Atheists have gotten stuck in the point of there being no God, and haven’t moved beyond this, and in so doing have turned this concept into a point of ego, where they move as the energy of a belief in contrast to the believers of there being a god. They are stuck in the satisfaction of their own “enlightenment” and want to bask in this again and again. Which is a reaction to the present system. They are stuck in reacting; re-acting -energy motion as belief.

I have done this my self, gotten stuck in some “idea” that I realized, not being able to move the idea into something beyond the idea, because the idea was such a “bug out” to me. I was “like” WOW what a concept! A moment’s revelation taken for a spin in the mind, then I wanted everyone to understand.
I didn’t ask the next question.
If there is no God then what is here, what is this? Who moves me, if there is no GOD?

If we look at this earth like we look at our house ( our domicile ), who takes care of your house. You do, the person living in the house, you , the homeowner either pay someone or do the work yourself. Or, you let the house rot.
It is the same with this earth, we either take care of this house, or we pay someone to take care of this house/earth. If we allow the person we pay to not do a good job we expect an answer. And usually, if we can’t get an answer it is because we took a cheaper worker to save money, not thinking that perhaps they were cheap because they did not know how to do the job, or were simply lazy and wanted the money.

In the end it does not matter in this explanation, there are many outcomes possible in our present system. In terms of taking care of our house, we take care of it.

Sometimes the government will build a house for you, we have these here, they are called “habitat for humanity”, but I don’t think I would want one of these houses, they are really cheaply built, all particle board stuck together with toxic glues. In this system nothing is free, profit comes first, and the habitat for humanity house is something to placate the masses with feelings of goodness, while much of the world starves.

Our existence here on this earth is the same. We, the human, take care of this house that is earth.
So to all the atheists out there move on, take the fact that there is no GOD and realize that it means we take care of this earth. This is more important than arguing the non-existence of a god. Let those who believe there is a god coming to take care of this house rot as they pray on their knees. There is work to do to clean up this house. Get over the GOD thing and move on. Stop wearing your belief like a badge. Parading a badge does nothing in itself. Prove there is no god by taking action that makes a difference. The “pray-ers” might get bored and watch you, realizing you might just be onto something. Become the model of there being no GOD. This is a “do it your – SELF” world.

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