Could Fear and Resisance be an indication of programming?

I talked with my twin sister yesterday. She called and asked me to explain Desteni. I could not speak more than two sentences before she rejected what I said. I remained calm and tried again, even explaining using different words, different approaches, only to be met with the same resistance again and again, my sister becoming more hysterical.
After the phone conversation I remembered the resistance I felt in many of the things encountered on the Desteni web site. I believed them, and yet it was really hard to absorb the words, to integrate them in a way that I could voice them with certainty.
My sister is the same resistance that I was. Her reaction is so curious, just as my intense effort was so curious. Why are the words of Desteni met with such resistance. They are just words… or are they just words, the presence of resistance to the words Desteni speaks is in and of itself an indication that perhaps we are programed, otherwise why such a reaction. Could it be that the very reaction to words is to stop something. Even if one does not see that there is something to be stopped, that feeling of resistance is the presence of something. If one were to take all the words of Desteni and make a list out of context would the words continue to have the same effect of resistance? When the words used are read in the context Desteni places them are met with resistance, isn’t this a really curious scenario? What is that? Why?
Are our beliefs and ideas and persona’s of ourselves systematized in such as way that they chemically create a feeling of nauseousness and rejection. What is that feeling? Why is it there, created through a set of words?
If we are mostly water, and homeopathy, which is an older method of disease control than our present medical system, works through resonance and continues to exist ( which means that it must work) is there not the possibility that ourselves as holding resonances a possibility? Is it not that perhaps the very words we use reflect this resonance of ourselves. Is it not possible that this resonance of ourselves enslaves us? Is it not possible that the words and images placed all around us, that are of sex and drugs and want and need and have-to-have presentations a form of resonance ingraining? And this very resonance of ourselves when met with conflicting resonance becomes resistant?
Is this not curious?????

If the response is “ I don’t know, I don’t know” then you are being dishonest with yourself because ultimately you do know, your physical body is telling you through its very resistance that you do know.
Is it possible that this earth has starvation and abuse because we allow the resonance of this? Is it possible that this world resonates in the manner it does because we, each one of us individually resonate with what is here on this earth, and perhaps this resonance manifests through us, out-plays through us at different points on this earth? That perhaps this is an indication that what Desteni speaks of is what is actually here?
Then, does this feeling, this overwhelming sense of fear rise up? Is this not a “thing:” that is curious just as the resistance “thing “ is curious? WHAT IS THAT????!!!
What is it that creates this resistance and fear? Could it be the very thoughts and feelings and ideas one has of oneself that are as an accumulation of self into persona, the resonance of what one is, the very cause of the fear and resistance?
Stand back and perceive the presence of resistance and fear as a program, a program that slows one down, a program/resonance that causes a labored breath, a reaction of hysteria. Stand back and LOOK! And ask the question of yourself, WHAT IS THIS?.
Then, try and name the thing that is what comes up as the resistance and the fear, and place this in a sentence, “ I forgive myself for allowing and accepting my self to exist as………” Do this for a while, and watch what happens.
In this action, in the seeing of what one is through resistance and fear, the standing back and questioning, is the first step towards self dis-covery, where the next step is forgiveness and corrective application. Here, is the beginning and the means to stop the abuse that exists in this world, through realizing our own programming that we accept and allow that does not include what is best for all but only serves a system of profit.
We are within what this world is without.
Stand up and vote for an equal money system, to start the process of cleaning up that which we resonate as. Clean the water within through the desteni i process and find the depths of yourself that is life as all as one as equal, find your gentle constant breath and stand as all as one as equal, as what is best for all.


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One Response to Could Fear and Resisance be an indication of programming?

  1. Yogan says:

    I liked this blog post. because it reminded me points where I had resisted to the Desteni material. Words, themselves, are innocent. We react to the words. In fact the specific words that Desteni speaks are spoken within absolute clarity, self-honesty, sincerity, confidence, and knowing and self-trust. What more is that they tackle and face/discuss every point in existence. Love/light, demons, humans and their addictions, programming, deceit, and through showing where you are self-responsible for these things, you react! Its brilliant. I was someone who meditated and so was willing to face messages that could provide support for self-enlightenment. Within the Desteni material, I asked myself, ‘could this be true? What if?’

    Currently Im enrolled in the intro course and already I see I was not apply the tools of Self-forgiveness, Self-corrective application, Self-Honesty, breath as effectively as I could and sometimes not at all. Perhaps being exposed to the material beforehand helped me, though i see that i did waste most of my time.

    Thanks for your Post.

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