability away, in and as common sense, abdicate self expression and life. What is best for self, is best for all. There is no stability until all are stable. There is no real life on this planet until all have a dignified life. Just as every cell in our body has a function to create a whole so does every person here on earth, all are needed, all are equal, all must be aware of the other. Our present system does not consider this, it only considers division for the few, and this is why the earth is full of abuse and dis-ease. Our bodies reflect this and our system promotes this. Do we want this to continue for our children?

The whole idea of profit is destructive, when what is here is for all and belongs to ALL equally.
It is time for all people, the military people as well, to stand and say STOP. It is time for all debt forgiveness, debts that were forced, where outcomes were undisclosed. Every single person on this earth has the capacity to understand the abusive nature of this present system. Even Jesus understood, he went into the temples of his day and said STOP. The only way is for each and every one of us to stand and STOP the movement of ourselves as the present system by voting for a system that puts the basic needs to live a dignified life first.

An equal money system must be supported and implemented. We stand, we support an equal money system, each and every one of us, for our children and all that is here to have a dignified life. We have the technology to move what exists around this globe to feed everyone, and stop the abuse, and figure out how to stop manufacturing what is not needed to allow everyone here to have food and water and a roof over their head. It is not really any different than cleaning a house. We can do this one step at a time. The first step is to create an equal money system and to forgive all debt.


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